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    DuctTape reacted to MEB in Q: new doc DPI   
    Hi TheFeralOne,
    The DPI is irrelevant when you work with images for web. Only the pixel dimensions matter so it defaults to 72 or 96 (the common values for Mac and Win).
    When working with print documents or layout/UI's for mobile devices the DPI does matter and its adjusted accordingly depending on the selected device.
    The document presets are just that, a set of pre-defined values for most common uses, you can still customise them if you want setting the fields below as you wish.
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    DuctTape reacted to MEB in Colour Matching?   
    Hi The FeralOne,
    No, not yet. We have a relatively small team which is already doing their best to fulfil users requests and add all planned features, but as you can guess by the number of requests it's simply not possible to address them all. Please bear with us while we continue improving the app.
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    DuctTape reacted to kirk23 in Brush Manager ?   
    Brushes itself needs alot of improvements .  Old Draw soft had a nice feature of alternating picture fragments along curve brush.  Same as in Microsoft Design/ old Expression soft.   Was very cool feature.
    And for pixel brushes a super coll improvement over Photoshop ones would be an ability to do a brush stroke on several specified layers at the same time.  With specified dabs for each layer.  For  example one dab for "color"layer , other dub for "normal map" layer etc. 
    Maybe just same brushes  Corel Painter or Art rage  both have  painting extra  depth channel  beyond regular RGB+ alpha.  
    Would be nice to have a few  brushes making GPU particle simulations on the fly,   Something like  Rebelle or Expresii  , also depth/surface aware.
    Brushes that are "painting"  some real world phenomena : rust , color drips. scratches in proper places through automatic depth masking etc    and not just drop pixels on an artificial "layer". 
    All this is extremely necessary nowadays to be considered an innovation and be really competitive  IMO. 
    Then a cool brush manager would be nice too of course.
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    DuctTape got a reaction from John Rostron in AP 1.6.6 crashing   
    sorry not use to my new hours 0200 to 22:00
    I got it thank
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    DuctTape reacted to Tong in Colour Matching?   
    any news on color matching? 
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    DuctTape reacted to IsabelAracama in Time-Lapse Video   
    Hi all
    I bring a time-lapse more than a tutorial for this week. However, I explain how to slow it down so you can follow along if interested. You can also ask me how I did this or that, as usual.
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    DuctTape reacted to Henry Stahle in #affinityphotoillustration   
    So far... nine illustrations made using Affinity Photo (and a little Designer). They are to be found on my Instagram (henrystahle) and I am using #affinityphotoillustration to show they are basicly all bitmap illustrations. The latest are from my recent project, an interactive app for Android and iOS. Me as an illustrator + a coder (LUA + Corona) that also animates and such. In Affinity I can use the slicing function for exporting, that is a big thing, it makes the work work, and easy exporting... Happy for that.

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    DuctTape reacted to Henry Stahle in #affinityphotoillustration   
    Hi, I just started a new hashtag on Instagram: #affinityphotoillustration. I decided to do that because I am working on a picture book / app starting to use Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop. I will show some of my illustrations, all bitmap, no vectors, done in AP. It would be nice to see more illustrators using AP presenting art under the same #affinityphotoillustration tag. To get to now about you, to learn how you use this software and to get inspired from each other. See you on Instagram!

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    DuctTape reacted to retrograde in Brush Manager ?   
    Users need some sort of simple way to organize and save favourite brushes in their own panel. There are now hundreds of brushes, all in separate panels. It's becoming counter productive and I think some sort of system is needed to get the most out of all of these great resources.
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    DuctTape got a reaction from stokerg in light painting   
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    DuctTape reacted to Hofnaar in Affinity, we need clarification: are you or aren’t you working on a DAM?   
    I think a "We" stands for a bunch of people here in the forum and out there on the net.
    So yes, the question is important for many users incl. myself.
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    DuctTape reacted to Novakane in Official DC Comics 375 Color Palette by J-Skipper   
    I used this palette a lot so I decided to make an Afiinity version and share it if other people are interested Have fun with the color :) Original palette here
    DC Comics 375.afpalette

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    DuctTape reacted to jef goldblum in Tone Mapping Presets [FREE]   
    I have made 10 free tone mapping presets. I have not seen any tone mapping presets for affinity photo so I made some for anybody who might want them. Of course they will not all work with every photo like all presets but I hope someone finds them useful : ) To upload them just click on the zip. file, then in the tone mapping persona on the presets menu; click "Import Presets", Enjoy! 
    Hanan Edwards Presets.zip
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    DuctTape reacted to Mithferion in Public Domain Pictures   
    Hi there!
    I just wanted to share a list of sites that offer Public Domain Pictures in good quality. Some of them are listed in this thread, but I wanted to add more and publish a list of this kind of content (CC0 License, and also a High Permissive Licenses sites). Also, consider that there may be additional restrictions implied on these pictures, like brandings, buildings, people, etc.
    [CC0]  https://picalls.com/ [CC0]  http://freeforcommercialuse.net/ [CC0]  http://publicdomainarchive.com/ [HPL]  https://pixabay.com/ [CC0]  http://jaymantri.com/ [CC0]  https://www.foodiesfeed.com/ [CC0]  http://viintage.com/ [CC0] https://magdeleine.co/license/cc0/ [CC0] https://isorepublic.com/ [CC0] http://www.1millionfreepictures.com/ [CC0] http://realisticshots.com/ [CC0] http://startupstockphotos.com/ [CC0] http://publicdomainreview.org/collections/?medium=image [CC0] http://jeshoots.com/ [CC0] http://www.designerspics.com/ [CC0] https://negativespace.co/ [CC0] https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacex/ [CC0] http://fancycrave.com/ [CC0] https://www.pexels.com/ [HPL] https://unsplash.com/ [HPL] https://barnimages.com/license/  
    Finally, a search engine that allows to search for Public Domain content:
    Best regards!
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    DuctTape reacted to dmstraker in Blend modes notes (52 A4 pages)   
    Attached is my complete set of notes about blend modes, now spread across 52 pages of A4.
    These are significantly updated from the previous revision, with lots more 'recipes' and organisation of these under main topics, hopefully to make them more usable.
    Blend modes notes V5.pdf
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    DuctTape reacted to photogeek in Photo Geek's Toy Photography   
    So most of these are just photos I took and edited in Affinity Photo, however the Jason vs Jason does have a new background put in. I know these are dark, but I was going for a darker mood when I edited these.

