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  1. Agreed. It doesn't help that because of all the new symmetry features being added, the tool bar is getting so full of stuff that the Protect Transparency check box is being hidden away far in the right corner on 1080p screens. I lock transparency fairly often, so it would be a nice quality of life change for me if it got changed.
  2. 1. Better R click shortcuts to stuff that already exist inside Affinity (i.e. merge selected should be in the R click menu when interacting with layers). 2. Quality of life improvements, like being able to alt+drag layers to duplicate them like it works in Photoshop. Another would be the ability to flip/rotate individual layers instead of the entire canvas, as well as making the new symmetry tool have a reset position to center of canvas option (could make it so that double clicking the square shape actually resets the position back to default or using any of the modification keys when clicking on it). 3. More consistency across tools regarding specific modification keys. For instance, you can use ctrl on any of the shape tools to be able to transform each from the center of the shape. However, none of the marquee tools or the crop tool is able to use ctrl to transform the shape from the center, which is how it works in Photoshop as well. I do have a 4th one as well, but since I don't know how complicated it is to actually fix, I will just briefly mention it. Smoother transparency transitions for soft brush strokes on 8-bit canvases, so that the quality matches Photoshop 8-bit. There are a few issues there that make painting in Affinity not so ideal, so any fix to this will make my day.
  3. @Chris B Hey, I'm back with a file! Halo Soft Brush Artifacts.afphoto I double checked if I had wet edges active, and it wasn't activated in the original screenshot. Here's some additional info about the file, my hardware, and AP settings if it is of any help: - The ICC profile used was sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and an RGB/8 canvas. - I run Windows 10 64-bit with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 graphics card, 32 GB DDR3 RAM, and an Intel Core i7-4770K 3.50GHz CPU. - My monitor/tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 13" HD with standard monitor settings. - The brush used was a standard soft brush in the Basic folder in the Brushes panel, with Accumulation Jitter set to Pressure at 100% (as mentioned earlier, no wet edges activated). Hope this helps! ^^
  4. The feature to draw straight horizontal and vertical lines got added in a few builds ago in the 1.7 Beta by holding down shift when drawing (at least I know it works on Windows). It works just like it does in Photoshop. Should probably put this topic to rest now.
  5. Okay! That screenshot of yours in AP looks better than what I can get on my home desktop. Maybe I should post an actual file so you can check if there are any issues with how I set up the document or if it is a monitor issue on my end? I don't have it right now, but once I get home I will post it.
  6. I am pretty sure I didn't have wet edges enabled when I did this test (still, I will have to double check once I get home from work). Been trying to solve it on my own, but to no avail. The monitor I used was my Wacom Cintiq 13 inch HD screen with default settings, so that can be safely ruled out, since this problem is unique for Affinity Photo based on personal testing with other non-Affinity software on the same screen. Document profile can possibly be the culprit, but I haven't really fiddled with it much and just use the standard one when creating a new document. What settings did you use when testing?
  7. I wanted to bring this issue some attention to the developers regarding soft brushes creating uneven gradients that are jagged between each value. The only way I have been able to find a fix to this is by switching the canvas to 16-bit mode (I work with RGB), but this also takes up a lot of resources, which can be quite taxing when I work on canvases at 6000 pixels or more. Here is an image comparing two gradients I painted with the exact same brush I use, but one was drawn while using 16-bit and the other with 8-bit. This particular problem does not exist in Photoshop. In Photoshop you don't have to work with 16-bit canvases to create the smoother gradients like in the example image from Affinity Photo. Then there is another issue with painting with soft brushes; the halos. While it isn't completely apparent in the above example image, when you softly apply your brush stroke to the canvas, the problem becomes way more apparent: This, along with the 8-bit issues, make soft brush painting less than ideal at times. Using blurs and other techniques can help fixing some of the more serious problem areas in your paintings, but that shouldn't really be needed as far as I'm concerned. I don't know what is causing this problem, but I do hope we can see a proper fix in at least the forseeable future. Fixing issues like these will go a long way in making me 100% recommend Affinity products to other people (still recommending it, but I always have to bring up little issues like these that can make it tougher to convince people).
