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  1. Pattou

    Photo - Prickly spines... (2)

    Thank you LovesToDraw408. Wow, impressive picture I am looking forward to seeing your photos of your next/current project... it sounds very interesting and promising. I do not know this Sigma lens but I also like the range 17-70. Cheers, Patrick
  2. Pattou

    Photo - Prickly spines... (2)

    With the same lens but taken at a longer distance : from HDR (3 pictures) to final retouching in Photo Persona.
  3. Pattou

    Photo - Prickly spines... (2)

    Thank you for your comments, LovesToDraw408 For these pictures, I used a Nikkor Macro lens (105f/2.8). The black background comes from both a (rather bad) backdrop with many light reflection and editing in APhoto. Editing/retouching would be easier if the selection tools were more efficient in APhoto. Cheers, Patrick
  4. Pattou

    Advice For this Macro photo.

    Hi, I'm not a pro, therefore I can't give advice but only tell what I usually do (I've posted a few photos here of (semi-)macro, if you want to see) To avoid stacking many images, I shoot at least at f16 and higher but you should check the best "f" in concordance with your lense(s)... "higher f" doesn't always mean "sharpness". I often use a tripod but my camera is very motion-sensitive (unfortunately). Iso is setup to 500 or more, and can be on 'auto' up to 6500 to avoid motion blur if I can't hold a tripod. I rarely use flash but I can't always avoid. Cheers, Patrick
  5. Hi Callum, Thanks for your reply. I'll wait for improvements then Cheers, Patrick
  6. Hi, Since I'm using APhoto for retouching, I though that it would not hurt to record a macro to automatize a few steps. I create a new layer, fine... I wish to move it, no way... I wish to change its colour, no way... well, I'm already stuck. Or, is there any trick I do not know ? Thanks, Patrick
  7. Hi, These are two photo close-up displaying... well, different spines and textures & colours. All retouching made in APhoto to achieve a contrasted look. Patrick
  8. Thanks Chris. Since then, I've understood that the master pages are there to display on document pages "decorative" items (or page numbers, etc.). Reading your post, does it mean that it will be possible to adjust/modify margins&bleeds through the master pages in a future beta ? Cheers, Patrick
  9. I'm not a pro in the "desktop publishing" world (I only published photo & educational books for the non-profit organization which I preside and for my lectures/courses) but when I was using InDesign, the bleeds & margins setted up on a master page were implemented on (master-dependent) document pages. Furthermore, the text can be forced to align again to margins if they are changed afterwards in ID. It is not a critic or a comparison whatsoever... I understand that I have to (and willing to) adapt myself to another way of thinking and doing stuff with Affinity. The "Doc Setup" & "Spread Setup" will replace what I was used to do (log time ago) on a master page Cheers, Patrick
  10. Merci Uwe Indeed, I(we) have to setup bleeds/margins on the pages and not the master page (I had problems with margins too on master page, posted here). I hope that what is setup on the master page(s) will be automatically implemented on the (master-dependent) document pages in the next beta (or release). Cheers, Patrick
  11. Any news on this for the next APhoto beta (or release) ? Cheers, Patrick
  12. Hi Uwe, Thanks for your help. You are right but I don't understand why I can't get the bleeds on every document (for the same UI settings in APub) and it may have something to do with the total crash I had before while testing assets. I'll certainly wait for the next beta before uninstalling... Guten Sonntag Patrick
  13. Thanks Uwe for your reply. I could indeed see the bleeds on a new document by changing the UI but not on my former test documents, and even on the new one, I still see a grey master page ... I don't know why !? I think I'm going to uninstall APub and reinstall it. Have a nice WE too, Cheers, Patrick
  14. I create a new simple document : 1 page & 1 master page. I only setup margins and bleed : the margins seemed ok but the problem is that I don't see any bleed outside the page, instead -and as soon I entered a number- one page turned grey (the right one this time). Am I the only one to get this ? Thanks for any reply, Cheers