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  1. AtortPhotography

    Image going black for no apparent reason

    I will try the beta out. I am giving you guys feedback from my brain. I was SO excited to buy my 2017 12.9" iPad Pro and Apple Pencil being a avid Apple user and even working on Apple campaigns for their Shot on iPhone billboards....AND pairing it with Affinity Photo! But the experience just has let me down. It needs lots of refinements and needs to be more intuitive and maybe I'm simply wanting it to by more like Photoshop or something. You guys need some kind of manual or better tutorials. The retouching tools to me seem hard to work with....clumsy to me I guess I would say for an example. Having the pixel layer selected when using certain filters isn't intuitive either if you don't know what or where to look for. I always use layer masks in Photoshop and have NO clue how to do this in Affinity Photo or if even possible. I would imagine it is though but see nothing on how to accomplish it. There are no tutorials on the various retouching tools and how to use them properly. And one of the most frustrating things for me has been searching online and finding stuff but it's for the desktop not iPad which is very different. I enjoy the power and potential and appreciate the effort put into this app don't get me wrong...not only griping, but does have a long way to evolve in my opinion so hopefully some of this feedback helps.
  2. AtortPhotography

    Image going black for no apparent reason

    I have been avoiding it by not using Affinity Photo. The app is very powerful in certain ways I agree, but hardly a fun experience like Photoshop for me at least and always feel like I am struggling with the app. And yes beyond expert level Adobe user. Photoshop for example is a pleasure....this just seems like a non intuitive workflow for my brain at least. And then all these buggy things constantly happening just leaves me deleting it off my new 12" iPad Pro. And it does have with Apple Pencil for me too.
  3. AtortPhotography

    Images going black for no apparent reason!

    Yes Stanley it's there and no response and still crashing making it impossible for me to even bother trying to get proficient with this app. The images are still going dark for whatever reason too and just can't waste my time. I want to love this app but not going that direction as of now.
  4. AtortPhotography

    Images going black for no apparent reason!

    Thanks for helping out with this....really appreciate working with this sloppy app on my $1500 iPad Pro! Crappy support ]isn't helping the experience! Images going black for no reason and constantly crashing...super lame.
  5. AtortPhotography

    Images going black for no apparent reason!

    So I just decided before bed to attempt to recreate this annoying issue and was able to. I don't believe there are any specific steps that make this happen...it just happens all the time while working in the develop module. This time I adjusted white balance, applied saturation and a few other tweaks and then went to use the blemish removal tool and used and then went dark as u see in th9se two pics... it went from the normal exposed pic to that black pic for no reason and can't revert it. Definitely something is up! Please le t me know what you find out. _ATP2632.NEF
  6. AtortPhotography

    Images going black for no apparent reason!

    It is a Nikon D500 and supported. I can apply adjustments to the image and get started and then it goes black...the image is still there but have no clue on what happened as I said and how to revert back other than deleted and trying again. The iOS is the latest version whatever that is now....10.3.3? Not a beta version. Aloha
  7. AtortPhotography

    Image going black for no apparent reason

    It is a Nikon D500 NEF file and supported. It is extremely frustrating because I have no clue what happens and have to start ALL over again trashing the file. Very confusing.
  8. Gareth do yourself a favor and use Photoshop Mix on the iPad...SOOOO much easier to do than Affinity honestly and there are tutorial showing you how to use as well. Believe me at least try. Affinity is great but Photoshop of course is industry legends so download Photoshop Mix and create...it's powerful and fun!
  9. You really need to have an intensive tutorial for the iPad on removing blemishes and all the retouching tools such as the clone stamp, etc. This is crucial in many peoples workflows and to me they seem very clumsy and confusing and again not intuitive to use compared to say Photoshop. The healing tool for example in Snapseed is beyond intuitive and needs no instructions and simply works. Affinity needs to take some pointers from some of these apps out there that many use and use for a reason....because they are easy and effective to use!
  10. AtortPhotography

    Saving to Apple Photos

    Yeah the saving process on the iPad is super lame in my opinion....again not intuitive at all. The layout is confusing and you have the share button off to the bottom left and then save...how do you expect people to know what the difference is between sharing and saving and then you have the confusion of hitting share and then the option to save image there too. Every time I tried to resize and share and save it didn't hold the resize dimensions either. Just loads of frustrating working in this app for me. Snapseed is far more basic, but SOOOOO much more enjoyable and easy to use. Even the healing tool in Snapseed honestly is easier and more effective than the Affinity healing tools in my opinion. I have much better results. Hey it's important to hear and know that not everybody is stoked when using the app.
  11. I am using a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro with Affinity and when in the develop module working with a Nikon RAW file for no reason the image seems to darken to the point where it looks black. The image is still there, but it is as if something was done or something which I am not aware of and don't think I did. The layer opacity seems to be at 100% and nothing seems to be abnormal, but yet can't trigger it to go back to the way it was once I initially added to Affinity. I have to delete the file and import again hoping it doesn't happen again. This happens more than not and really sucks. I am an expert level Photoshop user and have been using for past 15 years and although Affinity is really nice...lots of improvement and intuitiveness have to still be integrated into the app in my opinion at least. I also have issues with the history palette or whatever you call it here not showing every move I make and not working again intuitively like one would think. I have many photo apps and most have undo commands which do just that...undo every single thing you do in the app and don't see that here with the Affinity app. Anyway....if someone can shed some light it would help. I want to love Affinity but find it very frustrating to work in many times. Aloha
  12. When working with RAW files in Affinity on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" in the develop module for some annoying reason the image goes dark...I mean to where it looks black but I know image is still there. I have zero clue why or what is causing this. Super frustrating please help. Aloha

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