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  1. 1. (Objects in) Affinity documents still have no option for setting lpi ? 2. If you use a high image density / contrasts and high end screening methods the printer should use more than 175 lpi!
  2. No, Tia Lapis asked “So who besides Adobe supports it?” and tried to find answers why Serif still hasn't added it. This is the truth. Serif has not the power of Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, Apple and Inkscape. Even basic functions do not work correctly since many years. Many basic functions are still missing. Like RTL language text support. This is the truth. It even was not on the roadmap! But the Mesh Fill Tool, the Mesh Warp/Distort Tool, the Knife Tool, Replicate/Blend, … which are still missing features since years! So how can you get RTL on (top of) the roadmap of Serif? Serif wrote “it is not a priority and should not be expected for many years.” How can we get RTL on (top of) the roadmap of Serif?
  3. no (because Tia Lapis also only writes about it)
  4. Willkommen hier in den Affinity-Foren, Noah W.! Bitte, wo im Bild sind denn die nutzlosen Fehler? Wenn man das Original nicht kennt, sind Fehler bei so einem Motiv ja ganz schwer zu erraten!
  5. They already did. They (probably) have not enough (human) resources. But there was also talk of direct offspring
  6. Welcome here! You can find some answers here and there. Sorry, but they are not really encouraging
  7. Yes, they will and they still use other apps that are (much more) complete.
  8. Hallo Andreas, es könnte am Drucker, der nicht die besten Noten bekommt, liegen. Es gibt einige Tintenspritzer, die nach einem gewissen Gebrauch bei bester Qualität Dein geschildertes Verblassen-Problem zeigen. Manchmal helfen neue Original-Patronen, Reinigungsflüssigkeit und manchmal gar nix. Könnte aber in Deinem Fall auch an der App liegen. Du könntest einen Test durchführen, bei dem alle unproblematischen Stellen (weiß) abgedeckt sind (und den Transparenzeffekt mal testweise weglassen), dann wäre der Verbrauch niedriger und der Tintendruck konstanter. Falls dann die problematischen Stellen korrekt gedruckt werden, hättest Du einen Anhaltspunkt für die Ursache. Bitte bedenke, dass es vor PDF-Export unzählige Optionen gibt, die letztlich für den satteren und konstanten Farbauftrag führen.
  9. No, the text is much tooooo long. :-) Simply let chimpanzee count the words (they do it very quickly) or use apps that have the features you need. like the POTUS
  10. Sorry, no. Same with lenght etc. as we can see on the hidden roadmap
  11. Indeed! At least next year we should be less bothered by that two-legged T-virus. Fingers crossed! :-)
  12. Curious what Affinity app will win 2020. ||: Very unlikely, but maybe next year :||
  13. True, but this is no real problem for users of older computers. There is probably no comparable and up-to-date software that supports such an old MAC operating system.
  14. Even OS X 10.7 is supported! A big advantage for many Serif customers.
  15. Would be great if there would be an automatic indicator (was read by Serif).
  16. Great that the apps are already fully optimised for Apple silicon! 👍 👍 👍
  17. Bitte unbedingt dies wg. Metal-Einstellungen beachten. Hoffentlich hilft das. Alles Gute! Möglicherweise ist die Bilddatei marginal defekt. Bitte einfach vorab nochmals neu (in Affinity Photo oder einem ähnlichen Programm) abspeichern.
  18. It is not, because APu is completely new written and designed. It needs time until we have almost all needed features. PS: Welcome to the Affinity forums
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