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  1. Hello mark and thanks for your reply. I was using the latest trial version of Affinity Designer, but now my trial has expired and can no longer do any testing. So, unless I am able to get another trial of the latest beta, I cannot respond to your request. And until I am confident that this problem is resolved, I will not be buying your software. So, if you want me to continue with this, please provide me with another trial period. Where would I get the latest beta version? Thanks.
  2. Any news about this issue? Are the developers actively working on it or have they turned a deaf ear to this? I'm really disappointed with the support on this issue. Makes me not want to invest in this software. But I hope there is a fix soon, or that a developer will respond to this issue and give us some sort of status report (I don't know if they are even reading this ).
  3. When exporting to psd with the "preserve editability" option. I get the attached error message. When I export to psd using the "preserve accuracy" option, designer takes way too long, in excess of 20 min)! The file size is 9.5MB.
  4. I am having the exact same experience as everyone else here (constant freezing when just doing minor things like moving items). I am using the latest trial version. If this is the state of this app currently, why would I ever buy it? I guess I'm back to Adobe. To bad, I was hoping for much better. Windows 10, 32GB RAM, Quadro K2200, Intel i7-6900K.
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