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  1. Thanks for the reply Gnobelix. Posts coincided. In my case I had already checked that the paintbrush was set to white as this was mentioned in the tutorial. The blend mode wasn't mentioned though but seems to be important.
  2. In case anyone else has this problem, I eventually found that my blending mode was set to darken and this prevented the paintbrush having any effect... may be obvious to some but not to me. I guess the wider problem is that if you experiment with settings to see what happens and don't re-set when you close, then AP remembers the odd settings with unexpected consequences in some cases. Anyway, setting the blend mode to normal made the paintbrush work and revealed the inverted layer as expected.
  3. I am trying to extend my use of Affinity Photo beyond the simple adjustments I have used so far. I have tried to copy the process described in the Live Filter Layers tutorial in which a filter (or adjustment) layer is inverted and then shown in selected areas of an image using the paintbrush tool. I have tried several layers - some filters, some adjustments, but the paintbrush has no effect in making the layer show through. I am sure I have copied the tutorial video carefully but cannot replicate the process. Help would be much appreciated on what must be a simple mistake somewhere.
  4. Nice pictures, Martin. How did Affinity help with the storm picture? Was it mainly to darken the sky? Alf
  5. Greetings All. I'm Alf - new user of Affinity Photo. Until now I have used Nikon software, an old version of Photoshop and have tried one or two alternatives without great success. I have been greatly encouraged by the tutorial videos for Affinity Photo had have had some initial success with the trial version. I still sometimes struggle to avoid pitfalls in getting the most out of my photos (birds and landscapes mostly) and am expecting I will need a protracted learning period. I find re-watching the videos helpful and quite often find things I have previously missed. I am always on the lookout for better ways to achieve the effects I am attempting but also to discover enhancements I didn't previously realise were possible. From what I have read so far Affinity will not be the answer to re-configuring my entire workflow since it does not have a cataloguing system. At present I just use folders in Windows for initial sorting and culling of duff or duplicate photos. I hope I can improve on this some time. Alf
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