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  1. Hi there, I would like to create text following a curved line. I have found a tutorial to do it on affinity DESIGNER but cannot follow it. I have affinity PHOTO. Am i able to write text on a curved line and if so how do i do this? Thank you, Kate
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    It bloody does! Thank you! I thought I'd tried everything
  3. Hi there! So usually when i write my text the options are in the top bar to change font, size etc but my cat walked over my keyboard and now I can't find those options anywhere or how to return them to the top bar! Can anyone help me? Thanks, Kate
  4. Thanks for your replies, they have really helped. I have talked to a book layout specialist and it looks like my files are coming out well (phew!). Depending on our budget they may be readying the PDF's for me or just doing the layout but it's nice to know that I'll have a professional eye over it before it goes to print :). Thanks again, Kate
  5. Could I ask another question sorry. I have left the "overprint black" ticked. There are some layers of black in my images with other, more transparent, layers on top (to create a nice effect). Will this affect how these layers behave in print? I.e I don't want the black to come to the top. I have taken a screenshot of the settings I'm using if you could have a look? Also on the previous page I have set it to rasterise at 400. Any feedback on this would be great. Thank you, I'm nearly there! Kate
  6. Thank you, that looks great. The coffee and tea font I am using at the moment is a demo. We are buying it properly this week. Do you think this may repair any issues? Having the full font? Thank you for confirming the I'm not losing noticeable quality with JPEG compression. I will keep saving to PDF with that switched on now. I have just learnt about the "soft proof adjustment layer" which is proving very useful to ensure my colours are going to turn out how I want them and close to how they are in RGB. I am wondering if there are any designer tricks of the trade to compensate for back lighting. I'm unsure how, until I receive the proof, I will be able to tell how bright my colours will look in print when not backlit. The soft proofing helps but obviously is still back lit as I am viewing it on screen. Thank you again! You have really helped me out. Kate
  7. Ah you are right, thanks for pointing that out. I'll try and add the PDF now. So, as I've said above, although I have managed to embed the fonts I am anxious to get the best quality file for print and I'm worried that allowing JPEG compression will diminish the quality a little. I especially want to make sure the colours are deep and rich and don't lose quality. I will also now include the PDF I made in photoshop. I was unable to embed the font here but using this as a comparison I feel the PDF I've made in affinity is a little dimmer in colour (compare to bottom part of image as top part opacity might be different in each image as I was messing around with it). Thanks again for your time. Any more understanding of what I am doing that will or wil not effect quality/clarity/colour would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Note about white line; I've had advise that white lines and dots sometimes show up in acrobat but do not in print. This is the case here. I have printed at home and the white line is gone. The colour is a little dim but this might just be my home printer? Kate Pg 13 Ingram TEST. Jpeg compression.pdf Pg 13 TEST PHOTOSHOP font not embeded.pdf
  8. Thank you for getting back to me :). Yes the 'embed fonts' is automatically selected in 'more' as I save to PDF. (R C- R, you go to export, save to whatever file you like then there is an option for more at the bottom of the pop up). I have managed to embed the font by ticking allow JPEG compression (and making this 100% quality) but this loses quality and a strange thin white line appears around a spade I've drawn! So if I am able to embed fonts without using JPEG compression that would be much better. I will attach 2 files :). The first is a PSD with the text created in Affinity. The 2nd is a PDF created from the previous file, with colour changed to CYMK- profile-U.S Web coated (SWOP) v2. (is this a good profile to use?) and unselected JPEG compression. This is the one that will not open in adobe reader. Thank you again for your help! Kate Pg_13_TEST.8.25.psd Pg_13_test_for_affinity_forum.afphoto
  9. Hi there! I am illustrating a children's book and currently in the process of preparing a test image to submit (as a print ready PDF) to the printers, with their specifications. I am doing all my drawing in Procreate (ipad) and then sending, as a PSD with all layers intact, to my mac (through drop box) to change to CYMK, hopefully to embed the fonts (a must for the printers) and then to save as a PDF. I am following the steps below. When I come to try and open my PDF in acrobat it says "could not open, either an unsupported file or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)" Here are the steps I am taking: 1. Drawing the image in Procreate. Saving this as a PSD with all layers still. Adding to my dropbox. 2. Opening this file in affinity photo on my Mac. 3. Saving under a new name to make sure I don't lose the PSD. 4. Using the text tool (I have been advised to use the frame text setting) to write my text in a new layer. 5. Going to file export – PDF for print preset then clicking "more". 6. Choosing raster DPI 300. Choosing colour space – CYMK. Un-selecting JPEG compression and saving. 7. This is when I go to check in Acrobat that the fonts are embedded, the colour is correct and the image is clear at 100% but it will not let me open the file. Any idea where I am going wrong? I am under time constraints so any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. I am a bit of a newby to affinity so any directions would be great. I am also anxious to make sure the black turns out black as I know when converting RGB to CYMK there can be some issues with this so any advise there would be great too. Thank you, Kate