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  1. photofriend

    Exporting to Aperture

    Thanks Meb, Your comment : If you want to work with RAW files directly you have to export them from Aperture: right-click on an image then select Export ▸ Original... to export the RAW file to the Finder and then open it in Affinity Photo for editing. In this case they are not placed automatically back in Aperture. With the raw files, how do I get it back into Aperture...just import it ?
  2. photofriend

    Exporting to Aperture

    Thanks for reply... as a 'beginner' I am still not sure about this part of the technical stuff... Exporting -when export back into Aperture, what is the difference between export 1 export 2 export 3, which diverts to a png ? Whe exporting through File - export as Jpeg or tiff- I hear a like a warning sound in computer just before I export to the desktop ...is this a problem? Is there a way to export directly into Aperture instead of importing from desktop? When I do import from desktop and close Affinity Photo, it prompts to save the photo which then just sits on my desktop as .aphoto ...is it ok to just trash this from desktop? I am doing all this by trial and error ....am I doing it correctly ? Thanks for your patience!!!
  3. Hi Could you please advise me how to export from Affinity photo back into Aperture....I seem to be having trouble with this process, am not sure if I am doing it correctly. I shoot in Raw and sometimes Jpeg Thanks Chris
  4. Thanks for advice will check this out
  5. Hi probably pretty basic thing to do but I am a newbie ... I have a photo of a flower and would like to change the background to completely black could someone please tell me how to do this or is there a video out there I have not found yet?? cheers
  6. Hi is there a way to change a background to just black in affinity photo eg if I were shooting a flower outside and wanted a black background? cheers
  7. Hope you can help Affinity photo help - 'Get answers fast' - I have noticed I do not have a 'print icon' (on the side of the page) or a 'toggle icon' (above the word introduction), how can I access these 2 icons? Chris
  8. Hi How do I reset an image if I am not happy with the result? thanks
  9. Glad I'm not the only one! ....I also need the very basics of getting started, no previous experience in this at all ...thanks
  10. I am also having trouble with straightening horizons -I am using the crop - straighten tool but still for finer movements its a struggle
  11. When would we expect to see photo merging and focus stacking?
  12. Hi, is there a neutral density filter for clouds?
  13. Hi I have had affinity photo for a few days now and still unable to get my head around it... Please, please do tutorial on how to get started with the basics from importing, basic work pattern, how to delete, trash, exporting .. This is essential !!!!!!!
  14. Hi I just need a 'how to get started' video before I can use all the cool stuff eg basic things like getting a photo into affinity, delete and trash etc Thanks
  15. photofriend

    User manual

    Hi I am new at this, it would be really helpful to have access to a basic 'how to get started' information Thanks

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