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    AffinityJules got a reaction from fredphoesh in Patch Tool is transparent and blury   
    Easier said than done - especially if you're a new user with little experience, and it sounds as if you are. But anyway. It's complicated to explain in writing.
    I didn't get this result from using the patch tool alone, I don't think it's possible but I might be wrong. I can't show you any videos of my work simply because I don't have the necessary equipment with which to do so, but I will outline what I did with your photograph to remove the light reflection. I might as well add that there exists many avenues when using tools to achieve the same or very similar results as the one I got. What I did was just one method of many.
    1. Open image and create a new Pixel Layer: using a new layer isn't destructive in the sense that any modification you make is not being directly applied to the original image.
    2. Select the Clone Brush Tool, and at the top of the screen where all the adjustments are listed click on Current Layer and change it to Current Layer & Below. This will mean that the source layer is the photo and the destination layer is the new pixel layer.
    3. Set the opacity at 40-50% (for now) and set the Hardness to zero% = soft brush.
    4. Reduce the brush size to fit between the frame of the glasses and the girl's eye (just left of her eye). Alt + Click to select the source. Begin cloning to the left and remove the glare to the left of her eye - it will look a little odd but you have to start somewhere. Do the same for the eyelid.
    5. Use the Free Hand Selection Tool and take a skin sample between the glasses frame and the shadow right underneath her eye. In the Edit panel click Copy, then Paste (there are short cuts for these operations but I never get used to using them), this will copy your selection as a new layer. Move this layer to cover the remaining light glare - so adjust as necessary - height/width/size, etc. 
    6. With the eraser (set to soft) remove any leakage that has covered the glasses frame and frame shadow until it looks natural - or near enough!
    7. At this stage I introduced a Brightness / Contrast layer adjustment to both pixel layers and altered the Brightness ONLY to match the skin tones; you won't have to alter it too much - just a tad to bring it level with the original image.
    8. Because I knew what I wanted to do, my next step was to Flatten the document therefore making all three images as one picture. If you want to, you can make copies of all three layers just in case you damage something by mistake.
    9. At this point I had a pretty good skin match, but very little definition - especially to the right of her eye. I used the Inpainting tool here and there just to nudge little points of skin to how I wanted them.
    10. Make a new pixel layer and set it the same as you did the others (Current Layer & Below).
    11. Use the Clone Brush at a very low opacity 10-15% and begin blending the skin above her eye to make it appear smooth and natural looking
    12. Use the Clone Brush at a higher opacity 70-80% and clone in the shadows or darker lines surrounding her eye, etc... Use a small brush size.
    13. By now I had the result I set out to do - all the light reflections had gone and her eye and surrounding skin was looking ok, but because cloning with a soft brush can cause image blurring or over smoothness the noise in the picture and my alterations did not match.
    14. I flattened the document again and using the Free Hand Selection Tool I select around my modified areas and with the Noise Filter added some noise to match the original image.
    15. Finished image, although sounding like a lengthy process, took me about 5 minutes to do.
    Practice makes perfect. Get used to using these tools and how best to use them.
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Kasper-V in Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)   
    That's not the first time I've read that since 1.7.
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Kasper-V in Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)   
    I don't have any constructive criticism to give (screw all that), I just like the fact that you gave it a go. I've done magazine things myself but they're all jokey-wokey risqué works. Not for this forum.
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    AffinityJules reacted to Kasper-V in Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)   
    A week or so back I thought it was high time I applied myself to making use of Publisher. Here's a spoof magazine cover (you'll have to wait a l-o-n-g time for the articles!). I left it a while before I went back to see if it was good to go, or needed any changes. I decided to add the apps' logos -- which I had to make myself in AD; they're vectors, so I can rescale them for future use.
    Anyway, see what you make of this. Any helpful criticism is welcome!

