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    Peg11 reacted to Old Bruce in How can export individual art boards as PDF pages   
    I just did a simple quick test here and got one PDF with all four Artboards as separate pages page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4.


    Is this not what you want?
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    Peg11 reacted to Aammppaa in Expand stroke is broken on the latest bet build (   
    @Sean P I am not convinced that duplicated nodes is the sole cause of this.
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    Peg11 reacted to transitdiagrams in beta download source changed?   
    Well, I work in public administration and it is blocked due to high security measurements and policies. :-) 
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    Peg11 reacted to Robchoc in Publisher Calendar wizard   
    Another vote for a calendar feature.
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    Peg11 got a reaction from Bhikkhu Pesala in Drag Guides   
    I just tried resetting AF Publisher starting it holding down control. Now all is well. Thank you for your assistance. It is appreciated! 
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    Peg11 reacted to Seneca in Master pages   
    I have a different view on this. I don't work for  Affinity so I can't say it for certain, but my feeling is that the initial release as envisioned by the team was not meant for long publications. 
    The Long Document features would be added at a later stage. Problem is, people expected this feature from the word go.
    This has nothing to do with the team being more transparent. I think the devs and the Affinity Team are transparent in as far as they can be.
    Anyway these are my 2¢. 
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    Peg11 reacted to Martigny in Affinity Publisher is not a copy of InDesign - no massive fail!   
    Lovely video Norbert.
    You're quite right. So far as I am aware, Affinity have never claimed to be a replacement for Adobe - all that has come from hype and hope from people waiting for Publisher to be released - some no doubt hoping to drop their subscription fees.
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    Peg11 reacted to Merde in Affinity Publisher Tutorials   
    Oh, for God's sake, it is first public beta, what did you expect? I was surprised that Serif made video tutorials at all.
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    Peg11 reacted to Alfred in Affinity Publisher Tutorials   
    I think Ash did a great job! Without his tutorials I would have struggled to know where to begin.
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    Peg11 reacted to VarrusKane in Affinity Publisher Tutorials   
    I really don't think that you should attempt anything, especially learn a software that is not intended to be used by someone who never used some kind of similar software before. The tutorials explain just enough so we get brought up to speed, so we can test the heck out of Publisher.
    Please wait for the actual 1.0 release before judging the tutorial section and don't get so defensive and call someone a liar.
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