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  1. Thank you very much @claidheamdanns. I like Nature design, shapes, textures, graphic forms, patterns etc.. Macro photography is a way to show all this.
  2. Thank you @Smee Again 😉 two more screenshots. Stay safe and healthy !
  3. Thank you, Jennifer. I must still have about 20-30 photographs waiting to be finalized in APhoto. So this thread shouldn't last too long. But you can find a plethora of great and beautiful photo galleries on the web.
  4. Thank you so much, Mark 😉 I'm not ready to work with APublisher again (too bad experience) and if I'm back to my old habits with third party software, I find my workflow in APhoto with - I must say - some pleasure for some functions.
  5. Having finished my book and its cover which are at the printer's, I think about the second one and went back to some photos I had started to edit in APhoto . I thought of posting them here for a while and if you are still interested, the first one is a macro of an orchid inflorescence. P.
  6. Yes, all these bugs confirmed (Win 10 pro), very bad regression since we rely on the export function to move on. Hopefully some of my files can still be opened with the release version.
  7. Due to problems with exporting and managing color profiles in APublisher, I went back to Adobe. APub is not the point: Aphoto and AD seemed to manage my printer's profile well, and each photograph was well exported in cmyk with the right profile title. So everything seemed to be OK, but I sent a test file and almost all the photos were over-inked. The printer asked me to correct since he doesn't want to have a value higher than 280%.I'm currently redoing everything in Photoshop and I don't have issue anymore (as shown in the scs below, 'Ink limit' in ID). Either there is a problem with the management of the color profiles in all Aff suite and/or an issue with the export...
  8. You may be right, but I find it a bit hard to imagine that there's such a barrier between marketing & other departments, and that there's no double-checking of what is advertised as improvements & new features of these upgrades by who knows what department... but then again maybe.
  9. Thanks for your concern. Certainly in English or German but can we still be so affirmative nowadays, wasn't it true some time ago (when it was not advisable to use such characters)? I have no control on this point and it is true that this printer (very effective for his Art book printing work) deals with users of Adobe and QXP software and their colours profiles work well with these software. As I wrote earlier here, I think this issue needs to be addressed since it is likely that this type of problem will appear again in the future (French language, you know...). I had reported this profile problem a year or more ago for APh. I'm indeed still angry with myself for having put too much trust in this software (I've been waiting for a year to be able to use it, finalize my work and not return a CC subscription), software that I can't use. This doesn't mean that I regret having used Aff apps and that I give up using them forever. I’m not so obtuse as to think so… For now, by the way, I still continue to use APh for some tasks. I also have some documents that I designed with APub and I don't want to redo them with/in AI or ID (these are quite small documents with a classic sRGB profile, then no problem in APub).
  10. We can't all agree on the same points. I just tested APub 1.8 on my old document and it still can't handle a colour profile from my printer (which contains an accented letter)... how interesting for a "professional" software.
  11. I have precisely the same feeling for all the applications of the trilogy, and more specifically concerning APublisher. Indeed, the more than promising presentation of the software's capabilities do not meet with usage. Presenting all their features as professional when each software is not yet stable and when one encounters again and again the same problems (tablet/mouse, exports of doubtful quality, no management of printer colour profiles, etc.) is problematic to say the least.
  12. Corel, I don't know but now that I'm using Adobe software again, it's a reality.
  13. No, I'm just (i) copying/pasting my text from APub and (ii) reproducing the layout in InDesign. I'm thinking of continuing with a pdf file. I just wanted to mention this bug (one amongst many others).
  14. Even when APublisher does not crash and I close the document normally, when I reopen this same document Apub "asks" whether I want to reopen a recovery file.
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