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    AffinityJules reacted to jmwellborn in Room of Dreams   
    I can totally empathize!    One hour after purchasing Designer, and without even the world’s worst artistic ability, I “created” a jolly mess to wish the Forum members a Merry Christmas.    It was meant to be funny.    It bombed royally.  It was viewed several hundred times — apparently with stunned disgust by all of the extremely talented forum members, with only Alfred being kind enough to comment on the funny faces.   I have sometimes wondered whether anybody else grasped the humor.   Rather think not.   As for organizing fonts, I have installed Typeface 2 on my Mac, and when I get through creating a bunch of brushes from the spring flowers I will begin sorting my 610 fonts with it.    Not Alfred’s thousands, or a half million, but enough to want to see the difference between “Blackadder” and “Jefferson”  before I plant them somewhere.
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from jmwellborn in Room of Dreams   
    I just checked out those fonts and they do indeed look better suited for titles. There are so many fonts out there, some free, others not, and I find it truly a miracle if you find the one you want. Take your link for example: I have never heard of those fonts before and more worryingly, how many thousands of others have I not seen or heard of? What a nightmare of decision or choice. I find it a painful experience and seldom do it.
    My design choices are born from an angle of fun rather than professional intent. And I must confess that designing is definitely NOT my forte - one of the reasons why I stick to Photo rather than meddle with Designer or other related products.
    I'm strictly amateur.
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    AffinityJules reacted to Alfred in Room of Dreams   
    The ‘Built Titling’ typeface (font family) comprises ten fonts: five roman weights and their italic counterparts.
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from jmwellborn in Room of Dreams   
    This was just a muck about and not to be taken that seriously. JDA Productions is the name I use when I produce or engineer music so it has nothing to do with books and everything I create usually has that name tag attached to it - albeit not always pictures.
    From a critical point of view I'm sure that there's lots wrong with it and the font (which is a nightmare for me to choose) is probably not suited - but hey! I was having fun.
    Thanks for your input.
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    AffinityJules reacted to StuartRc in inktober 2018:Vector Brush Experiment   
    Inktober 2018:Prompt 1:Poisonous
    As an experiment the re-created the creature from inktober project
    Just wanted to see what you could do with vector brushes in AD 1.7..

    Using new InkBrush Vector Set a (A-E) with multiple layering and repeating layer 'rasterize'
    AD 1.7 and 500 x 500mm 300dpi
    1.65 Brush set
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    AffinityJules reacted to carl123 in Colour distortion drives me nuts   
    Edit > Preferences > Colour
    Unless it's different on a Mac (I don't have one of those)
    Oh, and you may want to upload some sample images and a APhoto file so we can see what you are seeing 

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    AffinityJules reacted to chirpy in Free Affinity Photo Brushes   
    I just created some Affinity Photo brushes free for use. You can read about them here: https://www.cricketbow.com/brushes
    Or just download the file directly here: https://app.box.com/s/p7fao19irvpjz04zp5v2guefd5nv4uf2
    They are free for use, but are not to be sold. If you want to redistribute them, please ask permission.
    Have fun!

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    AffinityJules reacted to PLShutterbug in Getting the sun right in HDR merge   
    OK. I looked again at the HDR tutorials and see what I was missing. When I click the tool at the left edge (i.e.: the overlay brush) I am creating a new Overlay Brush overlay. Then I can do stuff with that, and when I move back to the tone map tab anything I do only affects that overlay. If I then click back in the Master overlay I'm now looking at and manipulating the whole image.
    More experimenting to do, but I'm on the right track now.
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    AffinityJules reacted to Multi4G in Affinity Photo: Magic Light Trick - you need to know   
    Lear to create Magic Light in any photo with this simple trick. I show you step by step how to improve the light in seconds. Create a interesting story through light, guide the eye of the viewer. Create nice light ambiance and a balanced photo.
    This simple trick is used by professionals to adjust their photos in Photos in Post. From real estate photography to scenery, landscapes and portraits - this trick can be very helpful to create a magic light. 

    Support me on Patreon: 
    Follow me on:
    Join us on Reddit:
    Photos used:
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    AffinityJules reacted to Alfred in Natural rainbow   
    No drink or drugs required!
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from William Overington in Olivia   
    Yep. . .can't argue with that. In fact, in my early compositing years using photoshop 7 I used to do exactly what you're doing here; making images and imagining a story to fit along side.
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    AffinityJules reacted to colin foster in Olivia   
    12 hour concept phot-art

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    AffinityJules reacted to firstdefence in Selection 'box' is too large despite small selection   
    If you have erased a background on the church layer you have probably missed some pixels, set the erase tool (E) to 100% on hardness, flow and opacity and slowly from the top down move the erase tool in a zig zag motion until you get near the church. Now change to the Move tool (V) and select the church layer... any difference?
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    AffinityJules reacted to TomM1 in Pakal's Dream   
    The Jaguar and butterflies are stock photos.
    The center is a model of the famous mayan sarcophagus cover.
    Photos of Mayan ceramics were used for the background.
    Xenon Galactic brushes at the top.
    Unfortunately, I had to make the shiny gold effect in PS as the Eye Candy plugin remains unsupported by Affinity.
    Affinity Photo is a wonderful software but it starts to slow way down when the file tops 400 MBs.
    Thumbnails are slow to update and just turning a layer on and off requires seconds to render. Working at 100% very difficult.
    Thanks for looking.

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Colourful Cats (in Spacesuits) In Affinity Photo (split)   
    I try to be part of the team, but every time I kick the ball at the goal I find the goalposts have been moved.
    Full time I think.
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Alfred in Colourful Cats (in Spacesuits) In Affinity Photo (split)   
    And adding to what Alfred just told you. . .

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    AffinityJules reacted to colin foster in Mr Morose - DoomWatch   
    Concept artwork and story that I have been working on.  Using AP.  (inspired by that very old 1960's Sci-Fi tv series called Doomwatch.)
    Can you guess whose forehead I have used for this photo art?
    Clue, he is a well known actor.

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from John Rostron in "Trail" left around selection after deselection   
    The advantage is having a duplicate underneath so any adjustments on the master layer (top) can be brushed out with a mask revealing the unmodified layer below.
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from TomM1 in Do Not Adjust Your Set   
    An experiment using dispersion and distortion effects.

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from TomM1 in The Summoning Pt 3   
    There was a time when I got stuck while doing this - I couldn't find how to create a particular effect without the need for using stock photos. Fortunately, someone in here was doing live streams on YouTube and was creating the exact same effect I was looking for with a smudge brush.
    So my humble thanks reach out to mattitFi who kindly told me how to do it.

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Alfred in Colourful Cats (in Spacesuits) In Affinity Photo (split)   
    You can lead a horse to water. . . . . . . . .
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from edee in AP How to make everything except one part out of focus?   
    Open image and make a duplicate.
    Add a mask to the top layer and apply the blur effect as you need.
    Select the mask and mask out the blurred jewelry so that the image underneath comes through in focus.
    Flatten image.

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Alfred in Colourful Cats (in Spacesuits) In Affinity Photo (split)   
    You can lead a horse to water. . . . . . . . .