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  1. Pattou

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thanks for this new update. However, I still encounter troubles with both selection tools. With the Flood Selection tool, I start to define a region, then APh freezes (black preview window) and then, large parts of the photo are selected. It never worked on my pictures. With the Selection Brush tool, even with a small brush, it does not discriminate between very different pixels. Cheers, Patrick
  2. Thanks! I will have a look. Cheers Patrick
  3. Pattou

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Yes and we have seasons because the Earth is tilted with respect to its axis... tilted towards Affinity...
  4. Thanks Dominik, I will. I suppose it is described in the AD Workbook. Patrick
  5. Exactly, I also work on a document, place the export png within my ppt file and then realize that I'm not satisfied. I don't think my students would complain (or would ever notice) that a letter is 12 pt or 13pt but a dark force imposes me to go back to AD . Snapshots ?? again, a new concept for me... Thanks. Cheers, Patrick
  6. Hi Dominik, Thanks for your prompt reply and of course you are right That means I would have to set these attributes when working on my file (what I should indeed do all the time) but I am often (who said always ?) in a rush and/or think that I won't make any change... and then, I change my mind and wish to bring a few modifications. Patrick
  7. Hi, When a child layer is made of text, it would be very nice to be able to modify any text feature by selecting the parent layer : it would save time when we wish to make identical modifications of several layers (it would avoid to "open" many layers or clicking-clicking-...). I don't know whether this is imaginable... Patrick
  8. Pattou

    Photo - Guess what it is... (2)

    We all see it in gardens. Children love to blow the seeds... maybe not only children Just playing around with macro photos and APh and just for fun. I'll try to get more complex seeds shapes when I'll have a bit of time. Right, this is dandelion
  9. I hope the next beta will be immediately 1.7
  10. Pattou

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I already did post a few times but never introduced myself. Well, I am definitely not a professional neither in photography nor in graphic designer. But having said that, I like very much photography, drawings, design, etc. I use from now on AD and APh that I am still learning (well, never stop learning). I look forward to using the Affinity Suite (including Publisher and a DAM) . I already learn much from this forum and the help of people here and moderators. I sometimes(often) miss ETA for Affinity updates and new beta but that’s the way it is. Cheers, Patrick
  11. Pattou


    Yes, it certainly does. And yes, I always tried this tool on rasterized images/layers. Patrick
  12. On my PC (W10, APh beta) the Viveza plugin displays the correct colours but the Viveza preview has to have a minimal size. Patrick
  13. Pattou


    Hello Dominik, Thank you for your reply. The flood selection tool is a real nightmare on PC (at least mine ) : or it selects almost nothing or suddenly -without apparent control- it selects everything. I've already mentioned this in another post and got the confirmation that it has to be improved for PC. I am not more successful with the selection brush tool : it does not discriminate between very different pixel values (hue, saturation, etc.) whatever the size of the brush... useless for precise selection. I nevertheless do as you mentioned, a rough selection that I refine afterwards but it can take a while. Cheers, Patrick