  8. I compared the feature with how it works in Photoshop, and it works the same way as you described in that program. Not much of an issue for me who is used to those controls. Also, the reason shift is using "continue last stroke" when making lines is so you can make straight lines while clicking on points on a canvas to make sure the dots get connected. Maybe that command could be changed to ctrl while keeping horizontal and vertical straight lines on shift, but personally I hope to see the concept evolve to where Affinity has a ruler system that can make straight lines while measuring things like distance and angles from 0 to 180 degrees, as well as allowing other types of measurements. To the developers I would suggest taking inspiration from programs like Lazy Nezumi Pro that has a pretty complex perspective measuring system for drawing, or just simply assist the add-on developer for Lazy Nezumi to add direct support to all Affinity products.
  9. I just tried using the brush tool in the new beta build and noticed that pressing shift now produces straight lines horizontally and vertically. Didn't notice this change in the patch notes, so I wanted to ask fellow beta users if they are able to replicate this to confirm it functioning the same for the rest of you. Anyway, if my eyes don't deceive me, thanks a lot Affinity team for adding this in! I know a lot of other artists who will be super happy with this feature!
  10. Okay! I sure hope so, since it's a fairly important part of my workflow in Photoshop. ^-^
  11. Checked out the latest Beta build and noticed we are still missing rasterize & trim, rasterize to mask, merge selected, and create new fill layer in the R click menu while in the Layer window. It is such a simple quality of life change that I would really appreciate being addressed by the developers for 1.7!
  12. Good to know! While we are on the topic of shortcuts, can you please take a look at your context sensitive menus like R click while using the layer window? It's missing a significant bunch of shortcuts that exist in your layer menu at the top of the screen. Merge selected, rasterize & trim, rasterize to mask, and create new fill layer do not exist in the R click menu, which are commands I use a lot while working, especially merge selected.
  13. I may be wrong, but I guess it has something to do with how photographers need to process their RAW files and other camera image formats before dragging in their files into the Photo Persona, which then converts the image into a non-RAW format to be edited there. I know Photoshop has a similar feature in their Camera Raw addon where you preferrably want to edit your RAW photos in before exporting them into Photoshop.
  14. Great to hear. I made a list of some of other features for symmetry in a feedback thread about 1.7 in the suggestion forum that I hope you will consider as well. Things like being able to mirror across symmetry lines to retain symmetry easier if you've accidentally deactivated it temporarily, being able to use the snapping feature to align the symmetry lines more precisely, and of course resetting the lines back to the center of the canvas. A more minor thing I would like to see is making the symmtetry line when first activated to be aligned against the y-axis instead of the current x-axis by default. Maybe it's just me, but I usually start off doing symmetry horizontally instead of vertically. Would also be cool to see the amount of degrees you have rotated the symmetry lines that looks kind of like this:
  15. The good news is that brush size adjustment already exists in Affinity Photo. The bad news is that the keybind for it is ctrl+alt and L click+R click on your mouse. You can't change it either in your keybinds, which makes it pretty awkward to use unless you are able to make a macro that only needs one button to press. I hope the developers make the feature more user friendly with a simpler macro and/or allow people to actually change the keybind altogether.
