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  1. @Gregory-CJ Ah, okay! Thanks for telling me. It seems like Separated Mode is a Mac exclusive thing, since I couldn't find it on my Windows version. : (
  2. Does anti-aliasing and feather work for you if you switch to the Lasso tool or Marquee tools that have these features? If yes, then that's the workaround until the developers add those options for the Selection Brush and Flood Select.
  3. Indeed. One area I think the Affinity Suite has room for improvement is usability of the controls of certain tools and more consistency. For example, using the Marquee tools do not allow you to transform from the center of the shape, while other tools like the Shape tools can. Another example would be the fact that the Sponge tool can't use modifiers to switch between Saturate and Desaturate, as well as toggle between Vibrance and HSL Saturation with ctrl, for instance.
  4. Thanks for letting me know! Really looking forward to seeing proper high precision input implemented. That and GPU acceleration will be big improvements for my digital art.
  5. What he meant was that there are buttons in Designer in that top toolbar that does not exist in Photo. You can still do the same things elsewhere, but it's a quality of life change for someone who is used to using the Designer features.
  6. 1. In Photoshop the default tool is Zoom instead of the Hand tool, and it is to make sure you don't do any accidental action that you will have to undo anyway. I honestly think this is a non-issue. It takes less than a second to press your keyboard shortcuts to switch to other tools, like the Move tool ("V"). 2. I like this idea. Yeah please, add it to Photo as well. 3. Would be cool to have this as an option, but it should be off by default. Photographers, pixel artists, and other image editors have different needs than vector artists, which is why this feature hasn't been a thing in Photoshop either. Ron.P explained it well. Still, since Affinity encourages moving between softwares, adding this as an option wouldn't hurt. 4. In Photoshop, the standard way to flip/rotate is to use the transform tools, and R click while using the Lasso tool, Move tool, etc. Wouldn't mind having it as an icon option however. Alternatively, you can press shift while rotating using the Move tool causing it to snap every 15 degrees, making it fairly easy to rotate how you want. 5. Adding the same Strokes panel into Photo would be nice and I am for it.
  7. Forgot to add this. To make my point clearer as to why I would like to have this feature, it is to be able to do stuff like this, but with more precision, and faster:
  8. I like the current version of the Mesh Warp tool, but I feel a couple of improvements could be made to make it even better. Basically, what I would like to see is giving the node controls some of the same functionality as the Pen and Node tools to deal with nodes. Right now the modifier keys don't do anything for the Mesh Warp tool, but with the Pen tool you can for example use alt to remove the control handles or remove the curves to create sharp edges. Here's a video showing the differences between the two tools when interacting with nodes: Desktop_2019_06.10_-_00_25_04_02.mp4 Another thing I would like to see for the Mesh Warp tool is the ability to constrain movement horizontally or vertically with a modifier so you can move each node in straight lines for extra fine tuning. Edit: Oops, I think I put this in the wong forum. Could a mod move this to the Affinity Photo suggestions on desktop forum instead please?
  9. As the title says, when I try to use my Wacom Cintiq 13" HD tablet with "high precision tablet input" in Preferences -> Tools, the tablet can no longer draw on the canvas. I can still click and activate stuff in the UI and the History window even says that I am drawing on the canvas, but the canvas turns out completely empty regardless. I know this is an experimental feature, but it would be appreciated if someone could fill me in on why it doesn't work. Is my tablet going to get supported when it comes to this feature, and if not, what tablets do or will support it?
  10. How did you rotate your canvas? I thought that feature wasn't supported yet in Photo. Didn't know you could make the top bars with the Personas and tool settings float either (how do you set that up?). Your painting looks nice so far, but would have liked to see the whole thing.
  11. You're welcome! Yeah, it is a bit odd that the filter regressed in such a way. Maybe the developers were not happy with the old code and rewrote it to solve some underlying issues with it? Hopefully they will be able to restore that old functionality with the new code as its foundation.
