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  1. Hi i am trying to stitch a number of DNGs taken with Lightroom mobile on my iPhone together in affinity pro on my iPad. It allows me to select the photos but then I click on stitch it just attempts to do something as it shows the spinning circle but the does nothing. If I us jpeg photos it works. Are you aware of an issue when using DNGs? I have uploaded some examples. Regards Craig APC_0975-hdr.dng APC_0981-hdr.dng APC_0981-hdr.dng APC_0984-hdr.dng
  2. Hi HD/R merge isn’t working on my Sony rx100 m3 raw images. It is corrupting them. There are only 2 images. I’m on iOS 11.2 I have switched off perspective and alignment and this has not helped. Are you aware of any issues? Regards , Craig
  3. Hi After two hours of fighting with the IPad I've been able to upload 2 zips - 1 for the HDR merger and 2 for the panorama (in two parts as there seemed a restriction on file upload size) I hope this helps. Thanks Craig
  4. Hi I have uploaded to raw files for you. If you need any more especially to see the merging or panorama issue then please let me know and I'll send over a series. Thanks Craig
  5. I've imported a number of raw files from my Sony rx100m3 to photos on my iPad 10.5. When selecting these raw files in affinity to create a new panorama, it allows me to select the images but in the thumbnail it doesn't show a preview therefore is unable to build a panorama. Similarly when using HDR merge it fails to align and merge the photos correctly actually it ends up creating a psychedelic image. If I export the same images uploaded into Lightroom mobile as jpgs into photos and then import them using the above two features, both work fine with no issues. If I import a single raw image again it works fine. Are you you aware of any bugs? regards Craig
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