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  1. I've noticed with 1.9.0 on the latest Big Sur, some of the tools cursor's are incorrect during use. The marquee and freehand selection tools now just appear as the default transform arrow, as does the Place cursor. Obviously this has minimal effect on functionality, but it feels somewhat awkward.
  2. Attempting to use the eraser brush on a pixel layer in a live stack, the softness and transparency settings on the brush are ignored, and it seems only a 100% opacity and hardness brush is possible in this situation. Affinity 1.8.6 on MacOS 10.15.7 Screen_Recording_2020-12-23_at_11_48.03_pm.mov
  3. With 1.8.1, clicking the magnet button in the toolbar on or off does nothing. I can only temporarily disable snapping with the pen tool by holding Option. I haven't tested this with any other snapping tools. Using the latest build of Catalina.
  4. Would you care to share your discovery? I need to make some spec maps too
  5. Ok. I'm in Tasmania so things take a little longer to get to me on average. Hopefully I'll get it sometime this week.
  6. Cheers. Yeah I assumed from the beginning that the stated 5-7 days wouldn't apply to me. I just hate not having tracking!!
  7. Nope. I just logged in to ask if any other Australians know how long I should expect to wait...
  8. Hello, currently using separated mode in fullscreen, the Export window thingy and similar slides out underneath the Toolbar. Sure the toolbar can easily be grabbed and moved out of the way, so it's not hugely problematic, but it's still a bit of an annoying design oversight. It's the kind of thing that should be on top I've a feeling this had probably already been brought up, but my searching found nothing. So apologies if I'm repeating things, just needed to add my voice as I find this quite irksome.
  9. I love how the order summary tells me the shipping will be $7.29, then a little further through the process it balloons to $28.49. So its smart enough to detect my location to show me the correct currency, but not smart enough to realise that's the location I'll want to ship it to Also, how long do these usually take to ship? I saw others earlier in the thread receiving it within 24hrs (obviously that's not gonna happen in Australia), but in two days mine hasn't even been posted yet.
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