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    AffinityJules reacted to Gerry Fraiberg in Fast Train   
    I decided to have a little fun with what otherwise was a boring photo of a passenger train at a level crossing.
    To get this effect in Affinity Photo, I duplicated the photo layer. Then I added the Motion Blur filter to the top layer (Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Blur > Motion Blur). I selected Radius: 72 px, Rotation: 0, Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 100%. Preserve Alpha is checked. Next I selected the Erase Brush tool, and erased the blur to reveal the original train photo on the layer below. I played with the size of brush until satisfied. The front is not perfect. Playing with Preserve Alpha checked and unchecked makes a difference, perhaps adding a bit too much blur. It's all subjective, right? Before digital, getting an image like this would require panning at a slow shutter speed to blur the background while keeping the moving subject in focus. Then wait for the film to be developed. Original NRW (RAW) image was made with the Nikon P7000 compact camera.

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    AffinityJules reacted to Multi4G in Affinity Photo: Exorcist Style - Horror Photo Tutorial   
    Find out how to create a Exorcist Horror Style in Affinity Photo. In this tutorial we will dive into the realm of the dark and spooky. Let's have a little fun with Fog and spooky lights. In this tutorial we will turn a photo from day to night and and some scary elemts. 
    I will provide a lot of tricks and insights on how to create the atmosphere, bind the elements together and have find a nice composition. All inspired by the 1973 Movie The Exorcist by William Friedkin. 

    Support me on Patreon: 
    Follow me on:
    Join us on Reddit:
    Brush used:
    Photo used:
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    AffinityJules reacted to Patrick Bandau in New to the forum   
    My Name is Patrick. I am new to the forum, but I am a AD-User since 2017.  The artwork posted in this forum is really amazing! 
    Here are some of the illustrations, I did in AD. 
    Have fun watching them :).

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    AffinityJules reacted to GarryP in Do we need a community Wiki?   
    I was wondering if the Affinity team had ever considered creating a Wiki that could be edited by forum members (and the Affinity team, of course).
    There must be all kinds of really interesting and useful information hidden in old forum posts that could be brought to the surface in a Wiki.
    Tutorials that are more pages down the list than people generally want to scroll; useful tips that are given in the middle of discussions; ideas about good workflows that are spread across many posts: these sort of things could be made more easily available to users in a Wiki rather than people having to scroll around the forum in the hope that they can find something.
    Example pages could be:
    * How to prepare a document for ePublishing (with a section for each publisher);
    * Tips and tricks for creating large photo books;
    * How to optimise your Preferences for low-power machines;
    * A guide to using the forum (what the various buttons do, why certain image uploads don’t work, etc.);
    * An explanation of colour management within the Affinity workspace (with sections for examples on specific hardware);
    * etc. etc.
    I feel sure that many of the forum members would be happy to contribute to putting something like this together.
    There is a lot of very useful information scattered around this forum that could be better served to the community in a Wiki rather than people accidentally coming across it via a link from a link from another link that someone mentioned in passing. It would be a shame if this information was lost purely because it got pushed too far down the list of posts for people to find.
    What does anyone else think about this? Good idea? Bad idea?
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Multi4G in 1.7 Update Live Stream. Tomorrow 8.June from 7PM (GTM+2)   
    I actually watched it twice because I missed the beginning.
    Your live stream was very informative and showed many things I didn't know the update included and, wouldn't it be a good idea for Serif to explain their software updates more comprehensively than what they do - the descriptions were severely lacking in the detail that we, the users need to know.
    So apart from the fact that the updates confused you at times, you did a sterling job. Well done.
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    AffinityJules reacted to Multi4G in 1.7 Update Live Stream. Tomorrow 8.June from 7PM (GTM+2)   
    My 1.7 Update Live Stream. Tomorrow 8.June from 7PM (GTM+2) Go on Youtube and click the reminder button <3 Watch it here:   
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Smee Again in Local Nature Walk   
    Normally, I'm not one to mess about with my own photos in an editorial sense but, after I captured this I though I would try and . . .erm . . . improve it?

