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  1. I import a raw file and it will open in the Develop Persona. The History panel records the changes. Satisfied, (I click Develop and the image now opens in the Photo Persona. I make a few changes but want to return to the Develop Persona to make changes. The History of previous changes are gone. Every is reset as though it is a brand new image and the changes I made earlier are set in stone. I cannot save with history, nor is there a sidecar file with the recorded settings. Am I missing something?
  2. Thank you for helping, but your answer did not provide a solution. After trying several configurations on the lines you suggested, The only result was to print 2 page spreads instead of 4 page spreads. The booklet option seems to work the same as in Microsoft Publisher - it sorts out the pagination but does not allow for the rotation of pages to achieve an imposition which will enable 8pp - fold - stitch and trim. What I don't want to do is to set up the pages, drag them into Photoshop and place the pages correctly orientated onto a larger canvas or artboard. If that is the route - which is what I do now, I may as well stick with Photoshop all the way through. Thanks again for trying, PS I have "Notify me of replies checked" but received no notification that anyone had replied - so I apologise for not responding earlier.
  3. I am very new to Affinity Publisher so it may be that I just have not approached the menusw correctly. I regularly publish an 8pp A6 brochure, which I print 4 pages to view on oversized A4 paper, fold stitch and trim to size. The two page spreads must of course be pages 1 & 8, 2 & 7, 3 and 6, 4 & 5. The four pages to view are 1 & 8 with 4 & 5. See illustration attached, likewise with the relevant inside pages. I have been doing this for ages with Illustrator and Photoshop, but have been looking for a publishing program which can do the heavy lifting for me. the nearest I have got is the dreaded Microsoft Publisher which at least can deal with the 2 page spreads. Have I missed out somewhere that Affinity Publisher can do this? PAGES.tif
  4. Am on the 10 day trial of Affinity Designer, time running out. I can get an image inside a shape or text easily, but I need to know how to do the opposite. I want to reverse the text out of an image. The nearest way I have found is to stroke the text then make the text fill transparent. This leaves the image showing through, but I want the image "burnt out" by the text and thus it will appear white or checkerboard transparent. If someone can help me please or point me to a tutorial I would be grateful. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I should say that all my AF edits currently are just part of the learning curve. None are for the archives, just process any old image to destruction if need be, then move on. I found the "Add Snapshot" command in the Document menu, but previously read the "help" which said that Snapshots had to be created in Develop.
  6. Thanks Bri-Toon, I am aware of the 1.6 Beta but feel that I should continue with 1.5 rather than start on something new. When 1.6 is released it will hopefully be fine tuned by more experienced persons than myself. I am now spending several hours every day with Affinity Photo (AF) and my biggest stumbling block is Photoshop. I have used PS for so long that I expect AF tools to be in the same place as in PS, and expect the tools to work in the same way. Some do, many do not. There is also a distinct lack of help files and tutorials.
  7. The Scope set of panels is puzzling me and in particular the "Power Spectral Density" graph. How is it useful in Post Processing? I have attached a screen shot of an image together with its PSD graph with a gain of 300%. Will looking at this graph tell me how to improve the image? I have watched a video on this subject, but the orator appeared to be wondering why the graph is in Affinity Photo. I have noticed that if the image is predominately (say) red, then the graph is predominately red, I cannot believe that Scope is in Affinity just to make it look a little more scientific, so please, what is the purpose?
  8. I am trying to get to grips with Affinity Photo, so opened a raw image, did loads of edits then looked for a reset button to clear all edits back to the original import. The History panel did not do the trick, and the nearest this I found was in the edit menu >Defaults>Factory Reset. I used this, and there was no change to my document, nor was there a change to the Preferences nor to my home made keyboard shortcuts. What does this menu item actually do?
  9. Thank you MEB, your prompt response was very helpful. The change from PS to AP is going to be a long journey beset with hurdles. I have used PS since the early 90's on a daily basis and I know it would be wrong to expect AP to be the same, but the similarity does tend to lead one along the wrong path sometimes.
  10. My name is James, I currently use Windows, Photoshop and Lightroom. In a few months I want to escape from the Adobe Rental programme but do need a reliable replacement. I tried the affinity Photo ten days trial and found too many bugs. Seeing many (good) reviews, I thought that maybe I had not given Affinity a fair chance, (ten days is not really long enough to make a real assessment) so I have purchased the licence and am watching the tutorials and putting some of my images through the hoops. Familiarity may make some of the bugs go away. Some of these "bugs" are actually omissions - i.e. operations I can do very easily in Photoshop but have not found either the tools or methodology to achieve them in Affinity. In the attached photo, I need the headlights to appear yellow, as shown. In PS, I select the headlight, create a HSL layer, check Colourise and change the Hue to yellow. I have not found any way to do this in Affinity. I am sure there is a way, please do tell. regards James.
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