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  1. cool! I was using the filters>Noise>Perlin Noise. The issue with procedural texture is that it has tiling issues. In photoshop, the render clouds filter always tiles for 2x2 textures.
  2. Please make Render clouds filter. It's a very important feature I use for creating textures for a material. The Perlin Noise doesn't produce the result I like and its not a great solution when you want textures to be different each time. I noticed that if you render the Perlin noise and then render it again, it just produces the same exact result. it doesn't change each time you use the filter like the way photoshop's cloud filter does. The Perlin Noise just doesn't feel like its being 'Procedurally' generated each time.
  3. Hi, I'm just curious if affinity photo's Lanczos 3 algorithm resampling method is better than Photoshop's preserve detail 2.0? I don't know if I should use Lanczos 3 instead of preserve details 2.0 when im resizing. Preserve detail 2.0 has done a great job but I'm wondering if Lanczos 3 produces the similar or better results.
  4. Please please please make a better resample method for image resizing. Something much better than Bicubic/Bilinear or like photoshop's Preserve details 2.0. I really like Photoshop's Preserve detail 2.0 and I don't really like the Bicubic/Bilinear method but I know affinity can make it even better!
  5. Hi, I wanted to make a suggestion to the affinity suite file type. Please make icons for different file formats a bit like the way Photoshop has done where TGA, HDRI and PSD have unique icons. it helps makes it easier for people to understand the difference in the file type rather than looking into the properties.
  6. Please please Please could you add the following feature to Affinity Photo: -Targa/TGA Export. (i can open Targa files but cant export them as Targa) - Angle Snapping for 'polygonal' Free Hand Selection tool and for when rotating with the move tool. (Super useful for accurately aligning along a certain angle) These two are the most important feature for me and would happily ditch Photoshop for these features.