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  1. Thanks Peter Just for fun and the pleasure to see forms and mixing APh and AD (and to releave accumulated fatigue).
  2. Don't ask me because I don't know the title of this... only to stimulate my brain right side (and for pareidolia maniacs ) A mixture of APh and AD. It is fun but I stop at this stage. Cheers, P. [Edit : new screenshot] (2)]
  3. Every time I start FB after AD, AD instantly crashes.... maybe because I have text in my AD/APh file depending on a FB-activated font.... every time for me and my PC configuration.
  4. @stokerg Thank you for your time and consideration Better to do the TOC at the very end... As I wrote you before, it would be very nice to have the possibility to reorganize and create a hierarchy in the TOC panel. Patrick
  5. @stokerg Thank you. About the TOC hierarchy ? I've tried many different styles and groups but I did not succeed to get what I wanted. I might achieve this by complex styles but it is still beyond my capacities The best would be to be able to create a hierarchy in the TOC panel. I understood this by playing around and I certainly had this question because of my mistake : I did not use the TOC styles group and I was wondering where this "no change" came from. Cheers, Patrick
  6. Another chrysalis, waiting to evolve into new Affinity features... macro photo (well, more proxy) focused on the upper part. It was quite tilted when fixed to the leave thanks to the black silk .
  7. @nezumi @Pariah73 Thanks for your comments I had to reinstall FB and it seems fine now. Indeed, it is better not to forget to start FB first before any Affinity apps. Edit : sometimes (often ?) FB instantly crashes APhoto when started after APh
  8. ... are based the setup ? For example, I create a TOC and I want to edit it : I see (screenshot) on the panel "No change" but with respect to which criteria ? In other words, what is the meaning of "No change" ? I would expect "not defined" ... confused I am. P.
  9. ... while preserving the correct TOC hierarchy ? Let say I create 2 heading styles based on a Group style called "Headings" (obviously ) with a particular font. I then create a third heading style that is based on the font of my Base group style (different from the font of the 'Headings' group style)... and I want this specific 3rd heading below the Heading 2 of my Heading Group style in the TOC. I don't see how to precise the hierarchy of the headings. Thanks, P.
  10. @Aammppaa @Alfred Thanks for your help. I do have a middle mouse button. Nice to know although I would prefer using a modifier key, the space bar is not a good choice for such app IMHO.
  11. Thanks Kimbo What I would like is to be able to pan the document while using a text tool... space bar or H are not adequate. P.
  12. Hi, My eyes may have passed on this shortcut many times but -although I am wearing my glasses- I do not see it in the preferences ??? P.
  13. I've edited the title to highlight my new trouble... Thanks in advance if you know how to avoid this
  14. Thanks Walt Yes, right, I was tired yesterday evening : I wanted to write "French language". I thought I did select French but it was the problem. For some text frames, it was written "unknown" in the character panel. [edit/ I might know what I did wrong : I've changed the language while I was using the Frame text tool and not the Move tool but did not test yet.] But I have another problem : all the words with an apostrophe are underlined. Cheers, Patrick