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  1. Hi @foxie did you get it to work? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/94180-running-affinity-on-linux-finally-works/
  2. There is a trend towards multiplatform software. I say most today. I believe it was a brief research indeed something that will be the future soon. Non-cross-platform software will be obsolete.
  3. I read that Adobe is thinking about developing the tools for linux, let's see who gets into the fray first? I hope the serif!
  4. It was not this time! But we are making progress! I also made some attempts with a portable version! Let's keep trying.
  5. I believe that. But there is always hope. Thanks Team Serif
  6. Stop and think! Imagine a user looking forward to Affinty for Linux! That's me! lololol Macs are getting very expensive here in Brazil, another OS that designers look at from afar is Linux! Many users! Adobe does not seem to want to produce for linux, if Affinity wants to reach everyone who is migrating and current users. Dreams.
  7. Hi Guys, i use much 3 functions, such as Free transform, 3D extrude and autotrace in my projects, but, it's very difficult or impossible to do easily on Affinity! someone to know how i do it?
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