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  1. Thank you for your response, but where can I find the button for the "Selection box from Curves in the program !
  2. Best, First of all, thank you for your response to my question. But I found this on the Affinity Help under the "Node" and then went looking for where I could find this in the program. I have enclosed a copy of this thanks for your support. I am working on a course in Dutch for my students Roger Belgium - Bruges
  3. Where can I find the "Selection box from Curves" button in Affinity designer !! Thanks
  4. A very big thank you for your information, try to apply them quickly. Roger Bruges ( Belgium)
  5. I have drawn this circle by circle !!!
  6. How do I draw a shape on a curved line in Affinity designer
  7. Thanks for this information Roger
  8. Dear, How can I save a profile from a "Layers Effect" like 3 D or Bevel/Emboss ! Tanks
  9. Roger Lievens

    PSD Text Layers

    Hallo, MEB, How can I save a profile of a "Layers effect , like 3D or Bevel/Emboss !! Thanks Roger Bruges Belgium
  10. Dear, How can I save a profile in Affinity designer from a "Layer Effects" like 3D or Bevel/Emboss ! Thanks Roger Bruges Belgium
  11. Thank you, I have finally succeeded with you, Thanks
  12. Dear, I have tried several times already but do not get the desired result, thank you for your explanation
  13. How can I see the text that is displayed when you click on an operation such as the "Node tool". When I click on it I do not see this text appear, who can help me! Thank you
  14. How should I use the Select sampled colour tool, I have tried several times but they are always on inactive, I have looked at an example on youtube, but every time I am stuck!

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