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  1. I have a sun flair in an image, how yo fix it in Affinity
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    Callus, Thanks for your help, I am looking forward to working in Affinity. more questions, after I bring an image into Affinity and do my developing and export it into my pictures file do you suggest that I delite it from Affinity? At some point do you rename it?
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    Sorry for my cute shorthand, PP means post processing. As as I understand it when you develop an image in Lightroom all the processing data stays in Lightroom (LR), So If I export that image from LR to my pictures file on my computer will I be able to reprocess it in Affinity?
  4. I'm a newbe to Affinity today, my questions are: 1. After developing an image can I delite the original from my pictures file on my Windows computer ? What happens if I do? 2. Can I reprocess images that were previously PP in Lightroom and exported to my pictures file?