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    rudyumans got a reaction from Chris B in Impainting brush tool stopped working   
    never mind. user error.  (fortunately lol)
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    rudyumans reacted to Mark Ingram in The old Shadows/ Highlights (Live) Filter is finally back!   
    Yes, it's not quite as straight forward as "the old one is better than the new one". They both work differently in different scenarios. Try with both versions and see what works best for your image.
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    rudyumans got a reaction from PaulAffinity in BETA Clone Brush Causes Shutdown   
    You know they will.
    I was just looking for a difference since I don't seem to have the same problem. Process of elimination. 
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    rudyumans got a reaction from BiffBrown in nik collection, affinity 1.7.0   
    People should make the distinction between NIk for Affinity on MAC  and Affinity on windows.
    When DxO came out with the upgrade version 1.1, they said that version 1.1 was now fully compatible with Affinity on MAC, but not on Widows. I use Windows and have no way of checking if that is true for MAC. Now they came out with another update with some minor changes, but nothing to write home about and it still does not fully work with Affinity for Windows. I Paid $50. for version 1.0 $50 for version1.1 (Stupid) and now they want another $60 for a minor upgrade.  They can fool me once, but not twice. (3 times actually)
    That would be $160.00  for a plug-in that is still not fully compatible with my favorite editing software, which is crazy, so I am done with them and besides, there is very little NIK does that can't be done some other way, either within Affinity or with a more friendly plug-in. Even the NIK modules that do work, do not have all the features available on NIK for PS.
    Not sure why people care so much about NIK. Trust me, this feeling with NIK/DxO is not mutual. DxO was in bad financial distress last year, so now all they seem to care about is milking their (loyal I might add) customers
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    rudyumans reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -   
    Click here to download the latest beta
    Status: Customer Beta
    Purpose: Fixes
    Requirements: A valid product key (for Affinity Store purchases), or an installation of the full retail version from the Microsoft Store

    As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post a new thread in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback. 

