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  1. Ok thanks. Quick question. What is the preferred method, then....to bring in images as layers, and auto-align them in a simple manner, when wanting to mask and blend them manually , and not do focus stacking, HDR, etc....? This is for desktop and ipad...I don't see a simple method to do this. Thank you all in advance!! C
  2. Ok, that worked...but WOW...is that ever UN-intuitive..... I'm still not understanding the stacks blending tho...that does not make sense to me whatsoever.....is there a way to suggest this is a bug or maybe have them at least allow for auto alignment of image layers that come in that are not part of a 'stack'? What would the use case for this current behavior be for? Anyway, this worked and I"m back working again. THANK YOU so much for helping me out everyone!!! C
  3. I'm not sure I understand...why would stacking layers allow bottom ones to show through to the top? If I don't bring in as a stack...how do I get AP to align the layers...I thought that was the way you brought multiple images in for auto align? Thanks in advance for the reply and suggestions!! CC
  4. Hello all, I've been behavior I just can't explain. I've seen this on the iPad version and now on the desktop version. Example: I have two images I brought in as a stack, I did auto-align (tried with and without the live align).... I see the stack, I open it up and can see the individual layers, one on top of the other. The blend modes are all set to Normal. For some reason, the lower layers are bleeding through and showing through the topmost layer, even with no masking, etc.....and I'm at a loss to see why? I'm used to PS, where if you stack 2 layers, with nomal blend modes, the top one completely obscures the lower one, unless you mask it off, or have other blend modes enabled. I'm guessing something is set different in AP, I just don't know how to get the behavior I'm expecting. Right now, with both images there...I have them both turned on, again, expecting the top image to completely obscure the bottom one...but it looks strange, and if I turn off the lower layer...the top one becomes to look as it should be without the bottom one bleeding into it. The images I've tried on desktop are .tiff images....the ones on the Ipad that did the same strange thing, were from an iphone emailed to me. Can someone help me out here? I'm just wanting to stack 2 images, and not have the bottom one(s) show through unless I mask out the top later.... Thanks in advance, CC
  5. I have the new iPad Pro 10.5" and it blazes through images. working now with a 20 RAW image focus stack and it barely blinked an eye. i hear with next update to iOS. AF is really going to shine... cayenne
  6. cayenne

    Batch Process RAW files

    Is this a feature coming in the big update this fall with new iOS? i really need this, for example I have a series of macro images, needing to import them raw, make changes to one in develop persona, then batch process the rest, load into a stack and focus merge them.... Also, once you have a stack of images, is there a quick shortcut way to turn all but one image off/on? Thank you, cayenne