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  1. I'm sure this has been requested before but wanted to throw my support in on this. I did recently find that while in Brush mode, if I hit the Option (Mac) key and then dragging my cursor, it will bring up the color picker which has the larger magnifying circle and dot to select. Is there any way this could be made more to behaving like PS...where when you have the brush tool and hit the Option (Mac) . Alt (windows)...it instantly turns where your Brush is to a cross "+" type symbol and select immediately the color under that cursor.... When you are having to reconstruct an image, I find that VERY often I'm doing this to paint and sample quite rapidly back and forth to paint in and blend colors to maybe recreate areas in an image I'm try8ing to clean up. I usually finish by adding some fake noise to this to make it blend in.... But that quick click-sample-paint is a huge part of my workflow and I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. The click and then dragging, is not as intuitive, and when dragging you are moving away from the color you want to sample and have to move back to find it...and that magnification of the area, really hurts more than hinders when trying to rapidly grab colors fro the area..a simple cursor, whether it be a cross or arrow or dot or something makes this much easier, faster and intuitive. Anyway, if you all at Serif could give this some consideration as maybe an option to turn on (and leave the currently ways for those that like the 'new' way of color selection) this option, I think you'd find a LOT of people that would be happy to have this very familiar and highly useful capability. Thank you in advance, C
  2. I've attached a screen shot of my preferences. Oddly, enough, I've let this go for a few days. I think I have opened and closed AP a couple times.....for some reason, the delete key is working again.... Strangely the Preferences for keyboard shortcuts...shows the symbol for the backspace key. When I try to "change" it to my keyboard Delete key...it blanks it out. However, now, as I mentioned, somehow...the Delete key is working again as it was before, for no good explainable reason. I'll update this thread as I find out more... cayenneI
  3. Well, I guess...this is a pretty new install as the I just got the computer and put AP on it. Is there possibly a better suggestion? Thanks in advance!! C
  4. Hi all, Is this public forum the only method to get support on the Affinity Products like Photo, etc? I can't seem to find how to submit trouble tickets directly to the Affinity Team....am I missing the links somewhere? thank you, C
  5. Not sure what's going on....my Affinity Photo experience is slowly going down hill. I had been running this on a MBP, late 2011 model. I have a Mac Pro and should be MORE than enough power for AP. But for some reason I cannot do simple things, like hit the delete button or the backspace button and delete a selected later. The backspace button appears to invert it? I looked in preferences and the backspace button was indicated as the one for this action. I tried changing it to the delete button, and it just blanks out the choice. I'm using the same keyboard I had connected to my MBP and it worked just find there, but that wasn't Catalina. Is the OS X version the problem? Also the other day I was clone stamping an image, and I was dumbfounded to see I had pauses with spinning circles indicating the machine was busy processing?!!? ugh..frustrating. I don't want to rent my software from adobe, but so far, my AP and new Mac aren't giving me a good experience, this and my other recent post about the HSL selectors mysteriously disappearing on me, etc. Thoughts? Is there a good primer on cleaning up, setting up preferences for your workspace or "stage" as I believe it is called with AP? I can't seem to figure how to drag and drop things to be how I want them. Thank you in advance, C
  6. HI all, I'm trying to restore some old scanned color photo negatives, I have yellow/brown stains on causasian skin and am trying to dial in the stain color selection with HSL.... However, when trying to adjust the falloff areas and the inner selection areas to narrow down the color range, quite often, the individual dots will suddenly disappear as I'm adjusting, and sometimes many of them disappear and the color family circle I'm working with, turns black. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug? I'm on OS X Catalina, Mac Pro....I get the same result when I'm using a mouse or the Wacom tablet and pen.... Screen shots attached... HTH, C
  7. Ok...I can force quit. But this seems a very STRANGE thing to happen. I hit the keyboard shortcuts to save....and the saving progress bar came up, but no movement. I can get to the menus....tried to quit nomally and it give error sounds. Is this a bug, why would this happen, this is a basic function that is required. Are there any log files or the like I should upload? Is this the only form of support that Affinity gives?
  8. HI all, Not sure what to do, I have a file open, it is a .afphoto.... Yesterday when finishing up, I hit save and left the desk. Today I went to that desktop to work some more on the image...and it appears that the little "save document" progress bar is there stuck, not moving. I tried hitting and using the clone stamp tool and it just makes that "you can't do this" sound. I tried doing a save as from the menu system and it let me fill out the dialog and hit OK.....but I don't see that new filename appears on my filesystem. I'd done a LOT of fixes on that document....I hate to force quit and potentially lost a LOT of work... Any idea what's happening here? I'm on a Mac Pro with Catalina....latest version of AP. Thanks in advance, C
  9. I'm guessing I know the answer, but just wanted to check. I had the AP beta version. I got emails that let me purchase in advance of release, I got my codes. But I didn't get around to downloading from Affinity site early. At this point, do I have to download form Affinity Site, or can I install from Apple App store, and use my codes on that? I'm guessing not, but apparently I bought AD and AP via the App store, and thought for consistency sake, updates, etc...would be easier if I got them all that route. Thanks in advance, C
  10. Strange. I'll have to go back in emails and records, but I'd swear on a stack of bibles right now that I ordered from ya'll directly AP. That being said, I just checked the app store and it says update available..... Just curious, with your comment....the OSX version of AP came out first, long before windows version did....right? Affinity was mac first at least originally to the best of my recollection, but then again...my memory may be fading a bit admittedly. Thanx, C
  11. Hmm. I went to the URL, and logged in, and I don't see download and keys for either AP or Designer. I see my pre-order for publisher, previous free brush packs...... but not AP or AD. I did order from Affinity, not app store. Should I contact customer support or call in? Thank you, cayenne
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