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  1. Pattou

    Ctrl+S= Huge Filed Size

    Thank you Mark... finally an answer to one of my questions 1. Ok 2. I read you but I often end up with files of more than 0.5 Gb and sometimes > 1Gb with complex non-destructive editing (duplicated layers, live filters, masks, etc.). This is quite huge but I understand that it can not be changed. Since I am dealing with APh, I have not used Ad£$e PS but I will try to find some time to do the same editing in order to compare file sizes. Cheers, Patrick
  2. Pattou

    Ctrl+S= Huge Filed Size

    IMHO, this is a major issue. I end up with very huge files too . Serif, do you plan to improve file size ? Is it possible to do it ? Can I avoid to buy a 4th 10 TB HD for afphoto files ?
  3. This is certainly due to a conflict between the last W10 updates and antivirus software which is causing performance issue and slowdowns and even OS freezes (reported issues). Mark, any new info to give on the Flood Selection tool ? Thanks. P.
  4. No ETA and usually no answers to questions regarding app improvements (at least my questions)...
  5. never mind... apparently, I could not have posted again
  6. Yes, the open dialogue. It is also concomitant with the last W10 update. I will try with other apps. P.
  7. I have edited a few pictures to test the new .293 beta, from a single raw to focus & hdr merge. The app is more stable. It crashes only once : when I closed the document, the app closed too. This beta is slower previewing pictures (when you wish to select the file(s) for editing) but it might be due to something else. @Mark Ingram I still can not use the Flood select tool with a value above 15%, otherwise pixels with very different hues or saturation are selected. I can only ask again whether you plan to increase the efficiency of the selection tools ? Thanks Cheers, P.
  8. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    I've tested the last beta (.293). Here are a few screenshots.
  9. I often miss ETA but currently -with a so unstable APh app- I check everyday for a beta update solving this problem. Since performances' improvements, APh 1.7 is already a great piece of software... but it crashes really too often. Also, what I miss is a clear roadmap and the absence of answers to questions (at least mine ) regarding the development of the software. I am still wondering whether there is any plan to improve selection tools, gradient mapping, etc. Cheers, Patrick
  10. I like very much your style... congratulations. I would give more than one like if I could
  11. As is always the case, we know that ... but I felt like asking on the moment with an additional question Thanks for your time
  12. It would be nice to have an ETA for this one which will hopefully fix the app instability too. Also, could you tell us whether there is any plan to integrate the gradient tool to the gradient map (already asked but never got an answer) ? Thanks. Cheers, Patrick
  13. Pattou

    AP Closes randomly

    The same goes for me : even closes when processing (focus merging or hdr). P.
  14. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    This needed a bit more editing High key, like to edit such pictures in APh
  15. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    May I introduce you...