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    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    Crikey! The App loaded at light speed, way better than it was. Haven't had a chance yet to dabble, but so far I'm impressed. Great work developer guys.
  2. AffinityJules

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    That's not the first time I've read that since 1.7.
  3. AffinityJules

    Affinity Users' magazine (not a real one!)

    I don't have any constructive criticism to give (screw all that), I just like the fact that you gave it a go. I've done magazine things myself but they're all jokey-wokey risqué works. Not for this forum.
  4. As I said on YouTube. . . great Olivio! I had a quick go myself but aimed it more at parody.
  5. AffinityJules

    What is the best way to make a selection?

    If you want more accuracy then I would strongly recommend that you use the pen tool, it's way more precise.
  6. AffinityJules

    Affinity Software

    I don't use Designer but, I think one of the main features is the ability to work with vector paths and vector brushes. Affinity Photo is aimed squarely at photo editing where as Designer is aimed at. . .erm. . .designing.
  7. Ideas like your one is never a bad thing.
  8. AffinityJules


    It's the exact opposite for me. I select an object from a background layer, add a HSL layer, and when I adjust the colour it applies directly to my selection. This is how I understand it SHOULD work.
  9. I actually watched it twice because I missed the beginning. Your live stream was very informative and showed many things I didn't know the update included and, wouldn't it be a good idea for Serif to explain their software updates more comprehensively than what they do - the descriptions were severely lacking in the detail that we, the users need to know. So apart from the fact that the updates confused you at times, you did a sterling job. Well done.
  10. AffinityJules

    Local Nature Walk

    Normally, I'm not one to mess about with my own photos in an editorial sense but, after I captured this I though I would try and . . .erm . . . improve it?
  11. AffinityJules

    the reader

    Your picture has a charm and warmth that I rarely see in here. Lovely picture.
  12. AffinityJules

    The work Im most proud of

    As a left handed guitarist myself, I'm glad to see that the top picture does indeed have a left handed guitarist.
  13. AffinityJules

    Headshot Edit

    I've got to say that I laughed my head off while reading this response; not in a derogatory way you understand but in knowing support. Thanks for the best laugh and most amusing read I've ever had on this forum.
  14. AffinityJules

    My photo manipulations in Affinity

    Very nice indeed. If these are you first attempts, then I'm impressed.
  15. AffinityJules

    Perg (AP)

    That looks classy.
  16. AffinityJules

    Wollaton Hall

    I'd set about painstakingly removing all those blurred branches myself - I've done similar things countless times. What better to use then the tools at hand. Oh. . .and that was not an offer by any means.
  17. "Please my fellow travelers have mercy on this old pro as I enter my ten days of trial to see if I am worthy of the Affinity Stones...." I think he already has the trial.
  18. AffinityJules

    Celestial Clock?

    Everyone does a clock of some sort. . . . . .eventually.
  19. I think I'm right in saying that any brush you create or modify can be saved as a custom brush and renamed.
  20. AffinityJules


    If you mean the App store being Serif then yes, the update would be downloaded from there. If it was the Apple store or Microsoft, I wouldn't know.
  21. AffinityJules


    Updates and information about them will be posted here when they are ready - that's how I got the last one. I can't remember if there was a notification via the software. And it would depend where you bought the software too; the last update I got was from the official Affinity site.
  22. I tried your file and it worked for me. Just for future reference: with the exposure set further to the right will mean your picture will bleach out and you will not see the vignette effect.
  23. AffinityJules

    Enhancing a bad picture taken with a bad phone camera

    There's literally loads of ways to enhance a picture, it all depends on what end result you want; it's mainly down to personal choice. My edits used several adjustment layers. HSL targeting the reds and greens. Selective colour adjustment to modify the stand out colours. Highlights and shadows adjustment to emphasize the 'wetness.' Vibrance adjustment. Curves adjustment to finish off.
  24. AffinityJules

    Room of Dreams

    And now for something completely different. A book cover.