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  1. Thanks for sharing man!! Edit: I see if you move the left most node up,it compresses the dark areas of image, which is useful if you have excessive black areas in your image
  2. So, this is an image of plant I captured while back... I loved two things about it: First it grew between the cracks of the boulder and second the way the leaves changed the colour. I was not satifisfied with the colors and so tried to retouch it in AP to bring it to life!! I hope you like it Original image with basic adjustments: Final Image from AP:
  3. stunning!! I can stare for the whole day and still cannot get enough of it!!
  4. Thanks, it works like a charm!! All the filters and adjustments are preserved in RGB 16bit.
  5. So, I recently started working in LAB space. My question is, if I am working in an individual channel say Lightness(only channel editable), how do I ensure that all filters and adjustments are applied before jumping to RGB? Because, on changing to RGB it highlights R channel only , so I am not sure how to preserve my LAB work..
  6. Thanks for sharing the tip!!! Here is a sample picture for quick test I captured yesterday (both before and after the effect).. After: Before:
  7. As mentioned by the @Mithferion, I think it is the quickest way you can quickly change colors. You can also use recolor adjustment if you want to add a unique color tone.
  8. @jer Thanx man!! Really appreciate your words. And yes, I think the boat dock is indeed little bit blown out..thanks for pointing that out!!
  9. The picture that I captured had a lot of haze and dullness in it. So, I tried to retrieve some of those natural colours back inside AP Sharing the original image and the retouched version. Critics and feedback welcome!!
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