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  1. I need this. A basic feature that hasn't been implemented yet...
  2. That's fine...thanks for the update & workaround. Look fwd to the fix being released in due course...
  3. Sean, thanks for your quick reply to this. Unfortunately the link is for Mac & I'm on Windows... I see the Windows beta is still 1.9.1, is 1.9.2 available for Windows yet? Thanks
  4. I have a multi-artboard document (one of my main design workspaces) which when elements are dragged to it from the Assets panel, these then display as having zero width or height, sometimes with infinite corresponding width or height, or with corresponding zero width / height. These elements & asset category were created alongside a previous copy of this document (in v1.8). What you now see on any of the artboards is either just a dot (zero height / width), or a vertical or horizontal infinite line (zero height or width coupled with infinite height / width). As I say, this document was created in v1.8 & I'm now on v1.9. And this issue seems to be just related to this older document, because if I create a new doc (in Designer v1.9.1.979), then it all behaves normally & an element copy is created with the correct dimensions etc. Can anyone say what's going on with this? Thanks
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