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  1. If I get a laptop that doubles as a tablet.....which version of affinity would be the best? Does it matter? My dell laptop that I had previously did not have good resolution when I downloaded the desktop version of Affinity. My pictures were not very clear. Because of this should i go with the tablet version of Affinity?
  2. Alright thank you for getting back with me!!! I now know what to get!
  3. Would it be possible to make Affinity Photo for tablets that are not Apple? Thinking of getting a Samsung tablet but I'm guessing Affinity Photo is not available in that format yet.
  4. This picture is doing the same thing. I does this after I make a new layer.
  5. This is a close up of the edge. I couldn't get the actual photo to upload on here.
  6. The Snapping Manager was already off. I used the defringe filter and that only helped a small amount. I'm wondering if it is because I created the layer myself with the selection brush. You have to zoom in pretty close to it to really see the color now. But I thought it would be possible to get rid of it completely. I just don't want the color outline to be more visible if the picture was blown up to put on a canvas or something. Maybe I could do several defringe filters?
  7. I am having trouble with layering. I tried to make the background layer black and white while keeping the top layer color. Now there is a line/edge around the first layer that is a purple/blue color. I'm not sure how or if I can get rid of it.

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