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  1. You're welcome! Yeah, I am eagerly awaiting that feature myself. I can still paint with the Affinity Suite (I set stabilizer to 2.8 by default and add Lazy Nezumi Pro when I want some measurement tools), but better precision input will improve usability by a lot.
  2. If you can't go lower than those settings, you're doing it wrong!
  3. But the marketing and info about GPU acceleration have mentioned that it is a Mac only feature. Also, all other improvements that were done for 1.7 are shared across the board, so calling 1.7 anything else than 1.7 on Windows is honestly quite silly. As for the people with top of the line hardware having performance issues, that of course needs to be addressed, whatever is causing it. It doesn't seem normal when my former top of the line computer from 2013 is able to perform better than that.
  4. I am a painter man, so I understand that fully well. I am just helping the guy out the best I can until the devs fix it, which I already explained. Just because something needs fixing doesn't change that you can give advice on workarounds to make the issue a little less painful in the present. I appreciate your concern, but you really don't need to explain it again.
  5. The shortcut to do the export you desire is ctrl + shift + alt + S. You can also change the shortcut in Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts if you want to make it simpler.
  6. I am not an expert regarding these things, but my guess is that it's because the Affinity Suite as a whole does not support high precision tablet input yet. Last year I got into contact with the guy behind the addon Lazy Nezumi Pro (great addon), and he said the reason his addon wasn't supporting Affinity products was because of them using "low-resolution mouse coordinates instead of high-res tablet coords" as the creator himself put it (I checked my old e-mail for a quote). I guess these two things are the same thing, so once that is added, it should get more precise for tablets. Also, here's a topic I made not too long ago where a developer gave me the answer that high precision tablet input is going to get added properly, and that they are going to remove the current experimental feature since it doesn't really work. Hopefully we get it once 1.8 comes along:
  7. @ForestHymn Glad we're on the same page! Btw, did you try my suggestion of enabling the crosshair? You can get a fast colour picker with precision without the magnifying glass by activating it. I made a quick video showing how to activate it. It is a decent workaround until the developers fix the colour picker to have a proper indicator when holding down alt (of some reason my recording device can't show the crosshair and brush size circle when I make these videos, but I assure you, they are there). Desktop 2019.06.21 - Edit: Forgot to add that if you want to make the brush preview disappear to prevent the brush from blocking your view, there is an option for that just above the crosshair option I previously mentioned.
  8. @Mesquito Those roadmaps may have been created in 2015 or some other year, but they are in fact updated with new stuff when the devs have finished those features. To my knowledge, they haven't been updated yet based on what was done for 1.7, but it probably is just a matter of time now with Publisher being officially released.
  9. The Linked Documents features sounds similar to Embedded Documents. Either way, seems pretty useful, but I guess they are different in some fundamental way?
  10. Fair enough. Anyway, I made a new thread regarding a separate issue with the colour picker, and I also brought up the issue we just discussed. Hopefully they will address them both!
  11. My feature request is to make the settings you use for your colour picker apply to all colour pickers globally. Sometimes I just want to colour pick from my selected layer, but I can only do it while using the Colour Picker tool. Would be a very nice quality of life change. Desktop 2019.06.20 - As a side note, but still pretty important, I would like to bring more attention to the issue of not having any form of indicator when holding down alt to do fast colour picking with your brush. This was based on the conversation I had in this thread below, and my comment had a few suggestions on how to best solve it. Fixing the above issue as well as that issue from the other thread would make a lot of painters very happy!
  12. It is not really called a hack if it is a built in user option into the software. However, I fully agree that it is preferable to have the picker function well at all times without the need to customize your software first, since you want as few hurdles to jump through as a beginner. The devs should have that crosshair activated by default until they add a proper modifier icon when holding down alt. Alternatively, they should show the small box that appears at the center the magnifying glass when holding down alt, and only show the glass when holding down L click or pressing your pen against the screen. Just to keep it consistent between the two colour picker modes.
  13. No icon appears when I hold alt, but I don't need it since I have a crosshair in the middle of my brush at all times. I don't think too much about the colour picker icon not appearing since I've done it a million times in Photoshop, but I agree that it would be a nice quality of life change to tell the user that the picker is activated. Again, doesn't affect me, but it is a UX issue that can and should be solved. I was asking ForestHymn. Let him speak for himself. As for the issue of having trouble colour picking with a large brush size, have you tried activating the "Always show brush crosshair" by going into Preferences -> User Interface? With the crosshair you can always see the center of your brush regardless of brush size, and it makes it easier to determine where you colour pick as well without the need for the magnifying glass by just holding down alt and tapping on your screen.
  14. I am just trying to understand what the problem is and see if we can solve it before jumping the gun and saying it needs fixing. There may very well be a problem, but I am just here trying to help.
  15. It does exist with alt as a colour picker. You can also colour pick fast without the magnifying glass appearing by just holding down alt and quickly tap on the screen with zero delay. That is if you aren't too concerned with precision when grabbing colours.
  16. The magnifying glass only appears immediately if you hold down alt and click/drag with your pen. I guess you want the magnifying glass to appear immediately when pressing alt, am I right? Would like that as well, actually. The way I have set up my Wacom is to have one of my pen side buttons have an L click, which basically allows me to click with full pen pressure without touching the canvas. If I hold down alt and my L click side button the magnifying glass always appears nearly immediately (unless I work with very large files which will naturally slow down the entire software).
  17. I am a Wacom user as well. Using alt to colour pick on my Cintiq 13" HD tablet works perfectly fine for me (I'm on Windows). I guess it only affects certain Wacom models, since I've heard other Wacom people struggle with Affinity. I suggest turning off Windows Ink if you haven't, since it doesn't play nice with Affinity software from my understanding.
  18. @kerryland Have you tried spamming ctrl+W to close all documents (you can find the option under File)? Anyway, I agree that it should be added as an option next to the previously mentioned method under File (maybe it should have the shortcut ctrl+alt+W or just alt+W?).
  19. @WobblyPickles Regarding the toolbar, you could try customizing it to your liking. Here's an image of my toolbar in Affinity Photo, and you can do this in Designer and Publisher as well (greyscale you can find in Preferences, as mentioned earlier). I also highlighted the option in the menu so you can find it easier. Another tip, you can undock and dock the toolbar if you double click in the empty toolbar space, as well as create a shortcut to toggle if you want to show or hide it. Hope that helps! ^^
  20. Forgot to add, lovely work! Would give you a like, but I've already used up all of them. X) Edit: Scratch that. Now it works!
  21. Says the guy who started off the conversation by calling my stance a "blind, irrational, belief". I have already explained it, yet you come and ask me again. You've not really given me the impression that you want a genuine conversation.
  22. Only thing I am going to tell you is "Learn2Read". You couldn't bother answering my questions, then I am not going to answer something I have already said.
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