  16. Wanted to make a thread with a more comprehensive list of stuff I would like to see changed/added into Affinity Photo that goes beyond just the features being tested in 1.7, but also addresses them as well. In no particular order, let's begin! To get more details on this point, go to this link where I and a few other artists discussed the issues of transparency and how soft brushes in AP create jagged transitions when working with transparency. I made a few brushes in that same thread using the new 1.7 feature sub brushes that were able to fix some of the issues, but I still had to use settings like flow instead of transparency to do so. It was honestly a lot harder to recreate my soft brushes in AP than in Photoshop, so it would be nice to get this looked into when soft brushes are such an important tool in any image editing program. More shortcuts need to be added. Especially to the R click menus. For instance, merge selected, rasterize & trim, rasterize to mask, and create new fill layer are all absent on the R click layer menu. There are so many useful tools that are hidden away because they are not where you expect them to be. Just adding features isn't enough if people can't easily find them in your context sensitive menus. While I can create and make my own shortcuts while using my keyboard, the main issue here is that I am a Wacom tablet user. I don't have enough buttons to map out all the hidden tools, so having the option to R click for menus with these shortcuts are pretty important to me. It would speed things up significantly by having these menus actually have the features the program is capable of. As a side note, another solution to this would be for users to actually customize their own R click menus to add these things on your own. However, it's not a feature I think is a necessity, and is only a band aid to fix simple UX and UI problems. The export persona needs more love overall. Right now it is not possible to create actual presets for changing things such as export size. You have to always type in stuff like "1000w" or "5000h" to actually export an image with resolutions 1000 pixels in width or 5000 pixels in height . Also, it is not actually possible to see a preview of an export setting with the right dimensions before exporting, so you can only see the final results once the export is done. I like the potential of this feature, but as of now it feels less developed compared to the other personas in AP. It's not possible to create a brush nozzle from a selection inside AP. Instead you have to export an image first, then create a new intensity/image brush, edit the brush by going to the texture tab, find the exported image, and then you have a brush with the actual texture. In Photoshop you just select a layer/make a selection using any selection tool, and then go to a menu to create a brush. I'm not saying that Photoshop is perfect in this regard either since it's also hidden away in a menu instead of being a part of the brushes windows, but it's a feature that I have come to expect in other programs as well that can create custom brushes. R click when using the brush tool does literally nothing right now. You can't assign a new functionality to it like adjust brush size and/or hardness by holding down the button, instead you have to hold down ctrl+alt+L click+R click to do so, despite there being a button that is completely freed up for use to make things a lot simpler. Another option would be to add a brushes panel like how it's done in Photoshop, but also in other programs like in ZBrush (it's a 3D program, but you get my point). Either way, just make use of the button for something useful at least, as well as address the issues regarding the overly complicated keyboard shortcut, since there is no way to actually click all those buttons on a tablet at the same time without making a macro for it, which shouldn't be needed as I mentioned before. Now, for the new 1.7 feature, symmetry. Very useful tool, and I can't wait for it to be officially released. However, there are a bunch of things that could be done to improve this particular feature. First off, it's too easy to move the symmetry lines while working, and you can't lock them in place. Second, the lines need to be able to snap to your grid using snapping, since you can't align it in a precise manner. Third, you can't reset it back to its starting point with a button, so I have had to close down my entire file to reset it back again. Fourth, if you shut down symmetry, make changes, and activate symmetry again, there is no fast way to mirror to the other side/sides of the symmetry lines, therefore making it difficult to add the new changes to the rest of the image. To show what I mean, here's an image where I started off using symmetry, but because I deactivated it I can't mirror the entire thing over to the other symmetry side/sides without going through a rather complicated process. On a side note, I would recommend moving the symmetry feature out of the brush tool menus and put it in the toolbar alongside quick mask, selection, snapping, etc. It's a feature that really shouldn't be hiding under a few specific tools. Speaking of mirroring, it would be nice if when you use the move tool ("v") and then go R click menu->transform, there was a menu shortcut so that when you flip a layer, say horizontally, the layer actually mirrors over to the opposite side instead of just flipping it right on the spot, like in this example where the layer just flipped the layer in one place. Another thing that would be nice to have in the transform menu would be shortcuts to mesh warp tool and perspective tool. As an old Photoshop user I liked having all the transformation tools in one spot (changed the keybindings so that "v" also include the other two tools, but it still would be nice to have). Either way, I think my overall message about more shortcuts in AP menus have been hammered down in this thread pretty extensively. Add an icon for add fill layer next to add pixel layer in the layers panel. Brought up earlier that this should be done as well when using the R click menu, but considering that this feature is hidden in a menu at the top of the screen is pretty odd. It's actually a pretty useful tool since it actually changes colour on the fly when picking up a colour, so it's a bit of a shame that it's not easily accessible on the layers panel. The alt key for colour picking doesn't work when using the fill flood tool and gradient tool. Would improve their usability a bit if you could use it. Create two shortcuts for the move tool when using R click that combine cut/copy from one layer and paste onto a new layer called "copy to new layer" and "cut to new layer" respectively. While on a similar note, while using a selection tool like the lasso tool, make R click show the exact same menu as when you are using the move tool, to make it a bit faster to get access to the earlier features. In combination with the above point, add an R click shortcut for invert selection when using any selection tool. While on that note, add this to the R click menu when clicking on layers as well, like when working on masks. Lastly, I would like to bring up the issue of no proper straight lines for brushes when using shift. While I would just be content with just having the ability to create 90 degree angles, what I would I think could be done to improve this altogether is to allow you to create a ruler from a point using shift and then be able to rotate the line from 0 to 360 degrees that you can then draw on across the entire canvas, while also take into account as pen pressure for size and other brush settings. The usability for drawing in this program would skyrocket through the roof with this feature alone. Those are most of the things I can think of as of now. I also have an older feedback thread where I made some other points that are still relevant to improving AP. If I think of something else, I will try posting them here. Anyway, Happy New Year from Sweden btw!