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from Smee Again in Local Nature Walk   
    Normally, I'm not one to mess about with my own photos in an editorial sense but, after I captured this I though I would try and . . .erm . . . improve it?

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    AffinityJules reacted to jmwellborn in Local Nature Walk   
    I am searching for Piglet and Wol (the only animal in the forest who could spell his name) in those woods.  
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    AffinityJules reacted to myrrhine in the reader   
    Hi, everybody,
    My skills on affinity photo for digital painting are quite news (and i'm still fighting with brush pressure  :p)
    But i would like to show one of my work.
    Comments are welcome !

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from DannyBCreative in Headshot Edit   
    I've got to say that I laughed my head off while reading this response; not in a derogatory way you understand but in knowing support.
    Thanks for the best laugh and most amusing read I've ever had on this forum.
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    AffinityJules reacted to DannyBCreative in Headshot Edit   
    Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, right?
    Thank you for yours, but you missed the entire point of this dialog. I am on sites that are geared for critiques, forums that are specifically made for critiques. On those boards you expect a critique, that's the purpose and there's no issues what-so-ever. The problem is this internet phenomenon where everyone feels they have to critique others when they themselves can't produce a body of work that even comes close to supporting their own argument. I look for critiques from professionals that I admire and wish to learn from, not some armchair warrior who finally got a puter and a $50.00 piece of software, who's now an "expert" in every given subject.

    If this forum was titled "Share Your Work for and Receive Critiques" I would expect critiques. It isn't. I wasn't looking for comments on the image, good or bad. I was expressing the greatness of combining new apps to achieve a new workflow. Why is this so hard to understand? I wasn't pretending it was art as you suggest. I was making a point that Photography is art, just as illustration is art, just as music is art, get it? My statement is 100% true whether you agree or not. Photography is a form of art, and thus, there are no hard/fast rules and a photograph can be whatever the artist/photographer wishes it to be. This is not for anyone else to critique, unless that artist is trying to achieve a goal and wishes to learn the steps need to that end. You can absolutely have an opinion on my or anyone's art (don't be a drama queen), and I never said anyone can't have an opinion, but that's my point (my point all along), it's your opinion.
    Lastly, to call it "a boring photo and not art" tells me that you are a fantastic illustrator, great for you by the way, but not a working photographer. I can point you to several portrait/head shot photographers if you'd like so you can see that this type of art is actually a thing. I think you're of the mindset that if you didn't draw, paint, airbrush, etc... than it isn't art. If so, you're wrong and need to open your mind a bit.
    I'll end with this. I don't do what you do. I have AD, but I'm nowhere close to your level of illustration ability, I won't even try to fake it. If I have an opinion about one of your pieces, I don't feel compelled to tell you about it. It's my opinion and I can live with that. Now if you came to me and asked for my opinion, I would share it, and you'd probably ignore it, and that's fine, I wouldn't be upset or insult you. But I know this is the internet...
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from ArexuRj in The work Im most proud of   
    As a left handed guitarist myself, I'm glad to see that the top picture does indeed have a left handed guitarist.
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    AffinityJules reacted to ArexuRj in The work Im most proud of   
    Illustration and Logo for a Guitar internet tutorials.

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    AffinityJules got a reaction from DannyBCreative in Headshot Edit   
    I've got to say that I laughed my head off while reading this response; not in a derogatory way you understand but in knowing support.
    Thanks for the best laugh and most amusing read I've ever had on this forum.
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    AffinityJules reacted to DannyBCreative in Headshot Edit   
    First time incorporating Capture One Pro into my workflow. No more Lightroom, and officially, no more Adobe. Feels great. Have been using AP since pretty much it's debut, and I'm always impressed at just how powerful it is, not to mention the unbeatable price. I now own licenses on both Mac, PC, and iPad for both AP and AD. Keep up the good work boys!

