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    Hi, when i use HSL in affinity 1.7 (1.7.2) i can't find the color picker. Is that one missing in the ipad version or have i missed it?
  2. There is also the thing with the special 8 blend modes. Some blend modes are useless workout fill.
  3. Hi. A really nice feature in a nother software similar to affinity photo you can make a black pixel layer, sample from layers below and at the same time use blend mode. This technic would be very useful some times. I understand it may take more CPU to do so. But maybe a checkbox to enable it. My workaround now is to not work in a empty pixel layer and that makes my workflow more difficult. The way I like to use it is to have blend mode set to darken or lighten when clone to only paint in certain areas, and still work non destructive in a empty pixel layer
  4. I have problem open many filetypes, like LUT, import macro. The files are grayed out. Same problem if the file is local as from cloud. And when i "open from cloud" and do it from Google drive, i don't appers to save the file back (PSD-file). Works fine with iCloud im on ipad os 13 beta 3 (Affinity photo 1.7.1)
  5. i have also tried it in 1.7 beta latest version and i have the same problem.
  6. i have the same problem with luminar flex. But my picture have a green tint to it.
  7. I read somewhere that they use smart filer in PortraitPro. Maybe thats whats chrashes AffinityPhoto. I hope that you finds a way to handle the plugins without the program crashes. Maybe a popup windows say something is unsupported.
  8. Affinity photo is a great software. The one biggest thing in my workflow that is missing to switch 100% from Photoshop is the fill slider in Blend modes.
  9. Hi. it happens some times when i use the inpiant brush that the red stays in the layer. I can paint over it. But i just wanted to tell. It only happend like 4-5 times in total. its in the
  10. Ztrby

    Plug-in problem in Beta

    i found old PSFilterPPLauncher64.8bf on there homepage (https://www.portraitprofessional.com/support/?qid=69) With that one Portrait pro starts and opens the image. But Affinity photo close down in the background. One small step in the right direction.
  11. Ztrby

    Plug-in problem in Beta

    What folder are you telling affinity photo to search for the plugin?
  12. Ztrby

    Plug-in problem in Beta

    This is great news, there is hope. But i only have it once with the three dots :(
  13. I have the same problem with Portrait pro 18, i did try in Affinity photo 1.7 beta also. Still not working, but the applikation don't crash the same way any more, but still crash.
  14. Ztrby

    Plug-in problem in Beta

    What version of portrait pro are you using? i can't run portrait pro 18 as a plugin at all.
  15. I hope it's not too hard for the developers to implement and that they will see this request.
  16. Ztrby

    Bug Selective Color

    i tested it in the Beta now and it works!
  17. If i set all colors in selective color to -100% and the white, naturals and blacks till +100% i get this the wrong result. I even try to open the exact same file in photoshop to verify
  18. Ztrby

    Bug Selective Color

    same file, just saved as psd and affinity photo-file. should be same error in both test sat.afphoto test sat.psd