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  1. @Roger C Thank you, Roger Patrick
  2. @EducationPrinciples Thank you. I like this symmetry and pattern. Patrick
  3. Thanks for your kind words. I shouldn't have written that in this way, sorry : I only meant that there are few photographic works herein (i.e., this sub-forum) with respect to vector art. I know you know that what I post is photo (although in some abstract stuff, I use both but these are hidden now)
  4. @MEB Thank you As you see, I start a new thread after having hidden the previous one but it is the same "style"... and as always, these are photos and not vectors. I am working on a book with APublisher and some of these pictures may go in
  5. @Smee Again Thank you A previous post about the difficulty to make selection :
  6. I did what I could (had to) to highlight the pattern and to get this profound orange colour slightly different of the original one... but who cares anyway...
  7. Another very common specimen : macro without focus merging but using the -I have to say- powerful live sharpen filter(s). I would like so much that selection tools would be as effective. Cheers, P.
  8. The subject by itself is common but I liked the way the light enlightened it, including the spines. I've tried to give an appropriate depth of field to give a kind of softness to the subject despite its nature , edited in APh 1.7.2.
  9. @EducationPrinciples Thank you
  10. Playing around with blending modes and live filters, it is almost surreal...
  11. Thank you Chris . I was used to post such kind of pictures in the past (hidden now). Cheers, Patrick
  12. I had a bit of time this WE and edited a few pictures in APhoto (1.7.2). As usual (well in the days when I posted more often), screenshots of living specimens for colours, forms and textures. The lens aperture was not optimal but I did not want to process with focus merging. P.