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  1. First a thanks to owenr, your instructions eventually got me to the required result. Unfortunately I saved the file WITHOUT the history and couldn't repeat the steps on my main wireframe file ! My problem is the creation of the 'vector rectangle', then the mask from the vector shape and the rectangle. When I go to do the Boolean subtract the only option in the Geometry is 'divide', all the rest are greyed out. Watching the videos on masks I seem to be missing a piece of knowledge as to the difference between creating a vector and a normal image mask. Also is there an easy way to select the whole of the large bear and use it to make the mask, then I could put multiple small bears behind ?
  2. First I really am a total Newbie so for me this is stretching my boundaries. My initial post was because I couldn't get beyond the creation of my initial wire frame bear. I'm disabled and have to take things slowly and I have difficulty in retaining skills. So posted solutions to my problems help immensely in that I can print and retain the information. So to those who have posted solutions and others who have been understanding that for some of us the next step is always obscured, my grateful thanks.
  3. How do I join two wire frames together so that I can print only the wire frame with a transparent background ? Geometric Bear Wire Frame Intersection Problem.afphoto
  4. Thanks, that seems to have done the trick.
  5. I'm trying to create a print file for a screen or direct to garment print file using polygons to create a wire frame image. I've created the wire frame but I want to do two things; one create two copies of the wire frame (a bear) and have one bear walking slightly ahead of the second. The first image semi behind the second. When I output the final file I want the background to be transparent so only the black wire frame is printed. The wire frame is a set of curves with a blank pixel layer. There doesn't seem to be any tutorials covering what I'm trying to do so any help would be appreciated. Bear family Wire Frame .afphoto