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  1. Photoshop artist with 20 years of experience here. I'm really trying to like Affinity. But this is a deal breaker for me. Suggesting that this is a useless feature is truly remarkable.


    I work on about 10 different types of projects.


    Sometimes I'm painting with a nearly blank canvas. Other times I'm doing film poster work with a few dozen masks.  Other times I'm doing model photo retouching.  Some documents have 200 layers and dozens of effects. Others require as much screen real estate as possible. I have different UI setups for everything. 


    Anyone who thinks this is a matter of "not resetting" from the last setup is frankly missing the point. This is about versatility.


    If you want to create a work environment that matches the dozens of ways people make images, you need a workspace that reflects that.


    This is a major limitation of Affinity. 

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