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    Optikz got a reaction from Jim Gosselin in milky way photography, long exposures   
    Nice photo.. this is my go at editing your shot.. It was first tweaked in Lightroom then 90% in affinity photo. There is the before/after pic and a screen shot of some edits used in affinity.

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    Optikz got a reaction from misc33 in Using Photoshop Plugins   
    I'm am wondering if Pixelsquid plugin will work with affinity photo? I haven't tried yet, just wondering if anyone knows already if it does?
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    Optikz got a reaction from evtonic3 in Gradients and Masks   
    I really like affinity photo, I find it easier to us then photoshop but there are a few things I can'tseem to figure out. I am learning different techniques for editing black and white photos. It seems via youtube that in photoshop multiple gradients can be added to one mask. If I try to us the gradient tool on a mask on a selection that I have made in affinity I can only us 1 gradient. So if I wanted to have a gradient masking out an adjustment at the bottom and at the top I can't seem to do this, it just resets to the gradient that I just put down and I lose the previous one. If this makes sense to anyone, is there a way to add multiple gradients to 1 mask?
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    Optikz reacted to MEB in Please post video tutorials if you know how to use features   
    Hello Optikz, fmateojr,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Affinity Photo is quite recent and it's still in beta.
    This means that there will be improvements that may change the way certain things work.
    This limits a little the relevance of tutorials written specifically for the beta at this point.
    As we move forward we will provide better documentation along with video tutorials that will cover most of Affinity Photo features.
    Meanwhile, I've been listing some of the (few) resources available here. 
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    Optikz got a reaction from Mediafuel in Please post video tutorials if you know how to use features   
    I have recently downloaded the affinity photo beta. I have played a little with it and it does seem to be a very good program with great potential with all the user support. I'm a photographer that uses lightroom 5 for 95% of editing. I have tried to understand CS6 and have learned a little bit of the program but find it a complicated and extremely powerful program.
    Since this is a new program and I don't use Affinity Designer I am having difficulty understanding how to use the layers and masks in this program. I'm sure they work in a similar fashion but things are laid out in a different manner I find. If you know how to use layers, masks, and the tools that affinity photo has can people start to post some short tutorials here please. Would be great help. I'm sure the affinity crew is working hard at creating some but think they are likely very busy fixing and adding features to the program that simply learning how to use the features for newcomers is being overlooked.
    Things I would like to know:
    1. how the layers work
    2. how the masks work
    3. how to create a layer-mask and then be able to "hide" or "reveal" part of that mask by using a brush and a black or white swatch
    what all the tools do down the left side of the screen. I know I can play with them but I can't seem to get some of them to work so I don't know what they do...
    4. the basic navigation of the UI, since it's new to me
    Would appreciate the help and hopefully people can post little youtube videos right in this thread that people could search and find...