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  1. Indeed you have. Checked it out right now and all seems to be displaying properly on both iPad and Mac versions. Many thanks!
  2. If you're asking if the toolbar reset to default again, it didn't for me. Everything is fine right now although it was expected. It tends to reset only on major releases (1.7, 1.8, etc.)
  3. No dice. I've already tried repllicating it but I have no idea what's the trigger. If I find something more concrete I'll make sure to upload it to the staff. I was more hoping that someone else was experiencing this. I don't want to risk more bugs by using the beta. Disregarding this issue, 1.8.1 is fine. It's just that this bug is such a slap in the face since it happens on SAVE and doesn't leave behind any recovery file.
  4. There have been 3 crashes now. The last 2 were in the same file. I'm not sure about the first crash but I think I was working on something else. You think the file is corrupted or something like that? It might be worth to note that every time it crashed on document save it happened right after I did some artboard duplicating with a whole bunch of complex layers. Basically right after i beefed up the file size considerably. Maybe it's something to do with that.
  5. It just happened again. Any feedback on this?
  6. Alright, 1.8.1 is in my case a complete clusterflock of bugs and weirdness but this one definitely takes the cake. Costed me HOURS of work and happened twice in the past 2 days. Scenario: 1. Work on a file for while (hour or two). All good during production, no issues or hangups. 2. Remember you haven't saved in a while. 3. Press Cmd + S 4. Look at your desktop wallpaper for a while wondering wtf just happened. I have no clue whatsoever on what exactly caused the crash but I know something like this never happened in the last 3 years I've used Affinity products. If I can help in any way with this bug let me know. In the meantime I'll try to make a habit of destroying the save button regularly. The worst thing is it's right after I save the damn thing and there's no recovery option afterwards of any kind. All progress is just lost.
  7. Another bug in the latest version of Designer. Pasting layer effects on other layers does paste the same effect but with double, or just completely jumbled up values. For example, one rectangle has a 30 px gaussian blur, pasting that same effect on a different rectangle yields a 60 px blur or a complete mess like 76.4 px or whatever. No idea how to consistently replicate this. Sometimes works properly. Most of the time it doesn't.
  8. This + it'd be great if we could collapse all layers, like in Sketch for example where you just hold option/alt before tapping the arrow next to the layer in order to collapse all the sub-layers and groups inside the parent layer.
  9. Sure but that's still the use case only if you can use Publisher. There's no reason why the bar can't be hidden until there's multiple pages introduced in the document via Publisher. There's also an option to rework the page selector thingy and move it somewhere else, next to the canvas slider for example, so it doesn't conflict with the hints bar. Basically the same way Adobe apps do it. I've already made a little feedback thread where I address the potentially poor UX of that whole bottom area. This actually works surprisingly well. Many thanks 👍
  10. Anyone? I basically can't do icon design like this. EDIT: Changing the display method from OpenGL to Metal in performance preferences seems to solved the issue but I'm not sure why it was an issue at all in 1.8.1 or if this is a permanent fix since the grid went haywire seemingly on random and just stayed broken like that while I was on OpenGL. I'm guessing it might happen on Metal again?
  11. Some minor suggestions that could make the app user experience a bit nicer in my opinion. Screenshot for reference: 1. Why is there no separation between the various bars here? It all blends together and makes it all look like a big space-wasting blob. Also, I think the scrubber sliders don't even need a background Having just the selection handles visible, and the background completely or partially transparent (like the ruler) shouldn't affect usability but you'd get a bit more visible canvas estate. 2. I'd love an option to use the tool belt as any other studio window in the app. Any screen bigger than a laptop leaves a giant unusable gap bellow the tools so undocking them and using them as a regular studio would be nice. In my case for eg. I could dock them below the navigator and they wouldn't even use that much space but they'd be as useful as they were. 2b. Pretty sure this was already requested but collapsible studio windows Adobe style would also be great. 3. I've already commented on a different thread about this but might as well mention it here again. Please make an option to disable the hints bar. It's a complete waste of space for anyone at least a bit experienced in the app's shortcuts. I don't remember the last time I looked at it seeking help but I regularly curse it for taking away my valuable screen estate when using my MacBook without an external monitor. Thanks for listening 👋
  12. I don't know about Publisher but in Designer and Photo that entire bar is used only for hints and it's killing off a solid piece of screen estate on my laptop. When I hook it up to my 4K screen it's not a big deal but it's still completely useless to me and just plain ugly. Option to disable that whole bar would be perfect 🙌
  13. Automatic grid just disappears whenever I zoom close enough to see the pixels subdivision. It's not document specific but it just started happening randomly on every existing document and every new one I make in Designer. Automatic grid in Photo works just fine though for now. I've tried making a custom grid and what not but subdivisions are just broken now. Don't show no matter what I try. Also, since it started happening for whatever reason it's really heavy on my MB Pro when I zoom in. Temperature skyrockets in seconds. Screen_Recording_2020-03-03_at_17_07_42.mov
  14. Yes! I'm very nit picky about my workspace and when an entire customized UI area gets reset for no apparent reason it's not fun. There can be exportable workspace setting, Adobe style workspace presets, or ideally, account based cloud synced workspace settings. Same goes for keyboard shortcuts and what not.
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