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  1. Updating to this new version has left me with no access to PUBLISHER. The Icon is inaccessible, as is the Folder in C:\Programs I cannot delete this folder even as Administrator. HELP PLEASE.
  2. Thanks for your help nwgat. I installed File Assassin and looked for the errant Publisher Folder this morning only to find that after my unsuccessful attempts to delete it yesterday, including Pc reboot, it had capitulated and vanished today. No Folder to delete...!! A bit strange, but at least I have successfully installed which now suggests I install, but following the link has shown it to be a rather elusive download. Never mind. I am sure it will make its presence known to me later. At least I can continue with 128 for now. Thanks again.
  3. I received an invitation to update my original Beta version (, which was running before I tried to install today. The new installation has failed multiple times and somehow locked my Publisher Beta Folder. I cannot uninstall, delete or change this folder in any way, even as Administrator. I also cannot access the original version The Publisher Folder acts like a hidden folder and resists all my attempts to remove it, even remaining invisible to Windows Uninstall commands. HELP, PLEASE

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