  12. Here's a quick sketch showing what I mean. Since you can switch mode for each view, having all the menu options available by just R clicking the two boxes sticking out would be a nice quality of life change.
  13. You should probably move this question to the questions forum. Btw, why aren't you contacting Wacom if you are having issues with the tablet? Does it not work only for Affinity products or?
  14. Here's a demonstration of what the Shadows/Highlights filter does to colours: Desktop 2019.06.09 - As you can see, the filter increases brightness of the colours up until they max out at their current saturation value, but does not change the saturation to make it more desaturated. Meaning that in those dark areas like in your example photo from your original thread, the dark, saturated shadows will keep their saturation when using the filter. This effect tends to look ugly and unnatural to the human eye, because in real life, natural sunlight washes out colours and desaturate the brighter the light is, going closer and closer to a white/greyish value in the process. That's why I said you should use a desaturation tool like HSL to go around this problem.
  15. @JGDOkay, I think I understand then. Yeah, that does sound a bit tedious. Doesn't personally affect me in my workflow, so I would not have noticed. One workaround I would use is to open each project inside Photo, Designer, and/or Publisher separately, since they all share file formats, or maybe use Artboards in Designer and use Embedded Document for one of those Artboards to import the other document for comparison (would have to throw that stuff away afterwards however). However, Serif should improve that feature, I agree.
  16. Doesn't it work just press undo to snap it back? Not that I disagree with it being a good option to have for snapping, however. Of some reason I managed to get it to snap to its original position in Affinity Photo in some circumstances when I activated Snap to Bounding Boxes (checked the other options below it too), but in Designer I don't get the same results. Odd.
  17. Tried it myself and from the looks of it, the new Shadows/Highlights filter does not reduce colour saturation when you use it to lighten up the shadows of your image. When it comes to real life colours, the brighter the light, the more washed out the colours become. Because of this the filter works fine when using it to make things darker where saturation can be much higher without looking as displeasing to the eye, but has the opposite effect for increasing brightness for the shadows. The workaround is to use any desaturation tool like the HSL filter, but the developers should add a way to deal with the saturation that remains from using the filter instead.
  18. I'm not sure I quite understand what you mean by your first feature request. Do you have an example of how it should work like in a video or something? As for your second one, I am not a Mac user, but the way "New View" works on Windows (I guess that's the one you are referring to with "Separated Mode") is that it opens up a new window of your project in docked mode as a tab next to your original file that you can then just drag to the side like to a second monitor. Is it supposed to act differently on Mac? Do you have an example video of that too?
  19. Since the 1.7 update just came out, I decided to sit down and finish a speed painting piece I started back in December during the Beta testing (for testing purposes XD). The developers did a great job with this update in terms of performance and features to make painting more feasible in APhoto, although I had stumbles along the way with bugs that I hope get ironed out soon. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
  20. Does this help? I made a video tutorial the other day on setting up your workbench in Affinity Photo (works in Designer and Publisher as well). If you have any questions, please ask away.
  21. Wouldn't it be possible to recover the link from a previous version of the software if it worked there? At least it's worth a shot.
  22. Yes, it is added in 1.7. Been there in the Beta since February. Just a tip, using the search bar at the top pf the website can help you find this information by looking at topics in chronological order. Felt pretty nice using the feature the last few months. As an artist I couldn't be happier. : )
  23. I can confirm this. Keeps crashing for me, which lead to me losing a bunch of progress on a piece. Lesson learned I guess. XD
  24. Found a pretty serious bug when I was working on a large file I had been using for a while. What I did was going to the very beginning of the timeline in the History window, then I jumped back to the latest action very quickly (was checking before and after), which triggered the bug to occur. Down below are the results of the bug, with a maxed out CPU clock speed which is highly unusual for my CPU on any software (my fans were going off like crazy): Desktop 2019.06.07 - As you can see, when zooming in and out, the two history states are stuck in limbo. I also couldn't close the program and save the file after the bug occurred, and had to resort to using the Windows Task Manager. Very odd.
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