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  1. I downloaded both files, opened the afdesign file, and exported it on my computer. It exported as it should have when I opened it. Yours I got an error on and it looked like it must have on your computer. This is the error I got: error on line 12 at column 15: Extra content at the end of the document.

  2. On 11/17/2018 at 8:57 AM, Mithferion said:

    On Windows 10 (specs of the system in my signature), there is a point in the startup where the splash screen looks like this, with the black square behind it:


    In this system, the total startup time is 1:10 (00:21 mark for the App to show and 01:10 until the CPU usage goes down) . Not a big improvement as with the ThinkPad (I gues it's the CPU or something, but it's OK).

    Best regards!

    I have windows 10 and have neither of these problems. It takes 10 seconds for it to start up. That's with a lot of fonts.

  3. 16 minutes ago, GabrielM said:

    I'm afraid that's not true. The option is there regardless of the OS version. If your project was initially using a unit other than Pixel or Point, you would have to first open the Document Setup and set the units to Pixel or Points, OK the window, and open it up again. Now the "Actual Size" option is present. 

    I have Windows 10 with the latest version of APublisher. Document Setup with Document Unit set on pixels doesn't have the zoom choice.

    Document Setup.jpg

    Publisher Version.jpg

  4. Quote

     5. Center objects tool: Extremely helpful but if you are in facing pages it puts the object in the center of two pages joined, not in the middle of the page you are working on. The ruler also displays the entire two facing pages instead of starting from zero for the next page. I had to get rid of facing pages to get the ruler and center tool to behave as I wished.

    If you click on the Alignment button on the toolbar you will have several choices of how you want to align an object if you click on the "align to" arrow on the right. Two of them are to page and align to page margin.

    Alignment.jpgAlignment Choices.jpg

  5. A faster way to do it would be to get one picture in a frame adjusted like to want it. Select that picture, then hold control and shift (keeps pictures in a straight row) and drag one. Continue this selecting the picture each time until you have as many as you want. Then select all of them, go to align and on the right end of the popup click on distribute. You will then see another popup with the choices of how you want to distribute the pictures. Choose it and they will be distributed evenly.