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  1. Thanks for reply! I'm waiting for new versions then I'd love to use Affinity as my primary app on iPad (and move whole workflow from PC). So far so good.
  2. Hello, Since this is my first post here, I wanted to say hi to all of you. Hi! Also, I wanted to thank you, app developers, you're doing wonderful job so far! Going back to topic. I decided to move my photo related workflow from PC to iPad, so I import photos from SD card (RAW files) to Photos and then import and develop in Affinity. First thing I've noticed missing (or I just cannot find it) is a way to batch save all my developed photos back to Photos (or any other external storage). I want to keep all my photos synced with cloud backup service and exporting each one after each edit session seems like unnecessary added work. Maybe there is something I've missed (it's my second day with app)? If not, is it possible to add that functionality?