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  1. Hi, After a very unfortunate first experience with APub, I'm thinking of trying again to design a book with a lot of linked (not embedded) high resolution photographs. I was wondering if the app is more stable now than when it was first released. On my first try, APub crashed as soon as I synchronize a linked photo after some editing. Your experience with the latest beta version for Windows? Do you have experience with a colour profile from a printer different from the standard? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Patrick
  2. @MEB I did not yet install the last beta. I'll try asap.
  3. I might have found a solution here. I had this idea 8 months ago but I did procrastinate (on this) and then the SARS-Covid time... of course, it is not a fix per se (no coding here) but I do not see overinking with the cmyk colour profile of the pro printer ! I will send them a file asap to see whether a pdf file is really fine for printing. It took me about10 minutes to test whether it can help. However, although I am not a specialist of colour profiles, it seems that there is still overinking with Fogra 39?? I let you check it. In InDesign --> figure up, my specific profile tested (for overinking at 281% --> should be 280%, seems fine) / figure down: Fogra 39 (should be 300%?) In InDesign --> figure up, my specific profile tested / figure down: Fogra 39 (should be 300%?)
  4. The only way to get back the function of the BBT is to untick 'OpenCL'.
  5. Maybe it's time to improve some filters/functions? ... after ~10 years of development and 5 years of marketing. I feel for years now that we are in a spiral of bug fixes and regressions without any new stunning features being brought to the apps and also that the filters that should be improved are not like selection tools or focus merging. The latter is far from optimal... The way you designed it requires tedious cloning which is never perfect. Do you think they are optimal? Again, the comparison between APhoto and Photoshop (focus merge of the same 3 images): Affinity Photo : Adobe Photoshop :
  6. This bug hasn't been fixed and even there are other strange display problems.
  7. @walt.farrell thank you again Walt. I found these fonts (links to upload) in this forum. I will follow your advice but only Affinity apps show this behaviour.
  8. @walt.farrell thank you Walt. I know well the possibility to reset everything by holding Ctrl while starting the app but I don't see anywhere the possibility to "Reset fonts" as described in the FAQ. I only see "Reset text styles". Is it the same thing? I have the standard fonts installed.
  9. I've found this in the FAQ : "Reset Font Replacements ... Please note: This is different from Preferences > Misc > Reset Fonts. This option forces Affinity to Reload/Repopulate fonts listed in the app. This can be useful when using 3rd Party apps to load fonts." ... but I can't find this in APhoto.
  10. Why do I have 4 to 6 times the same font (style) in the menu? This problem is present in AD and APhoto (APub not tested). In InDesign, the style of a specific font is present only once! InDesign :
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