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  1. HI Andrew ! I just uninstalled and reinstalled and it started importing magically ! Regards, Alekh
  2. Hi MEB, Thanks for the welcome ! Nikon D5100. It's on the supported camera list. Settings are: Download and Keep Originals. iOS 10.3.3 I uninstalled and redownloaded 4th time and was able to import via iCloud drive, but not with Photos. They show up in the Photos import box as RAW, but get stuck on "Loading with Photos..." as seen in the screenshots above. Tried 4 times. No go.
  3. Hi, So I uploaded some of my RAW files on iCloud and they got synced back to Photos. Whenever I try to open the RAW files from Photos app, it gets stuck on "Loading from Photos...". JPG files work fine. Screenshots attached. Any workaround ? Thanks ! Edit: If I upload these photos to iCloud Drive (not iCloud Photos), they don't sync back to Photos app but open fine on AP.
  4. Hi Lee ! Thanks for the welcome. I generally import NEF (Nikon format) files from my hard disk to iPad (synced via Photos app). They don't show up when I try to import in Affinity Photo. PrimeRAW sees them perfectly, even labeling them as RAW and imports them as well. Similarly, they can be seen as RAW by many EXIF viewers. When trying via iCloud, Affinity has no issue. Regards, Alekh
  5. Hi Chris, Good to hear. Will definitely post feedback once the update goes live. Thanks !
  6. Oh ok. Hope it gets solved soon. Thanks for replying!
  7. Hey guys, I'm running an iPad Pro 10.5 on 10.3.3 with the latest AP 1.6.3 Whenever I edit any of my RAW files via refine edge tool, the app crashes every single time. Tried with 10-11 photos and I haven't been able to edit any of them. Any workarounds ? Regards.
  8. Hi, Have a couple of questions: 1) Can we import RAW from Photos app directly ? I'm using an iPad Pro 10.5 on 10.3.3 with Affinity 1.6.3 and the only way I can import RAW is via iCloud. Any easier way ? 2) The app crashes every single time I use edge refine tool. Tried with 10-11 photos, and all of them crash. This is the biggest pain point for me as I cannot select specific areas for selective manipulation. Any workaround here ? Maybe a different way to manipulate selected areas ? My camera is a Nikon D5100. Thanks in advance everybody.
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