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    It would be great to have the ability to import, delete and manage multiple files on the welcome screen. Coming across to affinity from Aperture, this is the thing I find the most frustrating. Working with the photos in the the program is so easy, it’s great. I can do most of what I did in aperture, faster, except for having to handle one file at a time at import/export stages.
  2. Hi. I am thinking of moving from my old MacBook pro using Aperture to an iPad Pro with affinity. My main concern is how this will work when exporting photos to my networked NAS drive? I do not use cloud photo services at all and do not wish to. Is it possible to export a project with many photos (imported and edited as raw files) as jpegs to the NAS drive as a batch, over wifi? Also, am I able to save the RAW files in an archive similar to the Aperture Libraries I now have saved on portable USB drives (one per year) ? I could not see a solution to this on your tutorial.
  3. Thanks for the replies... sounds like it has pros and cons. Perhaps I will use it for fun editing with the apple pencil for small jobs and do the big jobs in Aperture for as long as it is still working on my 2010 MBP.

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