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    JesseM reacted to GabrielM in Mojave Metal Accelerator not Working for Affinity   
    Hi all, 
    I have just heard back from our developers. They believe the issue is going to be fixed by the 1.7 update. Not sure when this is going to be released though. We will keep you updated. Until then, their advice was to turn off Metal. 
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    JesseM reacted to Jobalou in Tutorial - 3D LOTUS FLOWER - LIGHTS AND SHADOWS   
    Hi to all,
    Learn how to do a 3D simulation of a Lotus Flower in the Affinity Design. Learn the usage of lights and shadows. Enjoy.

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    JesseM reacted to MEB in Trimming Lines   
    Hello tmcmanamey
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    No, boolean operations aren't working yet for open paths/lines. A knife tool is already on our roadmap to be implemented later. Meanwhile you can create a node with the Node tool then with the node still selected go to the Action section in the context toolbar and select Break Curve.
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    JesseM reacted to Andy Somerfield in Layer Alignment   
    Hi Alan,
    We're actively looking into an Align Layers feature - we just have a few hurdles to overcome before it can be realised. I hope it will be available during the beta :)
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    JesseM reacted to Andy Somerfield in Filter Layers (Like "Adjustment Layers", but for filters!)   
    Hi rui_mac / Jakerlund,
    Vignette will happen - for sure :)
    I agree about the blurs / sharpens - we can do those..
    The deform filters feel a bit weird - it's often very confusing to use them when they are a "live" layer - maybe some would work though.. not sure..
    Noise filters are no problem - but denoise might not happen, because at the moment, our denoise is "good and slow" - maybe if we can make an optional "acceptable but fast" one, it could be possible..
    Lighting is easy for us - and I think maybe one of the most useful :)
    Of course, they all have masks - they are just like adjustment layers :D
    Thanks for the input guys,
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    JesseM reacted to CarlB in Development road opinion   
    Sorry but I disagree with you on this, simply because some of us are looking for a replacement for Aperture and don't want to have to use Adobe products. I have installed Light Room 5 and frankly the interface sucks compared to Aperture.  Affinity is a very promising project and should not be hobbled by not supporting RAW development in app. 
    Affinity should be in a great place about the time that Aperture becomes useless on the next OS release.  
    I agree with their statements about DAM development in other posts  but I hope that eventually they will add one in.
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    JesseM reacted to notpill in Digital painting with Affinity Photo   
    Here's another quickie with AP (and Paolo's brushes) and some other comment about the app (from a painter perspective)
    I love a lot of things but just to name a few:
    1) Stock panel for searching quick references it's pure genius
    2) Liquify is faaaaaaaaast as hell
    3) realtime blend layer system it's a dream
    I'm fighting hard with this major issues:
    1) Brush resizing delay (draggin' pen or mouse)
    2) Brush size tooltips are a nightmare (almost unusable)
    3) Eyedropper inconsistency (miss 40% of the picks)
    4) Brushes become laggy and slow very quickly (after adding a texture and a couple of tip)
    :)  Ok, I know maybe aren't really serious stuff for a photographer workflow but as a wrote, from a painter perspective are things to fix as soon as possible.
    I love you all  :D


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    JesseM reacted to notpill in Digital painting with Affinity Photo   
    Hi there, here's a lil doodle I did in my first approach to AP.
    I'v got some really good impression about the environment, the tools and the the general feeling of the app.
    There's a lot of things I really love and some annoying things here and there and of course some bugs but...wow you guys got a new fan here!
    I will post my concerns and bugs in the proper section, so see you around here :) 


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    JesseM reacted to TonyB in Confusing UI   
    Affinity Photo is not a replacement for Aperture, iPhoto or Lightroom. I'm sorry if you were told this. Affinity Photo is an image editing application with focus on photography.
    Photoshop, Acorn and Pixelmator are the kind of market we are aiming at.
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    JesseM got a reaction from ronnyb in [Implemented] Suggestion: Clone Mirror tool   
    Agree, basically need Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical options added to the clone tool.
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    JesseM reacted to CartoonMike in Linux. Seriously now.   
    Having lived though the "dark times" of the Mac (around the late '90s), I cannot count the times the Mac (and Apple) were left for dead and the heralds of doom and "don't trust Apple" crowd were proven wrong.
    The OP seems to be just stirring up a bunch of FUD* and, IMHO, has absolutely no place in this forum. It's a distraction and a bit of ephemera to entertain me over a bout of insomnia. 
    *Not Elmer, silly wabbit, but Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. A practice a certain maker of an OS and office software perfected the practice of in the 80's. 
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    JesseM reacted to Ben in Linux. Seriously now.   
    In fairness, Linux has been "the future" for years - but it still isn't converting many people.  Mainly because most flavours of it have always been so impenetrable for anyone that is not a tech geek.  I think we can be sure that OSX is going to be around a while yet - while it may be Unix under the hood, the user experience is so much better.
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    JesseM reacted to Andy Somerfield in [Implemented] Suggestion: Clone Mirror tool   
    Yes, I like this..