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  1. I've parallels too but the main reason i'm using bootcamp is the use of Autodesk Revit and for large projects it's better to have all resources available. But my work around on this moment is just to start Photo once and leave it open on the background. If I then double click on a file in Windows explorer it opens right away in Affinity Photo... I'll keep an eye on this tread... Tnx mb6391 for Your reply.
  2. I'm startup with bootcamp. I'm using the mac version also and that one is fast as lightning. Photo is not to bad (now 7 sec), Designer is more (20 sec). But it is more the feel of lag when double clicking a file from explorer and You have to wait...
  3. Hi everybody, I'm having the same problem. Just got my new Macbook Pro 2017 version. My old one (Macbook Pro 2012 version, 16 Gb ram) had this issue but I read somewhere on this site that it could by the SSD drive. But with my new machine it still occurs... I've attached my system info (it's in dutch sorry).
  4. Where is the iPhone version of Photo and Designer like Pixelmator and Autodesk Graphic :-) Recently switched to Affinity on my Macbook Pro but would love to see it appear on my iPhone...
  5. I've Pixelmator on my IPhone and Macbook Pro but recently switched to Affinity. I would love to see it coming to my iPhone too!!
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