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  1. Even more disturbing Starting from 1, then getting 2
  2. Thank you Peter and Alfred, happy you also like kind of more abstract imagery
  3. The very last ones (I repeat myself). I start very abstract pictures from "still life". @MEB I wrote you I was going to deal with filters and effects
  4. Pattou

    Import AND Export ASE Swatch Files

    Hi MEB, Export not being implemented, would it not be possible to exchange palette(s) between app ? I ask the question without checking ... Thanks, Patrick
  5. @αℓƒяє∂ : as I wrote, just for the colours and forms They are not yet finished but I leave this thread for a moment now. Patrick
  6. Thank you Alfred, you are too kind but I am not really sure that my last ones would suit everyone. The subjects (dead leaves) are barely recognis(z?)able : it is only a question of forms, waves, colours and textures
  7. Thank you Peter, excellent I'll send you by PM a screenshot of another still life I just did, high key this time (rather new for me) Cheers, Patrick
  8. I did not want to be harsh in my previous comments, indeed not at all. I did so because APh crashed after having spent a long time trying to achieve a selection (yes, rather complex, the subjects being not always easy to select- see my contributions). I soften what I wrote. I really appreciate APhoto and having included in my daily work for my book project is now informal/natural. I do not even think about using another photo-editing app. However, selection is a quite basic process in (almost) any workflow. I do not know how the selection tools function in Mac but I have never succeeded to rapidly make an accurate selection. I think I am not asking for a special tool which does it all, but their improvement. Would it not be possible to add a tolerance value for the selection brush tool? And to make it more functional for the flood select tool? I also find that the refine “tool” is difficult to set and often my selection is worst after using it… hopefully, ctrl+z is fully functional. I simply would like to stress we need the best possible tools so we all can make effective complex selection(s). Cheers, Patrick
  9. Hello Peter, I just noticed that the letter "n" remained in the keyboard and indeed, I immediately imagine a kind of tenor mouth Cheers, Patrick
  10. The last ones for a moment since I have to deal with other tasks... the time it takes to get a stable 1.7 release
  11. APhoto beta 1.7, two subjects for two different feelings. Can you hear the song of the first one
  12. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design... (Prickly spines)

    I think I am going to end this thread. Other tasks to carry on
  13. Pattou

    Cropping : something's wrong

    Nice I think I've forgotten to convert the file to 16bits. Crash should also happen after 16bits conversion. It might be the same cause for the other crash I reported (32b --> 16b conversion).
  14. Pattou

    Cropping : something's wrong

    Waaawww, I feel so special Never imagined you create an unique folder per problem