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  1. Benjamin_Peake

    How to export to HTML

    Hey! You can export the file to .svg. If you copy and paste the contents of the svg to a html file, the file should open normally, In order to add links and other interactive html5 elements, add the code to the elements as you would any normal elements. You can also use an "embed" tag with a svg file
  2. Benjamin_Peake

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Hi, I would really like to get this book but am worried that the book will be updated with the new updates when they come out and I will have to spend another 50$ dollars just to see what the new features are. I don't mind paying 10-15 bucks every once and a while but re-buying the entire product seems expensive. Is there any sort of discount on future books from previous buyers? Thanks for everything.