  17. Apology accepted. Anyway, here are the brushes (you have to use the 1.7 beta btw). Bear in mind that they are not 100% identical to how the soft brushes work in Photoshop. Specifically the first few brushes in the file are built around a creating a smooth transition, so I recommend trying those. They're not perfect, but at least sufficient in my eyes. Also, my solution is not what I consider a permanent fix. I agree that the developers need to address these issues and I hope that something gets done about it, since basic brushes like these should work right off the bat with little hiccups. Soft Brushes.afbrushes
  18. We are just fellow artists trying to share what we know to help. Don't really understand why you decided to take such a passive aggressive tone when we are all in the same boat trying to figure things out.
  19. Didn't expect my thread to blow up like it did. Think you should report that as a bug or something. I tried replicating the problem in the 1.7 version. I did notice those jagged lines a bit at certain resolutions, but not to the extreme that you got. This particular issue does not affect me that much because I always work with big canvases, so I rarely zoom in at these levels. Either way, I would prefer if you brought this topic up in another thread, so we can stick to a select few subjects (otherwise I will need to make a brand new thread when I share my work).
  20. I only have time to respond to this before going to bed. As I said, the technique I used with the adjustment layers was just that, one technique. In the latest image that I painted I was picking from the colour wheel and then on the fly used the colour picker to grab any colour gradient I needed using the alt key while using the brush tool. As I said earlier, I haven't noticed any particular problems using the colour picker tool on the fly using alt when painting, so I am honestly a bit confused by what you mean that the feature isn't functioning for you. Some further explanation of what you mean would be appreciated.
  21. I think that that image is an older version of the sign. If you look at the image at the very top of the thread, you can actually see the letter being in capital already.
  22. While I agree that there are issues with the program, I disagree that it isn't possible to create satisfactory workflow to make painting work. I have been experimenting with the tools for creating brushes in 1.7 today, and I was able to create solid soft round brushes that come fairly close to how they work in Photoshop along with the pressure sensitivity that will help mixing the colours. Made a fairly quick speed paint using almost primarily one single soft brush I made from scratch (required a bit of work to fix the edge problem you had in your image). Didn't really feel like had any problems mixing my colours, and they were able to flow between each other fairly naturally I think. If you want, I can post my brushes for you here in this thread, and see if they are satisfactory to you (some of the brushes only work in 1.7 because of the new Sub Brushes feature, however).
  23. Don't know if Adobe changed anything regarding brushes as of late, but over the last 10+ years I have been using Photoshop, it has always had build-up brush strokes as described by people online. I just tried both Photoshop and Affinity Photo and they behaved practically identically in regards to brush stroke. Don't really see any issue since I have been painting with this type of build-up from the very start. Would sure be nice to have a specific setting for it in AP, though. This video here shows the behaviour inside Photoshop: Affinity Photo for reference:
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