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  1. I found a way in the end. All is fine.
  2. Are you sure you have posted in the relevant forum?
  3. Ah. . .got there in the end. I removed the layer with the "soft light" then merged the other two layers - it went as expected. I then brought the soft light layer back in and everything is now fine. Thanks for your suggestion - I really needed to merge those three layers because the next step for those towers is rather tricky and it will be a lot easier now that they are merged. Thanks again.
  4. So how would I merge them to keep the appearance and value of the "before" image?
  5. Oh. . .is that important? Not that tech savvy over here I didn't think it would make a difference to the result.
  6. Hi Callum, and thanks for replying. Unfortunately I have no means with which to upload screen recordings. The issue is one I have always had so I'm not sure if it's "normal." Basically, and for argument's sake, let's say we have 10 layers, 9 of these layers have an opacity of 100%. The 10th layer has an opacity of 70%. I wish to merge all these layers as one by using the "merge selected" command. This I do but that 10th layer's opacity has risen to 100%. I know this because the image layer is louder, more visually profound and not at the set opacity before it was merged. I hope this explains it better.
  7. AffinityJules

    My Cartographic Work

    Looks great. Makes me want to read a fantasy story relating to it.
  8. AffinityJules

    Where the wild things are

    A late finished Saturday night composite.
  9. AffinityJules

    Where the wild things are

    Yes, depending on where you are in the world and, what particular phase of orbit the moon is travelling on, it can appear much bigger than say as it appears in Britain. Some equatorial regions may enjoy a larger moon from time to time and some South American countries, too. Then of course one has to consider the "illusion" effect when the moon is low on the horizon it can appear bigger - mainly through atmospheric distortion. So in this picture I played upon that fact or idea. My example is somewhat exaggerated.
  10. AffinityJules

    Where the wild things are

    The unnatural size of the moon is intentional, it didn't have the same impact when reduced in size. I went for the bold!
  11. AffinityJules

    Where the wild things are

    Ah... I get the reference. While I think of it, and what suddenly sprang to mind, there was an episode of Buffy with the same title.
  12. I don't know if such a guide already exists, but it sure would be useful if it did.
  13. Who knows the future of photo editing or the course each particular company creating editing software will take? Well no one really but Affinity has grown considerably since its inception and will continue to grow. Just as a side issue: I actually got that newsletter to and decided to try the latest free plugin. It didn't work in Affinity which would suggest that only software for Adobe is being developed?
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    I Drew a Hot Pepper Cartoon!

    There's no mistaking what that is - title or no title.
  15. If you have the scanned picture/document saved as a file then what's stopping you from opening that in AF. I have never tried to do it directly - but that's how I do it.
  16. I have an odd question for which the correct answer, for now, eludes me. Does anyone here know the correct colour code (or as near as damn it) for the blue ink which Bic used/uses for their biro pens? I don't know whether or not the tone of the ink has changed over the years, but I'm aiming for circa 1960/1970. Many thanks. . . Jules.
  17. Wow! I don't know where you got this from - but it's more than useful, it's hit the nail on the head. Many thanks. . .I'll try it out
  18. Thanks, gdenby. That sounds pretty useful. I'll check it out.
  19. Thanks, stokerg. I actually thought of taking a picture or a scan and then open it in AF - good idea just as long as the modern ink is of the same hue? But then again I'm probably being all nit-picky and should just do it. I also tried online but found nothing useful. . .yet!
  20. I've played lots of Synths in my time; I wanted to reach out and start turning dials and stuff because it looks very realistic. Very nice work.
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    Late Night Doodle (AD just for a change)

    Man! . . .that is excellent.
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    Self-portrait Illustration on Affinity Designer (iPad)

    The illustration looks fine to me, but without comparison to the genuine article, the level of accuracy can not be determined.