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  1. Well... That's how I feel for the Affinity live Keynote at 18:15 UK Time. I mean, we already know publisher so I hope the surprises Ash teased will be something more than just the activation of the Designer and Photo personas.
  2. I discovered a bug, which I can't reproduce right now but still wanted to let you know. I've been working in Publisher ( in Fullscreen Mode (I believe this is the important part). I had another App open in Fullscreen Mode to the right of Publisher and a third App open to the left, that was NOT in Fullscreen Mode. I then went some (about 10-15 i guess) steps back (Cmd-Z) in Publisher. Right after that I tried to add 2 new Pages to my Publisher document via right-click and the App stopped responding. Two things I noticed: First I couldn't do anything in Publisher anymore but taking any action i wanted via the top menu (File, Edit, Document...). This still worked which got me thinking. Second, and the solution (Though this behavior shouldn't be expected, right?): I then swiped Publisher to the right (3-Finger Trackpad Gesture), so I got to the App on the left Side, that wasn't in Fullscreen mode and there you are: The Popover to add Pages occurred on that Space (over the wrong app) instead of on the Publisher space which ran Publisher kinda unresponsive as it expected me to take any action with the "Add Pages" Prompt. Unfortunately the Popover faded out immediately every single time I swiped over. Once I closed the app to the left the Popover stayed on my Desk so I could Screenshot it. Please let me know If this (which actually isn't a crash) also may have created any kind of log-file that I could provide to you. Thx
  3. Didn't know where to put this, so please feel free to move the topic. One "issue" I do have from time to time: If I want to go from forums to your actual website I can't find an easy way, instead find myself typing your domain into the address bar in Safari. I always try to get to your Website by clicking the Affinity Logo on top of the forums, but that leads to the main forums page which actually is the same action that the "Browse" link just below that provides. Any chance to implement an easy way to hit the website from within the forums? Or any chance I just missed that easy way? Thx a lot. Oh and yes, I do understand Publisher and Affinity Live tomorrow are top priority right now
  4. Hi Adam, thanks for your quick reply. I don't want to sound disrespectful, so please don't get me wrong, but with usability in mind, I don't care if it may be appropriate. To be honest, I don't even understand why it wouldn't be appropriate. For me it wouldn't even make any difference if both sides were sitting in different solar systems It would just help me to reach my target i. E. tutorials quicker. And yes, quicker as to hit my favourites and look around for the right one. (We may better call it: more convenient. Your whole Software, from photo to publisher is so damn intuitiv and convenient. Why stop there?) And, well uhm... There is a link the other way around, right? I can jump right from Affinity Website to the forums. Maybe that is, what won't let me understand why it's not appropriate. However I do respect your decision
  5. Though on Mac I really appreciate the improvements in noise reduction!! Great job on that!!
  6. Hey. The Personas for Designer and Photo will be available with the Release Version (of Publisher) from June 19th. Just imagine Serif doesn't want the public to be spoiled about this amazing feature until they announce it themself at the Affinity Live - Livestream on June 19th. Doesn't matter if you bought from Mac Appstore or Affinity Store once the feature is live. Scapa
  7. For what it`s worth, i got the same issue for Eos 7D but slightly worse... With some pictures i got 2 AF fields shown active though using Single Point AF. Obviously none of both is the correct AF Field. Will this also be tackled in the next version or should I upload the raw file too just to be safe?
  8. Both will work in Publisher once Publisher will be released on June 19th. Doesn't matter if you bought Designer and Photo from AppStore or Affinity Store.
  9. Though the Shortcut does already help a lot, being able to paste without format via right-click would still add even more convenience to this task. Any chance this will get implemented in the future?
  10. Any chance you guys update the Affinity TV App on Apple TV for a live stream of the Event (and catching up the new set of turorials?) Would be pretty cool. Nevertheless, looking forward to Affinity Live!!
  11. Differences as well as similarities. We are living in those times where Apple sued a coffeehouse for using this Logo: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/computerkonzern-verklagt-bonner-cafe-wehe-sie-veraeppeln-apples-apfel-1.1173840 Also plenty differences in my opinion.
  12. May I mention that the new Logo pretty much reminds me of a German property market? https://www.hornbach.de Feels like having their App sitting in my dock :-)
  13. Worked fine and pretty fast.
  14. Scapa


    Agreed. Should be able to do so via profiles e.g. Many reason like several workstations, send in to repair, setting up the OS again, getting a new machine...
  15. Scapa

    Photo Managment?

    True. Serif knows that too but i prefer them to stay a small team and take their time. "Unfortunately" Publisher got the priority though I am also waiting for that for Book design/layout.
  16. Scapa

    Photo Managment?

    Not only Adobe but also Skylum which announced to have their DAM ready this year. As they said to have it ready last year. But still from what I am hearing it seems that they took a huge step forward to the actual release. Regarding sensei. I don't want to have my pictures in a cloud and I don't want to have any AI being able to work through my stuff. Privacy is what matters. Unfortunately that's something that many people don't rely on...
  17. Scapa

    Photo Managment?

    Not sure about that. They may have learned from the past that announcing something too early bites themself in regards of meeting timeframes. My bets are on 2019, though that depends on how long publisher will stay in beta/take until it's ready which is the same for the 1.7 versions of Designer and Photo.
  18. Scapa

    Photo Managment?

    They are developing a tool for that (a DAM, Digital Asset Management), though it is still unknown how feature rich this will be. Also the timeframe for a release is unknown, though it is known that affinity publisher will come first, so that the core range photo, designer and publisher will be completed first. This makes absolutely sense though many people are waiting for a DAM too, as there aren't that many good alternatives out there. Long story short: You are not the only one having a hard time to decide if it is worth it to spend money on something else or save the money for the Affinity DAM as there is no given timeframe for that.
  19. Hey Serif, are you going to attend Photokina (September in Cologne, Germany) as an exhibitor? Would love to see so many creative attendees get in touch with your ever growing Lineup. Ah and yes: snag myself some cool merchandise like those nice Affinity Stickers for my Macs :-)
  20. That may be the case. Still a missed chance though as the competition (Skylum) doesn't sleep: http://www.photokina.de/aussteller-und-produkte/ausstellerverzeichnis/ausstellerverzeichnis.php?fw_goto=aussteller/details&&kid=0042016167&values={"stichwort"%3A""%2C"start"%3A380}
  21. Many people are waiting patiently for that one. Serif won't announce a release date until it's nearly ready, which is okay. Though an update on that matter would be more than welcome.
  22. @sgbotsford Well it is up to you to judge about that. I'm only just now starting to learn to code. Agree with all four of your points though. All those filter kids and so called influencers don't make for a growing market for professional software. Still the professional market would be big enough if there were alternatives. And if more photographers would know/trust those alternatives. We will see what the time is up to.
  23. All those points though... Does explain why a) There isn't the perfect solution and b) Why it takes so long, to build something stable (Not to mention the small team Serif has and the other projects, that they were working on) However point a) doesn't make one more patient though point b) should do that.
  24. No problem, found my old one from years ago. Still sucks that one day you would need to hire an accountant to keep all those stuff organized. Yes, PW-Manager, but could be so much easier if they hadn't such a high desire for all of the customers info. But that's another story.

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