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  1. PatrickM

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo

    @jmwellborn Thank you Jennifer
  2. PatrickM

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo

    Again in the frost theme but we currently have temperatures above the season averages... this thread will end soon.
  3. Almost that : APub detected the changed file and did warn me of the change but... pop... no more APub.
  4. All correct Walt. [Edit : APub asks whether reopening a recovery file]
  5. ... and that this photo is linked in a picture frame of an opened APub document. APub closes without warning.
  6. I don't want to start a new thread, just show the effects of the frost ... first big frost since the start of winter, edited in the last beta.
  7. Thanks @firstdefence but I had to move on. I create one new spread and it was fine then with MP-B. I've tried to associate again MP-B to the weird page but it deleted everything on that page... Patrick
  8. Hi, In 'Preferences' I tick "reopen doc... " but APub does not do it every time. Then, I have to deselect this option and select it again. The doc is stored on my internal hard drive. Just to let you know. P.
  9. The first 2 layers seem to be unlinked but everything is fine now with this new spread.
  10. Thanks but I don't understand why I get the same broken lines for the items (text frames) I can now adjust via the MP-B on the new pages spread ?? You'll see on the left the two spreads, the upper non responsive and the responsive lower one. and the Layers panel of the lower spread :
  11. Thank you Walt I don't see why I might have done that (i.e., using Edit Detached) but maybe... how can I see that ? In the Layers panel, I see this :
  12. Something is wrong with this specific page. I added two pages and they immediately got the MP-B setup. It is fine with these new pages.
  13. Hi, I have a document with 2 'Master pages' A and B. The MP-B is only used for the beginning of a chapter. On that MP, I've modified the position of the guide and adjusted the text frame to that guide. The doc has 5 chapters, and all pages tied to the MP-B change accordingly except one. What did I do (wrong) on that particular page that I've could forget ? OK : NOT OK : Thanks. Patrick

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