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    DuctTape reacted to A_B_C in Photo to Painting   
    You should check out this pretty neat technique …  :)

    Source: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34014-oil-painting/?p=168752
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    DuctTape got a reaction from matisso in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    I was thinking of purchasing the AD Workbook, BUT with 1.6 just over the horizon does this mean a new workbook will be coming out?
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    DuctTape reacted to James Ritson in Malta 2017   
    Hey again, just adding a few more that I edited over the weekend  - includes some more portraiture, light painting and long exposure composite work... you can see some more on my 500px profile, I've just picked a few of the favourites. Thanks for looking!

    Rabatador by James Ritson on 500px.com


    Splendid Guest House Rooftop #02 by James Ritson on 500px.com


    Splendid Guest House Chillout Room by James Ritson on 500px.com


    Sun Waves Goodnight by James Ritson on 500px.com


    Piercing Cat by James Ritson on 500px.com


    Thunderstorm in Mellieħa 02 by James Ritson on 500px.com


    Sassy in Sliema by James Ritson on 500px.com

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    DuctTape reacted to James Ritson in Malta 2017   
    Hey all, just wanted to share a few of the (many) photos I took during my holiday last week in Malta. We previously went to Malta in May of this year and liked it so much we went back! This time I brought some camera gear that I didn't chance taking last time, including a tripod, flash gun and portable light, so I was able to get some shots I would have previously struggled with.
    First up is a long exposure panorama of Valletta from Sliema Bay:

    Valletta at Night by James Ritson on 500px.com
    Then, on our last night, having wound down and packed all my gear up, we were treated to one of Malta's occasional thunderstorms. I quickly unpacked and went up to the rooftop of the guest house to capture several long exposures, which I then composited into this:

    Thunderstorm in Mellieħa by James Ritson on 500px.com
    We also got a ferry across to Comino, which was absolutely packed with tourists. A short walk later to the more arid areas, however, and I saw some tiny lizards:

    Suspicious Lizard by James Ritson on 500px.com
    Now, my partner is a bit of a poser (something she'll admit herself), but she doesn't usually like standing around to be photographed in the UK because it's quite cold. Give her some blistering heat, however, and she'll model all day!

    Test of Strength by James Ritson on 500px.com
    We ended up doing quite a few photoshoots (I've only edited two or three images so far):

    Not Impressed by James Ritson on 500px.com

    Rabat Arch by James Ritson on 500px.com
    And finally for now, we visited the National Park which is an interesting little place in itself, but I discovered what seemed to be a disused rail yard across the road. I got a few photos of the area, but this one jumped out at me because of all the textures:

    Rusty by James Ritson on 500px.com
    Anyway, just wanted to share a few photos, I'll possibly add some more when I get around to editing them (there's quite a backlog...) - thanks for looking and hope they give you some ideas!
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    DuctTape got a reaction from Benjamin_Peake in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    I was thinking of purchasing the AD Workbook, BUT with 1.6 just over the horizon does this mean a new workbook will be coming out?
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    DuctTape reacted to garetmckinley in Mandala Designs with Affinity Designer Beta   
    Hello I am a huge fan of both affinity designer and photos, and own both of them! I just wanted to share some of the work that I have done using the new symbols tool in the Affinity Designer beta. When I got into sacred geometry mandala illustrations, I used smart layers inside photoshop. In the last month, I've recreated some of my past works and created new designs using the new betas.
    I'd love to thank all their development teams for creating such incredible and intuitive vector applications. You allow me to effortlessly create designs in Designer and quickly export them to Photos to add nice image/gradient masks and effects before submitting the final render.
    Here's some of the works I've created. I have them all on my Instagram as well (@garetmckinley).

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    DuctTape reacted to Mensch Mesch in AD - Ivy vector brush tutorial   
    In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to create an Ivy vector textured image brush in Affinity Designer with support of Affinity Photo in image processing.

    Link to the tutorial on YouTube
    You can download the Ivy vector brush from the tutorial here.
    Keep on drawin'
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    DuctTape reacted to Pierrick in Collages   
    Hi guys,
    Illustration from a summer screenprint serie. Half Affinity Designer, half Photo.
    The capture was made afterward, rolling the saved history backward (neat function!).
    > Video Making-of

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    DuctTape reacted to IsabelAracama in Flat design Volkswagen van + tutorial   
    The project is for yourselves actually, but I must admit I also learn by doing these tuts. Had lots of people asking me on tutorials so now that I have a bit more time I'm doing them, as I promised time ago. Hope you enjoy and learn something out of any of them.
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