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    AffinityJules reacted to DannyBCreative in Headshot Edit   
    Here's another one for the hyper-critical "experts"...
    Image one is straight OOC into Capture One Pro 12. No edits whatsoever, only default settings applied by Capture One. Image two is the edit from Affinity Photo. No sharpening was applied just as in the last image. Clarity reduced to -34, performed a frequency separation in AP just to remove some random distractions from the face. Color graded and tonal contrast applied in Nik Color Effects Pro. Exported as jpeg at 90%. If you were able to zoom into the eyes at 100% on the RAW images, you'd see the eyes are just as sharp in both images. Again these images appear softer in print than they do on screen.

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    AffinityJules reacted to DannyBCreative in Headshot Edit   
    Jowday - Thank you for the feedback, though I don't ever remember asking you for it. I see from several of your unsolicited critiques on other's work that you must clearly have an advanced set of skills that most of us aren't lucky enough to possess, and like to talk about your "expensive" gear. Would you be so kind as to share some original work and provide explanations on how you achieved such mastery? I'd really like the opportunity to improve.
    That being said. My actual process here included no sharpening. I happen to be using an extremely sharp lens. A Sony 85mm f/1.8 to be exact and this thing is insanely sharp, but who cares? This set of images was shot at f/8 at ISO 200. I actually lowered clarity to -50 because the image was too sharp OOC. Maybe the lens is not expensive enough? In AP, I performed a frequency separation just so I can blend the the skin-tone a bit. I did this on the low frequency layer by the way. That's the only sharpening that was done. The only other edits were with color and tone matching. Again, the sharpening sliders were never touched. You may be referring to the addition on the tonal contrast which I could agree, could be toned down a bit, but in print this image looks a bit softer than it does on my monitor (it's a pro monitor too, though maybe not expensive enough). You probably know this, but in Capture One, the app will apply a default amount of sharpness based on the camera model you're using. In my case, using a Sony A7III ( I got a deal and it wasn't too expensive), Capture One applied it's default level of sharpening for that model, and it was not moved.  Also, unlike many, I don't produce images for the sole purpose of posting on IG or FB. I print all client work (on a relatively inexpensive Pro printer), and a bit of sharpness is welcomed when printing. Still, none was added beyond the default.

    Further. One thing I've learned over the years is that art/photography is subjective and there are actually no rules. Amateurs on the internet love to discuss rules and right's/wrongs, problem is, it's all bulls*&t. You create the art you want to create. If others don't like it, so be it. When you go around and present yourself as the all-knowing expert on a subject as subjective as art or photography, you achieve nothing but appearing pretentious, arrogant and frankly, like one of those "amateurs on the internet" you speak of. Again, if you have something valuable to add, please do, I'd love to look deeper into this. In the future, try to offer critiques when asked, otherwise keep your opinions to yourself. When you come out of the gate bashing someone else's work, you've already lost. This post was not a request for a critique. It was a post to share work created using a product made by this company. That's it. Why some people feel the need to critique others without be asked is beyond me I guess. Maybe too much time on their hands? It's a mystery I'll never solve, I'm sure.

    Lastly. I really don't care if you like my work or how the internet rates your "expensive" portrait lens. In my experience, the people who like to talk about how expensive their gear is, usually produce crap work. Just saying. Not every image I produce will be a great one, I know this, I learned and accepted this years ago. But I'm not arrogant enough to presume I have all the answers or that I'm better than anyone else in a subjective medium. Post some of your work, I'd love to see it. If I like it, I'll let ya know. If I don't, I won't feel the need to critique your work as your art is yours and there would be no need. Unless of course you wanted a critique. Then I'd happily let you know.  Take care!
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    AffinityJules got a reaction from segts in Celestial Clock?   
    Everyone does a clock of some sort. . . . . .eventually.

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    AffinityJules reacted to segts in Josephine Baker Plush Design : Designer   
    Hi there! I've been working on translating my earlier Josephine Baker illustration into a plushie pattern design. I've been only using my iPad and Designer for this project and I'm enjoying it!!!! I'll post the doll when she's finished!