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    TomJr reacted to Rylek in GREP find/replace   
    Also put GREP in paragraph style
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    TomJr reacted to garrettm30 in Font checking with imported items in Publisher   
    The problem is more basic, I'm afraid: Publisher in its current form cannot use embedded fonts in PDF fonts when placing a PDF inside a document. Your client may have correctly embedded the fonts after all, but even if they had, the fonts of the PDF would not show up correctly when placed in your document unless you also had the same fonts installed on your system.
    This is a rather serious limitation, and the developers have expressed the intention to come to a solution eventually, but I am not aware that any indication has been given as to how soon.
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    TomJr reacted to reset in Imposition of pages   
    thank you mac heibu, will check this out
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    TomJr reacted to Mark Oehlschlager in line spacing in AD (and AP)   
    Actually, one cannot turn the behavior off. If one attempts to set leading in the Character panel, it is always interpreted as an override of the value set in the Paragraph panel. My desire is for the leading fields in both Character and Paragraph panel to always be synchronized.
    Regarding the unusual use case you illustrated for me, I suppose for uniquely expressive typography (for poetry, or some other artistic purpose) one might intentionally disrupt the regular paragraph leading as you have done. However, one can also simply apply the unusual body size and leading in the form of a characters style. It doesn't require the leading field in the Character panel to behave as an override.
    Anyway, I still wish there were a preference toggle to disable the override behavior of the leading field in the Character panel.
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    TomJr reacted to Moacir Braga in FOCOLTONE   
    Is it possible to you add FOCOLTONE in color options? It's a good color palette because it has a small number of colors and it is more safe for conversions and multi devices.
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    TomJr reacted to A_B_C in Footnotes/Endnotes   
    +1 … of course … 
    And the option of converting footnotes to endnotes and vice versa. And the option of using a different number of columns for footnotes than for the main text. And the option of positioning footnote frames freely on a spread. And …
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    TomJr reacted to benwiggy in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    At the very least, importing IDML files is a must. Scribus and VivaDesigner both do this, and it's the only way to get punters to switch, if they've got legacy documents.
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    TomJr reacted to Multi4G in Affinity Designer 1.7 - TOP 8 New Functions // You need to KNOW   
    The new 1.7 Affinity Designer Update is here. Countless new functions. Get the TOP 8 best the functions you can use right now. The sculpting mode, Symmetry, Sub Brushes, Isometric Mode, Node Lasso and more. Watch this video to get a quick overview.
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    TomJr reacted to Paul Bunyar in Chart/Graph Tool???   
    I am a graphic designer in the financial services industry. We regularly create charts and graphs for printed materials. We are stuck with Illustrator since it is the only tool we know of that will generate a chart from data that stays intact for updating and provides us with a vector final format.
    Now Illustrator is okay, maybe even good. But the chart/graph tool hasn't changed much since 1990. Really. I do know. There are other programs that can make charts but that don't provide the use of Pantone colors, easy updating, and that vector format plus will easily import data from Excel or other spreadsheets. Designer looks like it can take the place of Illustrator in most cases. Why not take Illustrator's place as a charting tool too? Or you could go the extra mile and create a vector chart making application that ticks all the necessary boxes.
    Paul Bunyar
    Shawnee, Kansas, USA
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    TomJr got a reaction from dalan_fsu in Bleed on document setup   
    Like InDesign, I would also like the ability to automatically copy to the others, so if I want a .125" bleed all around, I only need to enter it once. 
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    TomJr got a reaction from Thisismandatory in Bleed on document setup   
    Like InDesign, I would also like the ability to automatically copy to the others, so if I want a .125" bleed all around, I only need to enter it once. 
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    TomJr reacted to h_d in Custom page formats   
    Hi Affinity,
    Great beta, really enjoying it so far and there's lots of potential.
    Please could you make it possible for us to create and save page presets for custom document sizes? This would be hugely helpful for non-standard publication sizes and custom artwork. (Same would be good for Designer too!)
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    TomJr reacted to Rauven in Publisher needs bleed previews to be implemented, even more than designer.   
    As the title says, the bleed area is more necessary than ever now.

    I was OK with it being pushed back on designer, but publishing definitely needs to have it as soon as possible.
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    TomJr reacted to pfeot in Print Cut/trim   
    If I start a new document in publisher, there is margin, but no trim or print cut. For example, if "Individual pages must be supplied with a 3 mm trim on all four sides." Its very important for pdf export and printing houses.
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    TomJr reacted to ch1ptune in Is it possible to package a project in Publisher?   
    Coming from InDesign, I was particularly looking forward to seeing how Publisher handles links and packages. So far I've gathered that it embeds resources by default, but that you can release the embed and change the setting to linked in the resource manager. But is it possible to package and collect all files as it is in InDesign?
    Say you have a very large document with 20-30 GB worth of links and you want to send it over to someone else to finish the project. How would you go about that in Publisher? Will the document file size be 20-30 GB in that case? Sometimes I send the InDesign file without links to other people, so they can see the layout. In that case it would be quite cumbersome to include all resources. And what if you only wanted to send a couple of the linked files - how would you easily access those files from within Publisher? I don't see a "Reveal in finder" option for linked files.
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    TomJr reacted to garrettm30 in GREP find/replace   
    I’m so totally stoked about this beta. I have spent a couple hours poking around, and I can say that this beta is further along than I expected. I have high hopes that this will in time replace Indesign for us (a small publisher), and it looks well on track.
    Among several features that wowed right away and other "missing features" that I can work around, the one thing that stood out for me is the lack of GREP searches. In Indesign, I have a small series of GREP searches that I have saved over the past years, and I run nearly everything through them. A couple minutes on a typical file, and I have made several hundred changes. When I work on a book, the changes are in the thousands. (Note: I publish in French, and French typography relies heavily on non-breaking spaces; these GREP searches help me rapidly put them where they ought to go.)
    While you're there: being able to save the searches as presets would be ideal. And as not everyone is familiar with GREP, a few pre-saved searches would help provide them immediate use: remove multiple spaces, remove trailing space, etc.
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