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  1. Hey Chris, Thanks for the reply. I tried to replicate this issue for a while this morning, and after several tests it appears as though the affected docs are ones that were edited using Nitro PDF editor on a PC, before being signed and opened from my Mac. I have attached an affected sample here. Docs edited using Acrobat on a Mac before being signed don't seem to cause my instance of Affinity Designer to crash. AFFINITY TEST DOC2.pdf
  2. I have been using Designer for a couple years now, but recently, when I open a signed PDF file the app immediately crashes. This only seems to happen when opening PDFs that have been electronically signed using DocuSign or FileShare software. This hasn't happened to me before last month, but Designer has started crashing while opening signed docs in the last month or so. Is there anything I can do to prevent these crashes when opening signed docs?
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