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  1. Hi MEB, Thanks for your quick reply. I knew it was possible but couldn't recall... I do not use AD very often Patrick
  2. Hi, When the box is larger than the text, is there an easy way to automatically adjust the text box to the text/word ? Thanks P
  3. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    You were close , they are all flowers (the leaves are not visible here). I like this feeling too. P
  4. Pattou

    Slow performance still

    I should have written that it is often a part of the image when I deactivate a layer or a filter, (i) but my files size is generally high (often> 0.5 Gb even >1 Gb) (ii) but I did not notice that with the previous beta (I am only dealing with betas since 1.6).
  5. Pattou

    Slow performance still

    Hi, If I may interfere... Yes, performance is low, and sometimes the image disappears and I have to zoom out and in to see it again. P.
  6. Hi, This is not you (i.e., your camera or files). I have this problem since... well... a long time (1.6 betas). More I do hdr, more it takes time, and I do "only" 3 16bits tif images at a time. I never close the app and let it do its job. Cheers, Patrick
  7. Pattou

    Release date estimation

    Hi MEB, It would be nice indeed as well as having an eta but I know, I know... when it is ready Patrick
  8. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    Some other threads related to the topic if you like : ...
  9. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    @Wosven I feel like doing more abstract pictures from now on and I do not think there might be interest herein. It would not be tied to the title of the topic neither. P
  10. Pattou

    Photo - Nature Design

    Everything must come to an end, so I think I will stop here posting in this thread. Cheers, P
  11. Hi Chris, I am afraid I can not provide any examples since when it happens, I can only close the file, start again and do not fuse any layer afterwards. It does not happen all the time and I may do a step I can not recall right now. When it happens, there is a lag when inpainting (or cloning) and there is no typical red color at the tip of the inpainting brush. I will test further layers fusion and send you the file when/if it will happen again. Cheers, Patrick
  12. I totally totally agree with this comment... Serif, yes please, do something... but most of all, I dislike renting apps.
  13. Hi, It happened several times. I have (bottom to top) a fill layer, a pixel layer (original photo in tiff) with a mask and a pixel layer with some corrections (inpainting, cloning). (1) If I merge all the visible layers and work on it (dodge, blend, etc.), it is fine. (2) However, if I first merge the layer with the inpainting modifications with the lower layer (photo with the mask) and then merge all the visible layers (well, two plus a mask), all the subsequent modifications are not saved. Patrick
  14. Moreover, I can not find a way to select several nodes to move them all in once, and no way to lock some nodes. @Ben Ben, could you please give us some information whether it is planned to improve the pressure profile tool ? Thank you. Patrick