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  1. I observed a further issue with floating windows and taskbar: my windows 8.1 multi monitor environment is configured to show the taskbar on each monitor. Taskbar buttons are configured to show only on that monitor where the related window is displayed. This works fine for the main window of Affinity Photo but not for floating windows containing photos. For floating windows the taskbar button remains on that monitor where the floating windows was opened the first time. When the floating window is moved to another monitor the taskbar button doesn't move accordingly.
  2. luki

    Wide Gammut Monitor

    REMINDER. This topic was reported half a year ago for version 1.5. Now version is released and it is still not fixed. When do You think to have a solution for this?
  3. After successful import of Frankentoon brushes they do not appear in the brushes menu in Affinity Designer 1.6 (german language)
  4. luki

    Wide Gammut Monitor

    Hi, thanks for quick response. Yes, I have a dual monitor environment in extended mode. One monitor covers sRGB, the other a bit more than AdobeRGB. Both are profiled with Datacolor Spider 4 and working well e.g. with Adobe Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 6, ACDSee PRO6 and Ultimate 10. Today I tested some configurations and it looks good with Affinity Photo for single monitor setup. With dual monitor setup it looks like only the profile of the primary display is taken into account with the result, that only one monitor can be used in color-proof mode. I am used if application window is moved from one monitor to the other, profile get automatically changed retaining colors. This works fine with the above mentioned programs. Affinity Photo should support this too. monitor profiles are attached luki wet_Dell_U2711_131129.icm wet_Eizo_S2031W_131129.icm
  5. Affinity Phote shows oversaturated colors on soft-calibrated wide gammut monitor under color management of Windows 8.1. While colors are rendered correct with Adobe Photoshop and ACDSee Pro, the rendering of Affinity Photo looks like the monitor profile is ignored or replaced by something like sRGB profile. For examle the gammut of red color of the monitor is larger than AdobeRGB. A picture containing RGB=255,0,0 is showing the same intensive red color, independend of the embedded profile (AdobeRGB, sRGB, untagged). It is always the maximum displayable red of the monitor. Photoshop and ACDSee are limiting the saturation according to the embedded icc profile. They work like expected.