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  1. I thought I'd best work my way through all of the examples in the book to make sure I don't miss anything!

    In Chapter 2 under "Tonally adjusting a raw image", step 3 is to "Drag the highlights slider to the left to recover some of the clipped tones."

    Now I understand how highlights can be clipped, but looking at the histogram and the photo I don't see any clipping. Is there somewhere else I should be checking to know that I need to worry about clipped tones?


  2. I am using Affinity Photo on Windows and would like a better way to catalogue my photos. Currently I am using Picasa as a viewer and occasionally added metadata tags in the EXIF data.

    While I have read a number of posts on this topic, I am not a current user of LightRoom or other Adobe products but am happy to start if required.

    So I am looking for any recommendations for software that runs on Windows that will work nicely with Affinity Photo please. (I'm ignoring the Affinity DAM product until it appears)


  3. I have opened a photo in TIF format from a website notice that it appears "strange" in Affinity Photo (v1.5.2.69):

    Opening the same photo in Picasa, it looks "normal":

    In AP, I see the information "692 x 1100px, 0.76MP, RGBA/16 - Adobe RGB(1998)". Maybe this has something to do with it?

    This is just for my own learning but I am wondering what I need to do in order to display the photo correctly in Affinity Photo?

    BTW, the original (large) is available here: http://photo-repair.com/DRbook/figure_05_03.tif