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  1. Scroll works fine with my Magic Mouse 2 on the Affinity Home screen, in the layer stack and when I am scrolling through photo albums to place an an image, I can't think of anywhere else you would have anything to scroll.
  2. So did this get bottomed out. Enter curly quotes on iPad you get curly quotes. Transfer to mac it is still curly quotes. Try to enter quotes on the mac keyboard you get vertical quotes? (Photos are in reverse order)
  3. File format is the same you can save outside of one app and import into other app or use IOS drag and drop to transfer document from one package to the other. IMG_7306.MP4
  4. Ok on reading your request again, whilst you can access an iCloud folder structure containing Affinity files and transfer between the two devices you must ensure you don’t have the file open on your desktop to be able to modify that file on your iPad, and conversely you cannot have the file open in the iPad on the home screen or edit screen and modify it on your desktop. You must in both cases save (and close) the .afphoto file outside of the Affinity application.
  5. I suspect the problem is at her end, what is she using to view it on and is it a calibrated display.
  6. So long as you sign into the App Store with the same Apple ID previously used you can download and install on your new device.
  7. Might be an idea to upload your .afdesign or .afphoto file for others to see what is going wrong.
  8. Try using your finger not the Apple Pencil, there is a long standing problem with using the colour picker in the colour studio with the Apple Pencil. It works at first but after a while it just shows a black circle.. However it works fine with a finger. Don’t forget you have to tap on the selected colour in the colour studio to change the brush to that colour as well.
  9. You absolutely must return to the Affinity home screen otherwise as iPadOS reclaims memory it will mean everything since the last auto save will be lost. You should also reduce the auto save interval down to 30 seconds from the default 300 seconds.
  10. And your experience of electrostatic discharge testing to IEC 61000-4-2 is? In my 42 years of electronic design and qualification experience, all designs have weak points and electrostatic discharges have a knack of finding them. There is a delay, between deleting files from the sandbox and the space being freed up which gradually gets recovered in the background, which can give the impression that space isn’t getting freed up. I haven’t tried doing any scientific tests on that but by the next day the space seems to recover on my iPads.
  11. There could well be something wrong with your iPad firmware, because they are mobile devices without a ground/earth connection they are prone to being zapped by static electricity which can alter the state of flash memory cells and hardware registers. It is always worth performing a Forced Restart to try and fix the problem. Next escalation point would be reset all settings. Further from that perform a full backup and restore cycle which will refresh all apps and firmware with fresh copies from the app store.
  12. Can you do a screen recording to show what is happening, this is how I access my photos albums. IMG_6666.MP4
  13. Like this, done in Photo but same steps in Designer. I use a keyboard for ^J power dulicate. FullSizeRender.mov
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