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  1. @MikeW @markw Many thanks to both of you for your kind words. ... and Mike to your wife as well . I often use one and the same lens (100 mm macro) which allows me to make many compositions at different distances. Indeed, I always hope to humbly show the beauty of the living world and the importance of biodiversity (conservation).
  2. For shapes & composition & textures, last beta :
  3. Nice photo of a « bougainvillier ». Hope you are well. patrick
  4. Hi Chris, it makes no difference... still invisible. As written before, I did install those profiles by (right-)clicking to let W10 deal with adding them to the ad hoc directory. Furthermore, the feature "Import icc profile" doesn't exist in APub where it is even more important to be able to deal with different colour profiles IMHO. Patrick
  5. @Chris B Hi Chris, This will be my last post in this thread since I don't know what to test further. I created two other profiles from Photoshop (Fogra type) with some random modifications of some parameters (so that they can/should be "recognized" as different). After installation in the Windows ad hoc directory, they don't appear in the drop-down menu of Affinity applications. Why not? It would be nice if you (Q/A and/or developers) could test the creation of new profiles by yourself. It's complete nonsense for layout software not to recognize new profiles. Patrick
  6. I wanted to have a look on the file & "error 404, this page could not be found", just to let you know.
  7. That's why I don't use APhoto as a raw converter anymore. I needed a DAM to replace Lightroom and all the ones I tested are better (including the app provided by the camera manufacturer). However, there are a few features I prefer in APhoto (Photo persona) that I still use to edit some "tif" files. Regarding the improvement of some features (Windows), I agree (e.g., selection tools, alignment), and no response from Serif, and still no new roadmap.
  8. Thanks Chris. It's a bit of a shame, but I still expected the problem not to be solved. I'm at the beginning of my book, so I could still transpose the layout in APub... but soon I won't have the courage (nor the time) to do so, I'm afraid. Well, I'll try to help you again sometime with this issue. Patrick
  9. @Chris B Hi Chris, I had a bit of time to try again by installing it (profile saved on the desktop and I do see an option to install it by right-clicking) but no more success, still can't see this profile in the drop-down menu of APub. Any news on this problem from developers or are they too busy fixing other bugs ? Patrick
  10. Hi Chris, Yes, as a preflight check before colour profile conversion in APhoto. This tool is designed to make a few adjustments before printing (saturation, luminance, contrast, etc.) to best match the colour space of the destination output device (whatever it is & with the right printing paper), like in Photoshop or Lightroom. Patrick
  11. According to the soft proofing feature, often important changes should be made to the photograph for gamut matching (Adobe RGB --> CMYK). If I had never printed photographs (in cmyk), I could have believed that this function is precise but modifications are sometimes so important that it becomes not very "credible". Therefore I've never used it (hopefully for my printings) and it's a bit of a pity because it can be very useful for a final check. I think this tool should be improved. Just to let you know. P.
  12. I saved the .icc profile from Photoshop (and the .csf file, see previous explanations), and this file is automatically installed in the C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color directory. But this profile did not appear in the drop-down menu of the Affinity apps. I had asked the question in this forum and had exchanged with percyn21 on this subject who concomitantly created the thread mentioned above.
  13. I can't comment on the old versions and what AG could do for its former customers but if I understood correctly, AG is not currently on subscription. You pay once and you keep the license of all plugins and what is "on subscription" are the updates/upgrades. The cost even for a hobbyist like me is more reasonable with this new version.
  14. @Chris B Chris, one last thing. I remembered that the profile I sent you was not visible in the drop-down menus of Affinity apps either. In order for the profile to be used, I had followed these tips: Patrick
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