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Fixed Denoise live filters when applying to renderer mask Fixed bounded formats Shadows / Highlights filter to leave the max channel value fixed Switched off split view when changing to a live filter Fixed crash when adding live filters with a Quick Mask Fixed Mixer brush crash Fixed sporadic crash with HSL adjustment Removed CR3 file type, as we don't support it yet  Fixed Posterise adjustment Fixed Develop Noise Reduction Luminance Details slider defaulting to -3% Added Focal Length to EXIF panel Fixed Selection Refinement only working once per document Fixed Checking and unchecking bottom layer in stack moves everything to the left Fixed switching documents with Live Filter dialog open locks app Fixed Threshold adjustment parameter does accepting typed values  Added page navigation control for documents with multiple pages Fixed 32-Bit Preview panel being clipped when upgrading from 1.6 Fixed CMYK Colour profile setting the Grey profile to empty Fixed Noise not being applied on a gradient stop colour Fixed crashes in History and Layers panel Fixed brush preview outline still present when colour picking with Alt+click Enabled Resize document to work with physical units Fixed EPS "Export text as curves" checkbox being disabled Fixed PDF export of RGB documents in greyscale documents Fixed sporadic crash on print Added preference for opening documents in a new floating container Fixed Adjustments thumbnails in the Layers panel are not being updated release notes
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    rudyumans got a reaction from Alfred in what does (RC1) mean?   
    That sounds hopeful. Thanks!
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    rudyumans reacted to Alfred in what does (RC1) mean?   
    RC = Release Candidate.
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    rudyumans got a reaction from PaulAffinity in Beta update?   
    give these people a break
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    rudyumans reacted to Mark Ingram in Beta update?   
    I'm really not sure why you're all discussing this. We have never given out ETA on releases / patches / betas, etc (and never will, for obvious reasons). I realise you may be excited to try out the new version as an official retail release (or even get a new beta update), but complaining about slow development is not an accurate thing to say. The Windows version has massively improved performance in the most recent betas, and we continue to add new features, and fix bugs as we go. The time period between releases does not reflect the amount of work that is happening, it merely reflects the time delays between when I make a build, how it gets on with internal testing, and then when I release it to the public. We have builds that are never released onto the forum (which happened last week, build #308 crashes on Windows 7, so it was never released externally).
    And with regards to GPU Compute, yes it's something that's on my roadmap, but the complexities of implementing this on Windows are far greater than macOS. macOS has one GPU manufacturer, and Apple are in control of the drivers (you get the latest ones automatically). Windows has at least 3 GPU manufacturers, and the drivers are in a variety of different states and ages - we see that from bug reports here on the forum (i.e. crashes that are solved by merely uninstalling and reinstalling your GPU drivers).
    Aside from GPU Compute (and ability to load RAW files via Apple RAW engine), there are no feature differences between the macOS and Windows versions.
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    rudyumans reacted to Thomas_Photo in Beta update?   
    Remember, that you paid 54€ once for this software (or even less during a sale).
    I bought Affinity Photo in 2017, and 2 lears later still get free updates with a lot of new features, performance improvements, new camera support... With Adobe I'd already paid more than 240€ and not even own the software. Please remember this, before saying that "we don't have xy yet" or "development is slow".
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    rudyumans got a reaction from Chris B in Blend mode and layers problem in *.251   
    If i change the blend mode in the recolor adjustment layer pop up from normal to e.g. soft light, it will not save it. It jumps back to normal. If I make an adjustment while in any other mode than normal, it will also jump back to normal.  If I save the setting in normal mode (not by choice)  and I change the blend mode then in the layers panel from normal to soft light and then go back to the recolor pop-up, everything is fine and I can make adjustments and save it without jumping it back to normal. Restarting the program makes no difference
    Yesterday i was recoloring an image and had about 10 recolor adjustment layers without problems. Layer number 11 was added and ended up below the background layer and I could not move it at all. I had to restart the program to make it work again. I had a similar problem with renaming a layer. Sometimes it let me and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't, I have to restart the program to make it work again
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    rudyumans reacted to Alex_M in TIFF files saved with the Beta can't be read by Topaz Sharpen AI   
    Why not give the user the ability to chose the compression method and have a warning appear when choosing the new one as being potentially incompatible? Wouldn't that be better? The overwhelming majority of graphics software I've used gives you that ability.
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    rudyumans reacted to Jason Maranto in New NIK Collection Released by DXO   
    I bought the new version, even though there are still some issues with the plugins in Affinity Photo (the biggest being the Viveza discoloration, which renders the plugin useless in AP). I have seen Mac users having more issues, so YMMV.
    My reasons for buying were twofold:
    1) I get alot of use out of Analog Efex and Color Efex (which both work well for me in AP).
    2) My request for better support for AP is much more meaningful to DxO as a paying customer, rather than just some random guy on the internet who might buy if they make changes.
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    rudyumans reacted to jmoren in New NIK Collection Released by DXO   
    I really would like these plugins to work with AP. I use LR 4.4 (never upgrade to 5 or 6), DAM and basic edition. If the pic needs more editing then I export to TIFF or PSD and continue in AP. Sometimes I need to add a touch with an effect (Glow, sunshine... this kind of thigs). I can quickly add it with ON1 but, then I have three applications, I want to simplify. My idea was to use the Nik plugins from AP and get similar effects to ON1.
    So... we'll have to wait
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    rudyumans reacted to PaulEC in New NIK Collection Released by DXO   
    I've never managed to get the free version working properly in AP (although the 32 bit version works fine in PhotoPlus!).
    I was thinking of purchasing the DxO version, but, reading the comments, I think I'll give it a miss.
    I don't suppose there's any chance that Serif could get together with DxO to produce an AP optimised version!
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    rudyumans reacted to jmoren in New NIK Collection Released by DXO   
    You are not alone. I use the aRGB color space in my workflow and, when I send and image to Color/Viveza/etc everything seems washed out... colour, tones... it's useless for me, sorry.
    I remember that, with the old version and some plugins you could see the correct colours zooming at 100%, but now it doesn't work, so for me, it's worse.

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