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  1. I actually watched it twice because I missed the beginning.

    Your live stream was very informative and showed many things I didn't know the update included and, wouldn't it be a good idea for Serif to explain their software updates more comprehensively than what they do - the descriptions were severely lacking in the detail that we, the users need to know.

    So apart from the fact that the updates confused you at times, you did a sterling job. Well done.

  2. Normally, I'm not one to mess about with my own photos in an editorial sense but, after I captured this I though I would try and . . .erm . . . improve it?

    Local Nature Walk.jpg

  3. 11 hours ago, DannyBCreative said:

    Jowday - Thank you for the feedback, though I don't ever remember asking you for it. I see from several of your unsolicited critiques on other's work that you must clearly have an advanced set of skills that most of us aren't lucky enough to possess, and like to talk about your "expensive" gear. Would you be so kind as to share some original work and provide explanations on how you achieved such mastery? I'd really like the opportunity to improve.

    That being said. My actual process here included no sharpening. I happen to be using an extremely sharp lens. A Sony 85mm f/1.8 to be exact and this thing is insanely sharp, but who cares? This set of images was shot at f/8 at ISO 200. I actually lowered clarity to -50 because the image was too sharp OOC. Maybe the lens is not expensive enough? In AP, I performed a frequency separation just so I can blend the the skin-tone a bit. I did this on the low frequency layer by the way. That's the only sharpening that was done. The only other edits were with color and tone matching. Again, the sharpening sliders were never touched. You may be referring to the addition on the tonal contrast which I could agree, could be toned down a bit, but in print this image looks a bit softer than it does on my monitor (it's a pro monitor too, though maybe not expensive enough). You probably know this, but in Capture One, the app will apply a default amount of sharpness based on the camera model you're using. In my case, using a Sony A7III ( I got a deal and it wasn't too expensive), Capture One applied it's default level of sharpening for that model, and it was not moved.  Also, unlike many, I don't produce images for the sole purpose of posting on IG or FB. I print all client work (on a relatively inexpensive Pro printer), and a bit of sharpness is welcomed when printing. Still, none was added beyond the default.

    Further. One thing I've learned over the years is that art/photography is subjective and there are actually no rules. Amateurs on the internet love to discuss rules and right's/wrongs, problem is, it's all bulls*&t. You create the art you want to create. If others don't like it, so be it. When you go around and present yourself as the all-knowing expert on a subject as subjective as art or photography, you achieve nothing but appearing pretentious, arrogant and frankly, like one of those "amateurs on the internet" you speak of. Again, if you have something valuable to add, please do, I'd love to look deeper into this. In the future, try to offer critiques when asked, otherwise keep your opinions to yourself. When you come out of the gate bashing someone else's work, you've already lost. This post was not a request for a critique. It was a post to share work created using a product made by this company. That's it. Why some people feel the need to critique others without be asked is beyond me I guess. Maybe too much time on their hands? It's a mystery I'll never solve, I'm sure.

    Lastly. I really don't care if you like my work or how the internet rates your "expensive" portrait lens. In my experience, the people who like to talk about how expensive their gear is, usually produce crap work. Just saying. Not every image I produce will be a great one, I know this, I learned and accepted this years ago. But I'm not arrogant enough to presume I have all the answers or that I'm better than anyone else in a subjective medium. Post some of your work, I'd love to see it. If I like it, I'll let ya know. If I don't, I won't feel the need to critique your work as your art is yours and there would be no need. Unless of course you wanted a critique. Then I'd happily let you know.  Take care!

    I've got to say that I laughed my head off while reading this response; not in a derogatory way you understand but in knowing support.

    Thanks for the best laugh and most amusing read I've ever had on this forum. :)

  4. I'd set about painstakingly removing all those blurred branches myself - I've done similar things countless times.

    What better to use then the tools at hand.

    Oh. . .and that was not an offer by any means. :P

  5. Just now, John Hall said:

    I got affinity phone from the App Store so you would have thought it would get up dated through this way.

    If you mean the App store being Serif then yes, the update would be downloaded from there. If it was the Apple store or Microsoft, I wouldn't know.

  6. Updates and information about them will be posted here when they are ready - that's how I got the last one. I can't remember if there was a notification via the software. And it would depend where you bought the software too; the last update I got was from the official Affinity site.

  7. There's literally loads of ways to enhance a picture, it all depends on what end result you want; it's mainly down to personal choice.

    My edits used several adjustment layers.

    HSL targeting the reds and greens.

    Selective colour adjustment to modify the stand out colours.

    Highlights and shadows adjustment to emphasize the 'wetness.'

    Vibrance adjustment.

    Curves adjustment to finish off.



  8. As a matter of observation and nothing else: this picture has got no 'likes' yet has produced the most conversation and 'likes' for the comments. So perhaps in future, I should make pictures that have intentional faults built in, you never know, it might inspire more conversations like this one. :) 

  9. 13 minutes ago, jmwellborn said:

    Thank you.    Here is a stem-less Siberian Iris to prove that I have progressed somewhat beyond mustard-colored cloud brushes.  Actually managed Selection Brush Tool, etc. and turned it (the flower, not the tool) into an .afbrush.    Peonies to follow.   Then hydrangeas.    Then pansies.   Then . . .    maybe somebody will put me out of my misery.   Having too much fun.





    Is this image a product of the brush?

    Looks good to me.