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  1. Nah, I tried sending different file sizes with no results and I'm borderline OCD about updates of any kind so no issues there also. I'll prepare the music in case it starts working properly eventually
  2. I've already tried having each of the app open while sending, having them closed, reinstalling them, having the iPad upside down while dancing la macarena in the background and yes, tried sending different sizes of Affinity files. Nothin'. Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately my setup makes the cable connection method a lot slower than anything else. A bit of a workaround i figured out is to simply compress the file before sending to iPad. AirDrop the .zip, popup appears, save where you want, uncompress and that's it.
  3. Hi there, I seem to have the same problem with AirDrop except I'm not receiving anything in any form when sending from my MacBook. All other file formats work as expected when being sent Mac->iPad. I have installed both Photo and Designer on iPad and no matter what scenario i create I'm not getting a file via AirDrop. Just the AirDrop audio queue. No popup, no automatic opening in an Affinity app, no automatic download to the Downloads folder, nothing. Sending from iPad to Mac works just fine though.
  4. As the title says, how does one change the canvas (not artboard) color in Designer on iPad. It's light gray by default and it's not helpful. What am I missing?
  5. Hi there, Is there (will there be) a way to disable this switch? It's annoying as all hell to have to switch back from tint to sliders or whatever I was using every 10 minutes or so.
  6. Weird no one replied here. I'd really like this also. I copy stuff via the layers the panel all the time in Photoshop. Useful stuff
  7. Didn't know that. I'm used to taping the R key in photoshop all the time and rotating the canvas with the mouse. I guess I gotta give a shot to the custom shortcuts thing then. Many thanks
  8. Right, well that's a bummer. Stroke width tool, shape builder tool and Photoshop's rotate canvas tool are probably the most important things missing from Designer for me (and probably many others). Do you have any estimate when these tools might get implemented? It's already been 3 years since just the width tools has been mentioned heresooo.. yeah
  9. I just bought the software and I see this topic is 3 years old. Any update about this feature? Kinda essential for me as an illustrator

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